Sony's Shuhei Yoshida admits Disappointment with PS4 First Party Title Review Scores

We are recently hearing of the growing mixed reviews of some of PS4's launch games specifically Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack. While Resogun ultimately got positive scores, Yoshida-san admits great dissatisfaction with the scores of the flagship titles Killzone and Knack. Yoshida says that, despite this, it should not affect PS4's launch that much. The following article probes on Yoshida-san's interview with GamesIndustry International.

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Ksar1678d ago ShowReplies(3)
Malice-Flare1678d ago

i only hope they're as harsh to XB1 games as they are here. any leniency towards will reveal their bias...

unfortunately, that will also generate clicks...

osprey191678d ago

Come on, lets face it xb1 got more awards for its games than anyone in history. And lets face it knack is designed for young kids, and as good as killzone is 8/10 by many reviewers, its a game that many fps fans are either playing cod or battlefield 4. But u Neva knw Sony might announce a cool exclusive or two.

listenkids1678d ago

What awards? Because E3 awards mean shit, look at Swtor.

osprey191678d ago

Errrm games that got a ton of awards at games conventions tend to have high it does mean something

tigertom531678d ago

Titanfall has taken home the The Future award at Tokyo Game Show!
GamesCom Best Next Generation Console Game: Titanfall Award
Best Racing Game: Forza Motorsport 5
Just to name a few

mikeslemonade1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

And where do those games sit in the Amazon rankings? 10 PS4 items in the top 10.

Even on N4G the xbox camp talks more about Forza and Ryse in comparison to Titanfall. If I was getting a X1 I'd get Titanfall over anything.

LeCreuset1678d ago

So Knack is designed for young kids (Why is that exactly? It's cartoony? Are Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank designed for young kids?) and this should somehow impact its review score? Honestly, the only shots I ever hear taken at Knack around here are the "it's kiddy" talking point.

As for Killzone, are we really saying that we think the mess that is COD: Ghosts deserves a better rating?

osprey191678d ago

I dnt like cod or bf4. Im just saying people who are fans of fps will be playing them, and if killzone 2 was anything to go by, the sequal wont kill either of them.

And knack? When i say kiddy, i mean that's its target audience. Older people will play it but not enough to consider it an overwhelming success.
But back to my main point, launch wise, xb1 simply has the better games. Case closed.

mikeslemonade1678d ago

I don't care about launch. It could have launched with no games and I can still go on PS+ and play games for free.

And even with what you said. It works in PS4's favor in regards to multiplatform games since PS4 is the cheaper system. The gamer will likely look at the PS4 first before they consider the alternative if they want to play COD, BF, or AC.

Computersaysno1678d ago

Good lord.

Its a launch review with a couple dozen games out. If you are buying the machine based on its launch titles you would never have bought a PS2.

But it is at least better than the PS2 launch.

The consoles don't usually get any sort of momentum games wise until at least 12 months after they launch

frostypants1678d ago

Every PS4 exclusive launch title could get 0s, and I still wouldn't spend $100 extra dollars for the One hardware. Sorry. I'm buying hardware right now. Nobody can deny that the software will be there for both systems.

nukeitall1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I think Xbox One has a killer launch lineup, and Titanfalls in March next year, it is something to really look forward to.

KZ Shadowfall is the only game I'm interrested in on PS4 of all games shown, and that turned out to be a dud as evident by the poor metacritic score of 74%:

I'm decided to give my pre-order to a family member instead that loves Sony. I will get a PS4 when I see something interesting.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31677d ago

You don't care about launch because you don't have anything to care about for launch, lol. Have as seat...

ftrain1677d ago

You must be living under a rock to not understand that titanfall got more than half of those awards, and it's not even an exclusive, if you actually took away titanfall awards ps4 launch exclusives actually got 3 more awards. I also wouldn't be talking about awards at E3 when Sony usually wins most of them every year(last year had a ton for the las of us). Sony exclusives also usually get rated higher, top 50 to 30 exclusives is highest on PS3 compared to 360 and wii.

