Sony wasn't expecting resolution differences between Xbox One and PS4

Sony hadn't been expecting to see such a difference in native resolution between cross-platform PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titles, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has admitted.

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GarrusVakarian1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I wonder if, in a few years time 1080p @ 60fps will be pretty much the standard and we will look back at launch and laugh and say...."remember when we made such a fuss about resolution and framerate, remember when we doubted 1080p 60fps". I wonder.

jackanderson19851677d ago

i wouldn't even say it'll be a few years... christmas 2014 is my estimated date for when they're all rolling out in 1080p60FPS... and then some chancer will try for something higher and all hell will break loose again

GarrusVakarian1677d ago

Lol yeah....."1081p @ 62fps!".

sincitysir11677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Honestly if Microsoft an Sony were people I'm sure they would be beat buds. It's the fanboys and fan girls that act like the mom that doesn't want their child hanging out with the other child. They coexist and I love it! Brotherly competition. Brother from another mother. Lets all join in hand and shout we love gaming! Ps lover and Microsoft lover together in one room. In one house. In one world. Greatness awaits the one.

Edit: one greatness awaits us all.

DeadRabbits1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

xbone2 is my ETA for 1080p 60fps

mcstorm1677d ago

I agree I have said this from the start. People are forgetting that it is the start of a new gen and developer's rush to finish off games in time for launch and we also have a lot of ports from 360 and PS3 like COD and BF4. We know the PS4 is more powerful but all 3 consoles including the WiiU are capable of 60fps 1080p and looking very good too. Look at Mario World 3D for an example.

Cant wait for the next batch of next gen games to come along.

Septic1677d ago

Interesting that Yoshida had this to say:

"I can confidently say that graphics matter," he added, "because I played through Killzone: Shadow Fall. What I mean is, most people probably can't tell looking at 720p or 1080p unless you're in the industry or you're a hardware nerd"

I dunno, I need to play the games side by side to see what the disparity really is like.

Game-ur1677d ago

If you get used to 1080p it will be hard to go back to 720p, the better the texture resolution is the more obvious it gets.

Salooh1677d ago

It's either what you say or we will get a huge leap with graphics and gameplay by sacrificing that resolution and fps. I'm more lean to the second one. Yes , i love 1080p and 60fps but i'm bored of this generation games , i want something new and mind blowing not the same games with a little better texture and more players. Games need to evolve. I can see them being better then movies but launch games are no where near that vision..

n4rc1677d ago

Thought of something yesterday while watching the new x1 vid.

I wonder if snap is the reason some games use a lower res for now.. Seems like snap rescales your game and forza looks pretty weak when snap is up.. Maybe keeping the game at 720 minimizes the effect..

In any case.. The hardware is capable of it.. I'm sure it will become less of an issue as devs move away from current gen and focus of the new hardware and learn to maximize the esram etc

DragonKnight1677d ago

@n4rc: The general opinion that's been stated is that the Kinect is somehow the reason for the 720p resolution. The resources it reserves are apparently the problem. But if snap scales down the game, then you might be right and it should be asked why no one is asking that question.

linkenski1677d ago

I think developers are gonna start pushing the graphics as soon as the PC games reel in (they're almost there anyway) and we're gonna see 1080p @30fps.

I think devs know people want 60fps but at some point they're gonna find that they need to push the technical boundaries to the edge if they want a certain aesthetic or if the pc starts pushing noticable more polygons.

If anything I think now is the point when games are mostly gonna be [email protected], but in the future that's gonna be lowered to 30fps.

UnholyLight1677d ago


Well in a Q and A with Greg Miller (BEYOND!) from IGN, Shuh did say that ya know, Sony and Microsoft are the most direct competitors and that Sony needs Microsoft in order for Sony to succeed.

Same goes for Microsoft, it makes the market that much better. There's only three real players in the market and most directly Microsoft/Sony are competing for the most of the same core audience so it's better for everyone in general. Competition inspires better products and better experiences :)

Not to mention, PR jabs tend to play on consumers brand loyalties and emotions. Most of the time these companies are probably just laughing at themselves knowing that in this case, all the PR and One-Upping each other is just helping drum up talk and hype for their products!!!

I think I totally agree with you.

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Stsonic1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

As gaming gets more advanced the frame rate only drops. Towards the end of a console generation this starts to tell more and more. PS2 era we had shadow of the colossus which actually looked better than a lot of launch PS3 games but the performance was choppy. For PS3, games like far cry 3 and the last of us showed this. Whilst I can see 1080P being the standard I don't foresee 60fps in that scenario.

SuperBlur1677d ago

Far Cry 3 , TLOU , GTA V gives me hope 1080p/30/60 can easily be achieved without too much loss in quality.

these games were made for 256ram and 256vram , we now have what 8gb of ram?

What i fear is devs like IW will start to take shortcuts even more now that the power of the consoles are increased , they won't bother optimize their games as much because the system can "handle it".

Ju1677d ago

I am not so sure about that. Going with for example KZ:SF this renders a massive open "view" and runs above 30fps. Not sure if render technology needs to go so far beyond. For a character driven game, those polys can be taken from the environment and put into character models (that's usually what happens there). For a open world game, this is fairly a benchmark already.

What's left is performance optimization and lower latency, better HW utilization. Basically pushing the same fidelity to 60fps. OTOH, if "The Sourcer Demo" would ever make it into a game, such a thing probably would not require 60fps; but at the same time, this was an indoor scene with high details.

