Batman: Arkham Collection includes all three Arkham titles, releases next week

Warner Bros. has announced the Batman: Arkham Collection, a compilation containing all three Batman: Arkham titles.

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AceBlazer13954d ago

not really good for origins sales if you ask me, could've waited till january at least. but heck, better for me.

admiralvic954d ago

How many times can you rerelease the same games?

Arkham Asylum
Arkham Asylum GOTY
Arkham City
Arkham City GOTY
Arkham Asylum / Arkham City Combo Pack
Arkham Origins
and now Arkham Collection...

coolbeans954d ago

Perhaps once more if Origins Blackgate gets a quick arcade port to this-gen stuff. Then we'll get the Arkham Now 100% Complete Edition. I wonder what the Limited Edition of that Complete Edition may include. :P

DarkBlood954d ago

pretty sure there will be more arkham games so yeah.

aLucidMind954d ago

Just ask Activision about Call of Duty.

Arturo84954d ago

for a second I thought this was capcoms work

Toon_Link954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

Injustice just got an upgrade so who knows maybe Origins will make it to next gen as well.

Anyways it's batman, there will be milking!

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Mikefizzled954d ago

Smells like left over Akrham Origins discs to me Batman

Moncole954d ago

I got the WB Humble Bundle for 5$ so I got two Batman Games for 5$ and will get Origins when its cheap. Thats a cheaper deal for me.

HugoDrax954d ago

Just finished Origins yesterday, which I quite enjoyed despite what reviews had to say.