DOOMZ1677d ago

That's right & in the end, its all about the games

Dasteru1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


Meh, both Project Cars & GT6 look much better than Forza 5 imo.

DragonKnight1677d ago

@Knack haters: You say that the game is "kiddy" in one breath, and yet would praise a kiddy game on the X1 in another. You also ignore that Knack is extremely difficult.

Don't judge a game by its boxart.

GadgetGooch1677d ago

Cheeseus, How many SONY fanboys in here are butt hurt lmao....

Dasteru1677d ago

Just to clarify my last post, i was talking about for gameplay, not visuals. Although Project Cars looks alot better than Forza 5 anyway. GT6 i just meant for gameplay.

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sincitysir11678d ago

Unfortunately it's gonna happen.

Vojkan1678d ago

they will not be harsh to X1. Remember how media was hidding RROD it issues for 2 years? Until MS admited.
US media is biased, I know it sounds imature but is really the case.
I like how they try to place PS4 as if it has no games. Ignore multiplatform games, focus on exclusives.
The point is, buying PS4 now or 1 years from now is the same, price won't change, maybe 50 bucks, but is it worth it. 50 bucks to skip on PS4 for a year? Don't think so.
Play multiplatform games for now (if you don't like exclusives) then get ready for huge exclusives from Jan going forward.
Very simple imo.

BTW watch Polygon give great score to Ryse

Ol_G1678d ago

Exclusives is a reason to buy consoles not multiplats

xPhearR3dx1678d ago

The reason media outlets are mentioning exclusives is because those are the games that are going to drive people to want to take the jump to next gen on day 1. Sure, there's all the sports games and COD/BF. But you can play those on 360/PS3. So at launch those exclusives are what differentiates the Xbox One and PS4.

People like me, I don't really care, I like being a first adopter. So I'm waiting for my PS4 to be delivered tomorrow. As a media outlet though, you have to look at all the angels and ask yourself. Is spending 400-500 dollars REALLY worth playing Killzone and Knack, or Forza and Dead Rising.

If not, as you suggested, it might be better to wait until January or even a little after that to make the jump to next-gen consoles.

Mystogan1678d ago

Ryse is a good game now.

Obscure_Observer1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )


Oh man, come on! As they did with Resogun and the Playstation 4 system?

The 5 to KSF seems unfair i do agreed. But, Knack? Check Eurogamer! Are they biased now too?

The only problem with Polygon by reviewing PS4 products is KSF. And that seems a isolated reviewer´s point of view. Man´s definitely sucks on FPS games. So, blame it on the entire Staff is equally unfair.

And what about Gameinformer and all the " fun as dialing cellphone numbers" crap? Seems fair for most users here. And what about that score given to Knack? 8.25? Talk about biased.

People has selective memory around here.

GrandTheftZamboni1677d ago

Media are biased. Need proof? Minor difference in resolution last gen in favour of 360 was a big deal back then. This gen, 57% more pixels by PS4 is negligible.

BABY-JEDI1677d ago

Polygons choice of reviewer is unfortunate (as he has a history of disliking KZ). As this has resulted in a negatively skewed review. People who enjoy KZ mechanics will really enjoy Shadowfall. Others, not so much I guess.

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Irishguy951678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

So if X1 games score higher = Bias. Right

We all know X1 has a better launch line up that Ps4.

I personally epect Ryse to score ****, dead rising to score average like Killzone. And Forza/Killer instinct to score high

Polygon are extremely biased, MS could have no exclusives at launch and polygon would say they have better exclusives. However, regardless...MS have had the better launch lineup for months, especially after DriveClub got delayed. Deal with it. Don't deny it. We all know Sony has a better lineup next year. But Day 1, MS clearly has it. More games, more diverse set of genre, more AAA. Simple as that.

i've been saying Knack looks like crap for months, why? Because it looks like a poor, slow paced action adventure. Uninspired gameplay. It deserves those score. Ryse is confirmed to play like crap. Killzone is falling apart, they didn't know what to put in new, so they stuck in Slow mo and see through walls? Really? Dead rising, I never liked them for various reasons involving boring and repetitive. Now, Forza has always been a good racer, not as good as GT. But still good. Killer instinct just looks awesome. Overall a very dissapointing yet expected array of games for the console launchs. We have to wait till March

