‘GTA Online’ publisher explains how to report infinite money exploit

Some instructions have been provided in regards to reporting GTA Online players who are taking advantage of the infinite money glitch and other exploits.

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KrisButtar1684d ago

Reporting people, so they can force micro-transactions down are throats. How does your player having infinite money hurt other players? Only hurts the micro-transaction purchases

SuperBlur1683d ago

the only people i have reported are players who were above rank 100 in just a few days of MP release , i don't give a crap about money glitchers other then the fact they will ruin things for everybody when the stock market is up and open to use online

RedSoakedSponge1683d ago

well i just got to rank 100 playing the game properly as of a few days ago. its ridiculous to see people at over rank 200 though. and rather sad if you ask me. its not like theres any unlocks or anything when you get that high.

MestreRothN4G1683d ago

RPG spamming, for instance?

GamerXGATT1683d ago

It has been over a month, and this glitch has existed in some form or another. By this point doing anything to anyone is pointless and would result in possibly a large portion of the fanbase being alienated. If they haven't fixed it by now, three patches later, perhaps there isn't a way to fix it at all?

SuperBlur1683d ago

this game is basically a beta test for what's to come on x1-ps4 consoles anyway.

Hartsy1683d ago

How pathetic ? Grassing on people and getting them banned over fake money.

KwietStorm1683d ago

lol really sad situation this while thing has become.

TheSaint1682d ago

Nobody seems to respect the 'don't be a grass' mantra these days.

blind-reaper1683d ago

just remove the "bad sport" mechanic, it sucks! I got it because i was kicked from a game 3 times in a row for no reason (I guess the players were expecting another player to start when a joined a random mission).

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