Shuhei Yoshida on importance of graphics and resolution: “it can make the gameplay better”

Shuhei Yoshida talks about the importance of 720p vs 1080p and explains how graphics can help in making the gameplay better.

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TheXD3051465d ago

He thinks higher res is better than more effects or better aa. This guy isn't that clever as he thinks. I'd rather go with loser res and better effects and better aa instead of higher res.

TheXD3051465d ago

And the game is still the same wether it's 900p or 1080p. The gameplay XP is still the same. That's just bad PR and stupid fanboys believe it. I'm sorry for them

xHeavYx1465d ago

You didn't read the article, or you just misunderstood him, he says that better resolution helps you see enemies that you'd have trouble seeing with a lower resolution, which helps your accuracy, therefore increasing the gameplay experience.
I understand that you would not get it, based on your pic, you won't be seeing a lot of 1080p

Eonjay1465d ago

He is right. It certainly doesn't make the game worse.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1465d ago

Funny how the Sony fan acts as if 720p isn't HD now, and that 720p is blurry and hard to see.

Give me a break.

xHeavYx1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Funny how Xbox fans act like 720p = 1080p

You keep spamming that Metacritic info to troll, how sad.
His comment about auto aim were related to the new DualShock, which seems to be more precise. Go troll somewhere else

nukeitall1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Ironically, that extra enemy (or pixel) you see didn't help the metacritic score of a paltry 74% for a Sony flagship game:

Also, makes you wonder how small that enemy is or even significant, if you can't see it at 720p or even 900p.

So Yoshida, I call your bullsh!t!!

I am surprised Yoshida didn't say that when PC games reign 1080p while PS3 games are sub 720p for the most part.

"Yoshida points out that aim-assist is not really needed for FPS games, if we are running at a 1080p resolution, because of the clarity in graphics and with the help of the new DualShock 4."

Yoshida, the aim assist isn't because the resolution is "low", but rather because the thumbs don't have the accuracy, speed and travel of a mouse. It has nothing to do with resolution of games!

I'm loosing respect for you Yoshida and calling out your BS!

Mike134nl1465d ago

True resolution matters and ps4 seems to have the resolution edge, butthat does not make a game better in all cases.
Exagerated example but a 1080p pong fame won't be better than a 720p pong game, simply to make a point that there are more variables when considering graphics.

Boody-Bandit1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

"I understand that you would not get it, based on your pic, you won't be seeing a lot of 1080p"

K.O. by a Heavy haymaker!

That was worthy of pay per view.
Here Heavy, TAKE MY MONEY!

"Funny how the Sony fan acts as if 720p isn't HD now,"

As funny as all the multiplatform comparison articles the last several years and hearing how 360 edged out the PS3 because of a couple blades of grass more and a video tear or frame or two less differences?

Or is it as funny as all the articles talking about exclusives don't matter while MS chased after the Wii with Kinect the past few years. Yet suddenly they do matter, again.

Seriously, stop. It goes both ways.
You don't strike me as a N4G member that wouldn't be saying the opposite if MS was the one that had the hardware advantage.

Gamingcapacity1465d ago

Not sure why people had to bring the X1 into it.

Yoshida compares games on the PS4 to games on the PS3. He states that the higher res and better controllers makes auto aim less important because of the improved amount of precision.

Nothing more, nothing less!

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DarkLordMalik1465d ago

900p to 1080p difference isn't much but 720p to 1080p is HUGE difference.

You think lower resolution is all about the effect and aa, do you? You should think again.

1080p can not only provides a better picture quality, more clarity of pixels, it also helps in reducing the jaggies.

As developer tools mature, they can find new ways to create effects that are far less taxing than they were before.

nukeitall1465d ago

With a almost perfect transfer from 720p to 1080p on blu-ray movies, most people can't even tell the difference.

Yet somehow a cartoonish game somehow does?

Unless you put the game side by side, you can't tell jack squat in a blind test.

theoneb1465d ago

@Nuke lmao you can't be serious. First off real life doesn't need anti aliasing so that pretty much makes your comment pointless. There is a noticeable difference when the same game is played at the same resolution on a display with a higher native resolution fact. I've seen that with my own eyes and currently play console games on a computer monitor which native resolution is higher than 1080p.

Can you debate with something that actually makes sense?

TheSsus1465d ago

Loving that WiiU aren't you...

Transporter471465d ago

Actually he is talking about gameplay not fancy effects. Which of course its true, higher res with higher fps is better then low res with low fps with more detail. If you own a gaming pc that can't run stuff on ultra you will sacrifice graphics over resolution.

creatchee1465d ago

I don't think that Knack or Killzone would play better or worse at 720p or 4K, 60fps or 30fps. Gameplay is only as good as the game is designed, and smoke and mirrors or downgrades will NEVER change that.

majiebeast1465d ago

He is a hell of a lot smarter then your dumbass he is in charge of some of the top studios. While you are probably eating dorritos and drinking dew in your underpants.

boneso821465d ago

Why not have both higher res and better effects and AA? Buy a PS4!

starchild1465d ago

Or better yet, build a decent gaming PC. Then you can have much higher resolutions and actual quality anti-aliasing, instead of poor post process implementations.

irepbtown1465d ago


No-one will ever argue that consoles are better graphically in comparison to a PC.

However, a console will last 6+ years and Graphics will only get better each year. The only thing you'll pay for are games. PC's, great graphics, however you would need to update after a few years. Otherwise you will be left behind.

I do agree with what you've said. I was just balancing things out.

Yodagamer1465d ago

Resolution can hurt a game if there is something in the distance in a game (example a sniper) it might be harder to see due to a lower pixel rate. Framerate is also important as well.

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pyramidshead1465d ago

Don't necessarily agree with shu with this specific statement, I believe however it can indicate the power of the box out of the gate when compared to competitors. When one is rocking a higher res on a game AND looks better than the other then obviously someone is going to ask, "wtf?". Res and graphics are just to do with the natural progression of the hardware, you expect the latest console to produce better stuff than the old one in terms of visuals.

Loki861465d ago

Graphics make gameplay better now, this is definitely news to me.

GarrusVakarian1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Graphics and resolution "CAN" make gameplay better.

How you read it: "Graphics and resolution makes gameplay better".

neocores1465d ago

Lol then lets all go play 480 ps4 and xbone games so everyone can stfu about it already :D

Edward751465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

He is doing right by his base fans for now. Play to the consoles strengths. Dig a bit at your competition. I don't fully agree with the title and it making gameplay better... Because at the heart of gaming graphics, resolution, no jaggies, motion control, voice control are all second fiddle to the main gameplay/fun factor.

Edit... And to make sure I am more on topic, that difference in scoping a person from a far to that smallest degree of resolution would have many factors that even if it was on a 4k TV with 4k visuals, if the TV is only a 20 inch set.... It sure doesnt mater.

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