Infamous, Titanfall, Witcher 3. One of the best open world games ever, one of the best Shooters ever, and one of the best RPGS. Is what I predict

Also, I don't know why people keep bringing up polyhgon, they are not the only reviewer out their, they even gave Knack a 6, which is much higher than alot of reviewers. For both Knack and Killzone, the averages are very clear. Alot of reviewers believe them to be poor/average

Hellsvacancy1678d ago

Polygon will agree with you i'm very sure

FullMetalTech1678d ago

You missed them streaming PS4 titles yesterday. They were really low blowing everything on the PS4. Very unprofessional and child like. Nothing constructive or even critisms about any of fhe titles just jokes and bad one liners. Id take anything they say with a grain of salt at this point.

Ratty1678d ago

The better launch lineup claim is not a fact. It's opinion. Like you who sees the Xbox One launch lineup as the best, I see the PS4 launch lineup as the best but in truth, I think both are pretty weak. It's the games that are coming that I really want.

LeCreuset1678d ago

Have you ever heard of the fallacy known as a strawman argument? That's what you did. The point wasn't that if they score higher the reviews must be biased. The point was that the reviews are biased if those titles are reviewed with leniency.

Deltaguy1678d ago

hit the nail on the head..ps4s lackluster launch titles coming to bite sony in the ass..after watch dogs got delayed there was no reason to game on a ps4...knack and killzone is garbage and iv'e been saying for months that these games will flop....i was right lol

Prime1571678d ago

I think the over hype for the console clouded people's perspective on all these games. Everyone over hypes things and then the game can't live up to the hype, because your mind needs to be blown away.

Would be curious to see what these reviews would get if they came out on ps3 with ps3 graphics.

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Blackdeath_6631678d ago

the polygon reviews are bogus and i think KZ was harshly criticised they didn't give COD have as much shit yet that game is broken but ultimately its not the end of the world

Mystogan1678d ago

Killzone is a shitty halo-wannabe and will always be shitty. I'm not sure why you guys expected anything else this time. Sure it has better graphics now. But good graphics only get you so far in a review.

DOMination-1678d ago

Shitty is a bit harsh. I feel its very generic and formulaic. Its certainly not as bad as 5/10 but an 8 seems fair.

solidjun51678d ago

"Killzone is a shitty halo-wannabe and will always be shitty"

Shows how much you know, since KZ2 was highly received and KZ3 was decent. Unlike you, I actually played the games. So forgive us for expecting decent reviews. And it has received decent reviews.

frostypants1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

KZ has always had it rough. Halo games comes out with very meh graphics that play like every generic shooter ever made: "10!!!". Killzone games come out with amazing graphics and have an unmistakable feel to them: "There's nothing unique about it...7". I don't get it. Well I DO get's payola...but I don't get why gamers are so easily fooled by it.

My dirty secret: I personally don't really like Halo OR Killzone. But I have played both series and Killzone has always had more going for it IMO. Halo...even the new ones...looks and plays like PC shooters from the 1990s.

Boody-Bandit1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

The ONLY thing Killzone and Halo have in common is they are shooters. If Killzone played like Halo I wouldn't buy it.

I have Halo burnout. It just hasn't evolved enough for me over the years. I got to the 3rd level of Halo 4, ejected the game and gave it to my son. He use to be a Halo fanatic. He finished the SP and played the MP maybe 12 hours online and than traded it in.

IMO Killzone is so much more fun to play than Halo. It's not even close. Again, in my opinion.

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kratos_TheGoat1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

you sound mad not all have the same opinion as you wishing xbox games to be harsh what wrong with this site. I play ki, ryse & dr3 and all of them all fun games like kz sf

FunkMacNasty1678d ago


If XB1 launch exclusives are better received by game critics then its "TOTAAAALLLL BIASSS MAN!!"

But if the tables were turned and Sony launch exclusives were better recieved you bunch of bitches would be all "GREEEEEATNESSSS AWAAAAAIIITS!!!!!!"

