Why are we picking up the Xbox One?

The DJ Team writes "Gamers, November 22nd is a big day for the Xbox community as it’s the launch date of Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One. Here at DJ the team have come up with their own personal reason as to what they are most looking forward to with the launch of Xbox One. So let’s see what has the DJ team excited."

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PSnation41586d ago

im getting the xbone..but i will wait for a cheaper price or a bundle..

P0werVR1586d ago

Anyone want to argue specs. I got my PC. Other than that, anything with a hardware in a box better be damn fun and entertaining.

Whitey2k1586d ago

People dont see the other side thats the problem what would they expect of the x1 after launch?? Not at all alot if people want to play games then ps4 you as there are for most announced games on ps4 then the x1 all the fanboys just go on about launch games thats it

mikeslemonade1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Cause the xbox camp has a short sighted mindset. Last generation the 360 pretty much had no exclusives for the last 2 years. While PS3 had Last of Us to end things off. While still having Beyond and Gran Turismo 6 coming out on PS3 this year and next year.

FANTA11801586d ago

thats just your opinion.

mcstorm1586d ago

@mikeslemonade that's like saying the Sony camp have short memory's as the PS3 took over 18moths before it started getting its well know exclusives where the 360 got them for day one.

Its easy to spin things around but the reason I want for a xbox one over a PS4 at the moment in time is I want to Play Forza 5, KI and Titan Fall more than any other game one the PS4 at the moment and the WiiU has more games than them both I want and that's why I have more game on order for the WiiU than the xbox one and PS4 combined.

Like I said get the console that has the most games you want and let other people get the console for the games they want as we have 3 consoles because we like to have choices in life rather than follow everyone else.

mhunterjr1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I don't think it's about having a short sided mine set. It's just a different approach to extracting value. Anyone who buy a console at lauch is buying it because they want immediate satisfaction.

If you feel like you won't be satisfied with a product until a couple years down the line, then why buy it on day one? Buy it when that satisfaction is guaranteed. Chances are, it will be cheaper at that time as well.

That's my strategy in buying xb1 first, then ps4 later. Xb1 has the games I want now, ps4 will have games I want later. I'll wait for those ps4 games before buying.

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Convas1586d ago

Why don't you wait to find out? MS seems to have a good launch window and beyond into 2015 line up planned. It's not just the launch games and that's it.

By the way, why did I have to labor mentally to read what you wrote?

GodGinrai1586d ago

LOL @ whitey. I like the PS4 just as much as the next guy, but saying there are no games coming to X1 beyond luanch is just a stupid thing to say.. lol

Whitey2k1586d ago

there ain u tell me a few besides halo titanfall and quantum ?

Twilightx71586d ago

I've read this comment over and over again, and I can't get past the lack of English comprehension in order to see the point you're trying to make.

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josephayal1586d ago

Nothing about the Xbox one that I've seen so far makes me need or want

hankmoody1586d ago

I've been saying the exact same thing about the PS4. I'll eventually get one when that one magical game comes out that leaves me with no choice but to jump onboard.

ThanatosDMC1586d ago

I heard self mutilation hurts.

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