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Submitted by MattS 816d ago | opinion piece

The idea that Nintendo doesn't need to change is utter nonsense

Digitally Downloaded writes: "the reality is that Nintendo is in desperate need of change (if it isn't already too late to do so). While we all want to see the company thrive because, like Disney, our childhoods are wrapped up in growing up with the products Nintendo provided, crossing fingers and praying for the best doesn't save corporations in the really real world." (3DS, Industry, Nintendo, Wii U)

zeal0us  +   816d ago
The whole idea about Nintendo not needing to change is what got them in the predicament they are in now. Poor third party support, abysmal hardware, weak online infrastructure are some of the key things the WiiU suffer from.

Hopefully Nintendo will reach out to more developers next time when they're building their next console. The reason I say that is because this year we had quite a number of developers and companies come out against the WiiU and Nintendo.
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Thepcz  +   816d ago
''Hopefully Nintendo will reach out to more developers next time when they're building their next console. ''

nintendo pitched the wiiu as a console for core gamers. they used its 'high spec' to position the console as hardware made for 'core games'...

none of this has been realised beyond the release titles of batman/assassins creed etc. it looked promising, but that momentum is lost.

the irony was revealed when it came apparent the wiiu was not actually truly next gen spec wise. now the ps4 and x1 are almost here and we know of their technical ability, it makes the wiiu redundant beyond nintendos first party games/niche titles.
bullymangLer  +   816d ago
The only thing wrong with Nintendo is its supposed child slavery. Other than that im perfectly fine with them keeping things a secret till they feel its time to surprise us.

We should have a life full of creation and productivity no?
MidnytRain  +   816d ago
They've been shipping garbage to retailers for a half a decade.
The_Villager  +   816d ago
Garbage? I'm sorry but last time I checked Nintendo's consoles have always had the least amount of hardware failures compared to its competition.
MidnytRain  +   815d ago

Wonderful. They gave people a perfectly functional console to play the worst games. That's nothing to be proud of.
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MattS  +   816d ago
That has absolutely nothing to do with anything that was written here.

Just thought you might want to know.
Kydawg  +   816d ago
Nintendo needs a change, like a baby that just ate beans.
blahblah123  +   816d ago
I think they all need MASSIVE change. Every single one of these consoles and most of the games requires the old "Day One Patch."

Same old crap. Buy a candle and we will send you the wax in six to eight weeks.

Microsoft pretty much denied RROD for years. Sony has never had the best quality track record and Nintendo will sell you yesterday's technology today.
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justSumDood  +   816d ago
total bs

the one and only constant we have in this ever changing industry is hate; hate from the supposed fanbase
sure it changes from one game/franchise to the next, from one developer/publisher to the next, and certainly from one console to another, but its always there rearing its ugly head

last gen it was sony on the firing line, right now its nintendos turn, and even as we speak its shifting to microsoft
and it will change again as sure as the sun will rise

the wiiU did bring about changes:
increased power under the hood,
a social network that rivals anything that has come before on a console,
and they introduced what i consider to be one of the best controllers ive ever used

its sad that people judge without ever having anything to base that judgement on besides fud, conjecture and misconceptions
worse yet, people that have never even spent time with the console will have come to misguided conclusions simply because they cant stand on their own and prefer to jump on the bandwagon. internet bullies all of them

its not nintendo that needs to change, its people's perceptions
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MattS  +   816d ago
How to be sure someone didn't even read the article before throwing a tantrum:

Author write article about Nintendo needing change in its approach to business.

Fanboy writes whiny comment pointing out that Nintendo made some changes in its hardware for the new gen.

