5 Reasons Why GTA V Will Never Be As Good As Red Dead Redemption

"Yes, the game’s setting of San Andreas feels like a fully-rendered world and it performs on every level. The characters are well drawn, whilst their motivations are both hilarious and believable. The streets are teeming with life, the cops are just as cunning and ruthless as they need to be to keep up with the game’s three brilliant protagonists, the graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is tight and varied. The radio stations and internet… well, they’re so amazingly produced that you’re often fooled into thinking you’re listening to and using the real thing. But I must say…

No matter how good it is, or how perfect its review scores appear to be, there’s just something about GTA V that – for [Callum Gibson] – feels lacking.

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Detoxx1410d ago

I enjoyed RDR much more then GTA5.

WeAreLegion1410d ago

I agree. I love GTA V, but I enjoy Red Dead more.

billy_biff1410d ago

i don't agree with any of those, if you like western then yeah.

DanielGearSolid1410d ago

I was drawn in to the RDR story way more. San Andreas was the last gta I beat... Niko, and the 3 musketeers didnt keep me engaged.

DanielGearSolid1410d ago

Oh and the lasso, changed my life...

Rhezin1410d ago

I liked the first Red Dead the best. Where you can play as different people in certain segments. That was fun…and the style was really cool too.

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