Also, a game like BF4 has some catching up to do to keep the fidelity it already has but bringing this to full 1080p.

For me it doesn't really matter. I just don't want to see any game ever dipping below 30fps again.

DragonKnight1677d ago

@NoMercyOnlyRage: IW is already taking shortcuts. Take a look at this video about the Ghosts maps.

linkenski1677d ago

NoMercyOnlyRage: Far Cry 3 is sub720p on PS3 and it runs very unstable 30fps.

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OrangePowerz1677d ago

I don't think every game needs 60fps because it's always a trade off. If you have a game that plays the same with constant 30 and 60fps they might as well make it 30fps and with better graphics instead of the 60fps. The important part is that it's constant and doesn't dip.

RobbyGrob1677d ago

I think most people's point with next-gen this time around is that all the games that WOULD benefit from 60 FPS should indeed run in that whether it runs native 1080p or already looks gorgeous or not. As big differences in performance that we see elsewhere in gaming, from PC hardware to cell phones, people expect the games to look better, be in higher res AND run smoother at the same time when they buy a new top-of-the-line piece of equipment. Why should consoles be any different? Above and beyond, not more of the same, please.

OrangePowerz1677d ago

There is only so much you can do with a device when it has to be affordable. They could make a device that runs every game in 1080p 60fps without issues, but that would cost a lot more and people would complain that it's expensive.

linkenski1677d ago

I think, the more cinematic a game feels, the more comfortable it is to play at 30fps.

I loved playing Mass Effect on my pc at 1080p 60fps but I went and played one on PS3 at some point and I actually found it pretty enjoyable with 30fps after a while, because you notice less of the jerkyness found in some animations that way.

Irishguy951677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Honestly, it normally goes backwards. As graphics improve further, I expect the res and FPS to drop back to 720/30 Fps, except for those few games that go for 60fps. You know the way alot of people on this site say "Oh but then you have to keep your PC up to with a 500 quid GPU". If you want 1080p and 60FPS for a whole have to upgrade a PC. Seriously it's standard practice that the software(games) become more and more demanding as a generation goes on.

I don't think anyone expected the difference to be this big between the 2 consoles either

GarrusVakarian1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

For a short while, it improves actually. Resistance Fall Of Man...then Uncharted 1....Then Uncharted 2

After a while it levels out and reaches a plateu with only minor improvements.

"I expect the res and FPS to drop back to 720/30 Fps"

I lol'd. Ridiculous if you actually believe that. 1080p @30fps, [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] 30/60fps will be the standards we will see next gen. 720p @30fps can stay with last gen.

n4rc1677d ago

But the difference only looks big on paper...

When you need side by side comparisons and freeze frames.. That's hardly a difference in the real world.. We arent talking about 720 vs 1080... Ita native vs upscaled.. And thats a very different story as like he said.. Most cant tell a difference so how large a gap van it be, really?

linkenski1677d ago

Don't you mean 640p 23fps can stay last gen? get my point.

Some of the toughest games this gen like Crysis 2 or Far Cry 3 ran sub720p. We're most DEFINITELY gonna see more 900p games in the future with PS4.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1677d ago

sincitysir1 sounds drunk, but I concur with the sentiment!

Sci0n1677d ago

Too be honest sony me neither, I honesty thought this time around microsoft would put heavy emphasis on there consoles graphical specs. I thought for sure that the next gen X1 and PS4 would be popping out full native 1080p games right out the gate and unfortunately the X1 is lagging begind in the res department.

Playstationologist1677d ago

As fun as the drama has been, I hope both systems end up doing impressive things. I think it's fitting that xbone has such a rocky start and many lost sales/Xbox subscribers, after all the bs from ms. Hopefully they learned their lesson and the system get sorted, very much hoping to see a good Halo title @1080p!!!

Until then I'm supporting ps4 100%.

I_am_Batman1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I highly doubt that. 1080p and 60fps won't be the "standard" cause some devs will always prefer to sacrifice some of that fps for better visual fidelity. And honestly I don't think that 60fps is needed for all games.

I've been playing the MGS saga again and I have to say that a game like MGS2 HD is kinda weird in 60fps. It isn't bad but I'd prefer 30fps for a game like that.

Cutscenes should be 30 fps too imo. In the end it's up to the developer to make the decision. I think 60fps make sense in a lot of games but not in all.

Blachek1677d ago

Or it will continue on it's current trajectory now sacrificing gameplay for higher resolution and more frames per second until a "gamer" is just a glorified movie watcher with a 4 button controller for sparse QTEs.

H0RSE1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

When and if 1080p/60fps becomes more or less the standard on next-gen, it will be at least in part, to sacrifices being made - content, visuals, gameplay, etc. and they likely will never even tell us things were ever cut out.

These are consoles, not high end PC's. You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you consistently want the best in terms resolution and framerate, it is going to come at a price.

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Malice-Flare1677d ago

it's uncanny that Sony seems to be non-aggressive...

ar000431677d ago

Just give developers some time and both consoles will have the same resolution. However, PS4 is still a more powerful gaming console so I look forward on how this will fold out. In any case, great time to be a gamer!


Only a few hrs left now...I'm getting antsy!

DeezR1677d ago

for you americans yes, we still have to wait another 2 weeks goddamnit

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