Dear fanboy: business change isn't the same thing as releasing a new console. lol. Just lol.
justSumDood  +   816d ago
i actually did read the piece, or rather i tried to but couldnt bring myself to finish it because:

a. it was poorly written. Much like your comment above which starts out by making wrongful assumptions about me, then quickly degenerates into a personal attack in which you label, judge, ridicule and resort to using derogatory terms and childish name-calling.

b. i was appalled at the audacity of some random person, on some obscure website, to think that he knows how to run and manage a muti-million dollar, multi-national corporation better than the professionals who sit on it's board.
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cactusjack  +   816d ago
there are dozens of companies that felt like they dont need to change and those companies went through bankruptcy or went out of business.
XisThatKid  +   816d ago
Wow just when I thought I was alone in this Big N worThis is exactly how I feel, This Nintendo's "innovation" is golden thing has to be done within reason and 3rd party support has to be accorded in a prime manner. Ninty needs to get in touch with other players and stop relying only on it's classic and hard core fan base I understand that loyalty doesn't waver but take some of the PS/Xbox share. Unless they think they can catch lighting in a bottle twice in a row. Truthfully I think is unlikely. Think Wii U will pick up next year but nothing that will speak to much more than what has already been established just expanded. Good luck Ninty
CaulkSlap  +   816d ago
Well they definitely failed to recognize that the Wii was an entirely gimmick based success. People got sick of it and moved on to PS3/360. There was no big fanbase or consumer goodwill earned with it. Sure there were the niche games the core fans loved and standard Mario/Zelda/Metroid. But everything else was kiddy shovelware. No big 3rd party multiplats or mainstream AAA games and the casuals lost interest. If anything the Wii probably left a bad taste in everyone's mouths.

Coming out with hardware that just brought them up to par with PS3/360 and a new gimmick that failed to resonate has completely killed the Wii U. If it had launched in 2011 with a decent lineup, different name, 3rd party support lined up, and better hardware it would be a different situation. And the Wii U most certainly could have had better hardware even years ago. I mean it pretty much has specs you'd expect in 2008.
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Ashby_JC  +   816d ago
what I think had killed's the name. every new Nintendo system had a unique name.

I forget all the console names forgive me...

super nes
Nintendo 64
game cube

they figured hey we sold a crap load of Wii consoles...let's name it...uhh Wii U!!!

great idea!!??? uhh making it with Wii in the title it made it seem like a add on to the Wii. I feel a fresh new name Nintendo (insert name here) would have helped give the system it's own identity.

another thing they took for granted is not realizing that the Wii was a fad to some. there were millions who purchased the Wii and played one game. Wii sports. these casuals weren't out looking to but the next hot game.

they got the Wii...had fun. and let it collect dust.

I think in the end they could fall off. Getty with the times and realize that loyal fan base is shrinking!!
weekev15  +   816d ago
Spot on. WiiU sounds like an accessory like WiiFit. They should have called it something completely different. Even just Nintendo U would have been fine, leave the Wii out of it.
deafdani  +   816d ago
How convenient that you didn't mention the Nes... in order to avoid making Super Nes sound less unique because it wouldn't fit your argument, right?

The Wii U's problem doesn't reside solely on its name. It's several factors, chief among them a serious lack of marketing and lack of games. The latter is being addressed right now, the former remains a problem.
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CaulkSlap  +   815d ago
Exactly. It might have been fine if they hadn't released every single accessory as "Wii___".
weekev15  +   816d ago
I have to say I find this article very arrogant in the way it is written. Pointing out that the industry press has made a piece you don't agree with then saying its done a rubbish job before deciding your piece is the definitive strategic analysis of Nintendo's business practices is frankly juvenile.

Why not present the piece as "thats 1 point of view, here's ours"

Then we go on to the article itself, statements like "It's fine to adopt the attitude of "we're not going to compete with the others in this industry, we're going to do our own thing," but that only works if what you're nicely small company with a captive market that is happy to pay a premium for the unique content that you're offering"

Thats 1 opinion, heres mine... So what you are saying is big companies should all compete in the same way and not copying them is commercial suicide? Get a grip, doing their own thing is what makes Nintendo a company that I would always trust to give me something new and fun, if they copied Sony and MS and played the "mine is bigger than yours" game, they would be in a sorry state, pumping out consoles that they don't make a return on due to the fact they would need to make a significant loss on every unit, or would need to lack the innovation that Nintendo always craves when looking at a new console proposition.

