Stuff- The 10 Best Games in the World right now

Stuff lists its top 10 console games right now.

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ZBlacktt1623d ago

My goodness, you put GTAV 1st? The online is a total joke. Go up to bushes, buildings,sidewalk,street etc and see they are all square/flat. The cities are very dead at times with very little life. You can't do anything with 95% of the games buildings, shops, etc in the game. All just square graphic fillers. The game use's the same car model repeater like in every GTA game. Go to a light and count the same kind of car over and over. Only in a different colors. Pop ups left and right, a draw distance of like 500 yards. No textures anywhere... walk up to anything, look at the ground closely and you will see it's just color shade fillers. The water looks nice and the cars look nice. The load times are insane....

The online has been a complete and total fail. Need I say that again? But then again everyone is aware. Glitches, disappearing characters, cars. Massive money glitches so bad everyone owns everything already... Tanks are a dime a dozen. It gets very old and repetitive fast even still. Like going through the motions. Then you just end up troll killing like everyone else. Everyone uses auto aim... zero skill needed. With the endless money everyone has. People troll 10k bounties and send mercenaries over and over once the timer runs off.

Even more mind blowing is you put AC4 last. Go read any review, any and there you will discover what everyone already know about this game. Mind blowing off the charts graphic visuals. Don't even try brining the Next Gen version in to this either. In fact I'll just end it here because this is all just crazy, lol.

DoctorJones1622d ago

Blah, blah, blah. You don't think much of it but a hell of a lot of people do.

Get over it.

pandehz1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I know you're gonna face some hate and so am I but I agree with you.

GTA V is Rockstar saying ''this is our Calla Doody 21''

Just another rehash, gangstah story, strippers, driving around, forced to laugh at crap that's not even funny and yea the typical culturally shock and awe ideas that are overrated.

Should not even be in the list.

And yea I agree AC:IV is incredible. Best in the series and one of the best games of the year. AC:IV is a PROPER game with some very entertaining and engaging mechanics. GTA V is everything cramped into one with a crazy idea for a soul but still soulless.

dcj05241621d ago

Its not a gangsta story. Its a story about 3 criminals.

SolidGear31622d ago

All GTA's are boring as hell. 2013 was all about Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us, Metro: Last Light, BioShock Infinite and Dead Space 3 .. not to mention Next Gen

AceBlazer131623d ago

GTA V is great but i think it was over hyped. i'd put last of us at #1 since the sp is much better and the mp is actually fun. other than that decent list

rethinking it alot of titles are better than gta v.

not hating the game but i gotta say it was over hyped as hell.

Ezio20481623d ago

What exactly do guys like you want from gta? guys like you said that gtq 4 sucked bcoz it was way too serious n had no side activities like gta sa. now rockstar gave what everyone wanted n still you guys say that its overhyped. anyways your opinion doesn't change anything. gta v is highest rated, best selling, n has kicked off goty season with golden joystick which is the biggest voting award, which means fans have chosen gtav over last of us worldwide.

xPhearR3dx1622d ago

I think it's because it's so popular and the fastest selling game of all time. Therefore, more people to complain in a very short time period. Without a doubt the SP portion of GTA V is simply amazing. The story, acting, variety in missions, heist, etc all came together very nicely. Sure, GTA Online had a rocky start. But when you have 20+ million people trying to connect at the same time because it launched 2 weeks after the game, it makes sense for errors.

Since day 2 I haven't had any issues. I feel GTA Online is very similar to a brand new MMO. I believe what Rockstar said how the game will develop over time based on player feedback and it will continue to grow. I just hope it spills over to next-gen. I'm keeping my PS3, but my PS4 will be here within a few hours, if not sooner and I want that to be where I play all my console games.

SoapShoes1622d ago

I think GTA5 is fantastic but not an end all be all game and I'd give TLOU a slight edge. Being more popular doesn't = better and it doesn't mean those who have played both picked GTA5. All it means is more people have played GTA5 than TLOU so they won't vote for something they haven't played.

TLOU had over 100 perfect reviews you know? Trying to downplay TLOU critical success is foolish.

Ezio20481622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

bro last of us has 249 perfect scores out of 466 reviews on n4g.....and gta v has 253 perfect scores out of 385 reviews on n4g..... so don't even get me started in critical acclaim of gta v

evilbart1622d ago

It's just the new 'cool' thing for these kids to do hate on anything that is successfull.
Gta 5 totally deserves no.1 it sent off the last gen consoles with a bang.

SolidGear31622d ago

Beyond: Two Souls
The Last of Us

Nuff said

ATiElite1622d ago

10 Games
8 Multiplats
2 exclusives
8 available on the PC

top 12 PC Games in the world right now

In NO order and just my opinion

Guild Wars 2
Battlefield 4
Arma III
League of Legends
Path of Exile
Diablo III
Company of Heroes 2
Total War Rome 2
Project CARS
Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Blade and Soul

feel free to add some (can't wait for Blade and Soul to reach N.A.)