Two sensible points I'd like to make:

1.) These are launch titles. They're nothing more than slightly optimized versions of things we've already seen this generation. In two years PS4 games will be blowing our friggin' minds, once devs have a full picture of where they can really go with the hardware

2.) When a game or franchise you like gets a lower review score than you expected, It shouldnt hinder your enjoyment of said game. And If seeing your favorite game or console exclusive get a low score gives you the same feeling that you get when Your team makes it all the way to the championship and loses, then you are playing games for all the wrong reasons.

Objective1678d ago

So you have already decided that a good score for Xbox games must mean bias... Haha

mii-gamer1678d ago

that's a rather immature way to think. Enjoy your games, it does not need to be a competition all the time. Besides, launch games have never been special - PS4 is guaranteed to get awesome games in the future, if it hasn't got it already.

Thatguy-3101678d ago

Idk its the beginning of the cycle and let's not forget that sony kept pumping exclusives after exclusives these past few years. If xbox one lunch games do good then good for them. Infamous Second son is right around the corner and I'm pretty sure some unannounced games from sony studio's will be announced. At the start of a generation there are hardly any games that get 90+ it takes time my friends.

JamieL1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Excuses, all I hear in this thread is excuses. This whole time the PS4 has been portrayed as a totally FLAWLESS gamers wet dream in every conceivable way, the games were treated with the same hype, and now they’re out, and falling short of the hype that’s ok because _______. MS has been under a microscope by these same Sony apologist since the reveal, now excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses. Why not be so understanding with MS issues? I'm not saying I disagree with the excuses, I know Sony always pumps out games, but they're still excuses. The PS4 way supposed to be completely FLAWLESS, and now reviews are falling short, there are 100's of reasons this is 100% acceptable.

jetlian1678d ago

Rin your making the assumption xbo games will be as bad as ps4's !

knack looked limited when it was first revealed

webeblazing1678d ago

They got the gfx part down now Sony need to learn how to execute. No matter how much I love their games they always lack that addictive gameplay that lesser quality games have. They need to bring so com back real socom . I bet someone name nauty dog games missing the point

Prime1571678d ago

Old socom would struggle in this shooter generation. Hence knack.

I play games to play what the dev is trying to give me. Maybe I'm just easily amused.

GraveLord1678d ago

Ryse already has bad first impressions.

DR3 has technical issues and seems to be just a souped-up 360 game(if that).

Forza 5 will probably be the best reviewed, but most don't care for the series since its turned into a yearly franchise.

CrossingEden1678d ago

Bias? Maybe higher review scores for xb1 title means *GASP* that it has better games. -_-

FunkMacNasty1678d ago


1080p upscaled from 720p!?! PREPOSTEROUS!


/s ;-)

Prime1571678d ago

Or the lack of hype for ms has games that surprise you.

It's all in the hype. I find myself loving games more when I have absolutely 0 hype for it.


But what if the xbox 1 games don't deserve it?

sAVAge_bEaST1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Oh it will reveal the bias.. And I will not click on a Polygon Article ever again, and I would use AdBlock if I were to.

Retroman1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

@ rinkuchal this not directed at you. speaking in general.

"YOSHIDA disappointed with ps4 first party title review"

possibility: possibly gamers might be TIRED of killzone?? and dont understand KNACK?? im guessing here not knocking any consoles down.
this has nothing to do with which console have the most AWARDS who give a rat-ass how many awards games receives?? it is about FUN,gaming,winning,beating the game at the end of the game you saying: HELL YEAH!!! BRAGGING TO YOUR FRIENDS YOU BEAT IT.

yeahokchief1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

They're not being "harsh". They are doing their job...

I expected this. So many of the titles are yearly IPs that don't even require the added hardware power. I mean you look at a review by Totalbuscuit and he's just laughing at how the game has such steep requirements for the same gameplay with horrible textures in the latest CoD.

This is not exactly how you want to be quoted in the media about your games:

"The game wasn't designed [to meet specific] review scores," Yoshida continued. "I was hoping Knack could score in the mid-70s and last I checked it's around 59-60, so I'm hoping it goes up.