Similarly i disagree with the closing paragraph "No. Nintendo's problem is that the spirit of business innovation that drove it to take a risk on video games when it was previously busy selling card games to the yakuza is long gone. It is now completely fearful of making any meaningful changes in the way it approaches the market, and what's left is an incredibly conservative business that either believes its primary competition is still Sony and Microsoft, or, worse, it believes it doesn't need to compete with anyone at all."

Nintendo has said they are not competing with Sony and Microsoft. I believe that this statement was slightly lost in translation when taken into context. In the interview where Mr Iwata said this he was referring to the fact that Nintendo will not look at their competitors and say "Oh thats what they are doing we better do that too" this is the spirit in Nintendo that is likely to give us more of what I as a gamer crave in the future, innovative products that I can have fun with.

Whilst Sony and Microsoft are delivering nice hardware with high specs for devs to make things that look pretty (which Im ok with btw, not bashing I do like games to look pretty) Nintendo will be looking at different ways that I can have fun. Which means I can have games that look pretty and show innovation from 3rd party devs (or 2nd party devs like Naughty Dog) as well as innovation from Nintendo when it comes to the way I play the games.

I am well aware I will get replies saying "All Nintendo have done to innovate this gen is to put a screen on their controller." I feel that whilst it is a imple innovation it has really added a new dimension to the way that I personally play games. I usually play with my wife, so it's amazing that she can play on the gamepad whilst I play on the TV screen or vice versa. Assymetric gameplay is the way forward.
Ashby_JC  +   816d ago

your comment is about as long as the article
weekev15  +   816d ago
I know, it had to be to respond to the article. ill bullet point it for you :

- didn't agree with article
- Nintendo doing their own thing is fine with me
- Sony and MS do nice graphics, Nintendo do new ways to play
- I like the gamepad
NightStalker33  +   816d ago
Completely agree. Even if Nintendo came out with a higher spec machine than the PS4, people still wouldn't buy it simply because of the image the Wii made for Nintendo. The loss would either crush Nintendo, or cause the price to drive away casuals. The very least the tablet controller might make people get a wow factor.

Though that tri-core cpu annoys me a little. Just a little.
wheresmymonkey  +   816d ago
I personally think Nintendo are damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they brought out here next system and it was an absolutel beast of a machine with a ton of new ips. Everyone would forever be asking them where's mario and zelda.

Their current course on the otherhand has made them a ton of cash, and the fact of the matter is that nintendo purposefully held off on their own stuff to give third parties breathing room and they completely squandered that opportunity.

THe WiiU will become profitable or at worse break even before they move onto something else.

You need to stop comparing them to the likes of sony and ms because its apples and oranges. Nintendo are games company that make hardware, not a hardware company that make games.

Besides someone needs to innovate and i don't see ither ms or sony doing that any time soom.
Chrischi1988  +   816d ago
An article, coming from a core gamer, who wants to play his core mature games. What people do not get is, that core gamers make up a little of the whole picture. Casuals do not care that much, for the stuff, the core is interested in.

Casuals will happily buy a Wii U just for what it did the last few generations, that wont change. If Nintendo would directly compete with the others, it would just be a third of equals, where people fight a resolution war. Nintendo own IPs have always managed to make profit for Nintendo and it will definetly stay that way. All this doom talk peaks right before the release of the new consoles, but what we actually have to wait for is the holiday season. Project Cars is said to run on only 1 core, there are rumors, that Wii Us graphic card is a crossfire one, nintendo didnt actually reveal anything about the hardware and we all know, that about 30% are unkown hardware, so I am up for surprises. I believe Nintendo knew, that they would not win the fight, if they released their console at the same time. Better release it before, make it seem as weak as current gen, so the other companies dont take it as real competition, focus only on the other, than during the drought period starting from release to early next year, Nintendo pushes out the big IPs, for huge sales, while the others wont sell that well, create a huge install base because of that, thrid party will come back, Nintendo will release new Dev Kits with way more power, not as much as PS4 of course, but enough to keep up for the next years, I mean, if PS4 is build for 8 years, than it should keep up for a few years, without any big problems, the power difference should be noticeable at the end of the consoles life cycle.