"The game uses only three buttons to play, so it's not the type of game reviewers would score high for the launch of a next-gen system.

So WHY are they asking us to fork over $400 for the tech now if they don't even have a single goddamn game worth playing on it?!?!?! Not to mention the networks with things like gaiki not even being ready until 2014?!


Sooooo glad i cancelled my PS4 preorder a few weeks ago. THEY HAD ME WITH THAT PRESENTATION WITH THE LAUNCH DATE. I had my preorder with amazon seconds after they announced it. But the games here are just DISMAL. ALL YEARLY CASHGRABS and only ONE solid first party game which apparently is only a 74% or slightly below average.

I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED with the launch window they chose instead of holding back for 2014 for games like watchdogs and other first party titles. I will be waiting for a bundle deal if I'm still playing games.

I might decide to build a PC instead or just quit the hobby entirely. Leaning towards being done with it entirely. Dark Souls 2 will be a good game to go out on.

XboxFun1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I love it, the child mentality!

Sony fanboys actually hoping that Xbox One games score just as low.

If not this means the media is bias!!

You sony fanboys are way too funny. Metascors don't matter unless the score is high, every website is bias if they score your games lower, MS pays for every bad review, Xbox games should be scored lower or else it's an agenda against Sony.

C'mon, do you not see the absolute ridiculousness of all these statements. And yet you all claim your not conspiracy theorists?

So is it safe for me to say that if any Xbox One bad scores get reported that the media is biased, journalists are lazy or Sony paid them off...can I too use this excuse?

CJDUNCAN1678d ago

but what if the games on x1 are really good, would you still consider it biased?

nosferatuzodd1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

noop microsoft has polygon in there pocket and all that awards mean shit how can you award a game that no one plays its like bmw claiming to have a car that's better than everything out but guess what? no one tested it or drive it

edit XboxFun you're going to sit there and rant about Sony fanboys when microsft gives polygon 750.00 dollars just to be there when sony drops games and give it 6 and 5 out of 10 you're saying that's not the case who is the delusional; here

yeahokchie you're really going to quit gaming just because idiots say the games rank low why not play it for youre self and make up you re own mind damn follow on herds we the sheeple only listen to others and follow on

yeahokchief1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

No i'd quit gaming because its a huge waste of time and now it's just being milked by large publishers making rehashed AAA games that arent even fun to play

there are of course a few gems mixed in there that make all their bullshit easier to swallow but they are becoming few and far between.

NewZealander1677d ago

its not a matter of being harsh, its in the consumers interest to give reviews based on the content, good or bad.

no way would i have pre ordered knack, its a game with no proven track record, and to be honest i don't care if its aimed at kids or not, the character designs are awful, and the graphics are about as average as it gets, i don't believe theres any bias going on, from all accounts the game is a flop.

killzone SF looks good, and i enjoyed KZ3, and its mostly getting decent scores, nothing to complain about there.

badkolo1677d ago

harsh, are you kidding me, if the games stinkl they stink,. plain and simple, your such a troll just by saying what you said

Ps4Console1677d ago

KillZone had mostly high scores it was only a couple of average scores & they were saying the game looked out of this world , I can't comment on Knack because I haven't seen the reviews on Knack .

Mister_Dawg1677d ago

Why should they be just as harsh to XB1 games?
The whole point should be about reviewing fairly.
Should it not?

pheature1677d ago

but sure its going to generate clicks anyway as people are already interested.

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M-M1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

After watching Yoshida play Knack on the live stream on hard difficulty, I really don't think it deserves the scores it gets(they could/should be higher).

GentlemenRUs1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Give it a little bit of time, The scores will soon perk up :P

EDIT: It might be just community scores and an attack by fanboys :(


Skate-AK1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I watched the stream of Knack and it looked great. Was just like a Pixar movie.

Thehyph1678d ago

No joke, man.
I don't care what the reviews say about it. I think it looks dope. Every PlayStation has had these kind of 3D action platform games, and I hope the trend continues even if knack got burned.
Insomniac, Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog all (more or less) cut their teeth on these kinds of games, and look where they are now.