Shin'en confirmed the dev kits already got faster and I believe it will become even better, who knows, with the DS they released a second core via update, who knows, what tricks Ninty has up their sleeve, I mean, they are a real Toy company, I can imagine, making strategic moves like this, noone else would do, even if this means the first year wont be a success, the first year doesnt matter, if it is able to sell very good afterwards. You have to have a way, to make people buy your system, in my eyes, they did it right, to play weak the whole time, to overroll the competition afterwards, where nobody did expect it.

I mean, how else does Iwata think they get to 9million till march, how will he keep the promise that next year is also more for core gamers? If they dont have a special secret, then they dont.

But who knows, this is just speculation, but I think, if one of those big 3 would make such a move to become successful at the end, it would be Nintendo, not the others.
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link2Dpast  +   816d ago
I don't get articles like this and people who agree with this. They have been doing it the same since the beginning. There ideas may be abstract but the competitors have followed like motion controls now dual screens. I do agree they should push the online capabilities but most Nintendo games are notorious for being single player experience. The wii was successful be on belief so there no need for change, it's the people who need to change
Digimortal  +   815d ago
Like link2Dpast just said. They don't need to change. They have been doing the same stuff since they first started out with the NES. Here is what i think as to why the Wii U isn't selling like hot cakes like the Wii did. First off, the Wii was a system that brought in a HUGE new line of gamers. The casual gamers. Remember how so many people complained and i quote "Nintendo has abandon us" over the course of the life span for the Wii. Well my theory is that Nintendo designed the Wii U for the core gamers in mind. I mean 80% of the games that have come out for the Wii U just proves this aspect. Yet if we look at the Wii, how many games where geared for that core audience in mind? the percent is extremely low. Nintendo prob felt the need to give back to those who doubted Nintendo. Yet it back fired on them completely. Yet are they out of the race? heck no. They are just starting. Maybe that Year early out the gate was to see if the core gamers would catch on. While yes 90% of the core games were on the PS3/360/PC but it was the whole element to prove to the core audience that yes Nintendo does care about it's core aspect. Yet now the core is ignoring it and is now proving that Nintendo was right all along to make there system an every type of gamer system. So expect to see more advertising but towards the casual crowed along with Iphone apps for Miiverse which now is the perfect time to release it. Nintendo now has a huge uphill to fight to get those casuals back. While at the same time keeping the Nintendo fans happy.
Dunban67  +   815d ago
Most people who write articles and/or comment on the forums the are critical of Nintendo are usually long time fans and/or current fans of Nintendo. They typically offer constructive criticism or just flat comments about why The Wii U is doing so poorly and/or what Nintendo needs to do (in their opinion) to become a better company to do a better job at connecting with the market place-
However, most Nintendo fans who disagree accuse them of being, "haters", "ignorant" and/or fan boys of other consoles. (for the record I have been critical of Nintendo but I own a Wii, a Wii U and a 3ds and no other consoles)

Nintendo has made mistakes and continues to make some of the same repeatedly re the Wii U

Most critics do not have a problem w Nintendo being unique and different (I don t know of any that think otherwise) but they still have to compete for the consumers attention and money

I don t think many people expected the Wii U would be the strongest of the 3 new generation consoles- but most were disappointed that it was barely stronger than the 2 current gen HD consoles

Expectations for the quality and # of 1st party launch games were high due to Nintendo dropping support for the wii U so early- YET.....

Nintendo did not have the games needed for a successful launch- Many of their "launch games" were delayed considerably

They have yet to market the Wii U effectively or with much energy/resources

How can anyone expect 3rd parties to support the Wii U (during its 1st 9 months) when Nintendo barely supported it

How can anyone expect much 3rd party support going forward until the wii U can prove its ability to sell enough software to be profitable (for developers)?

Nintendo has not acted on unified accounts or region locking- something its competitors have done already

There are many other areas of concern for the Wii U and Nintendo (re their current operations- not Nintendo s financial viability)- If you care about Nintendo you would not slam others who voice their concerns- Want to disagree- that is great but to dismiss them out of hand as fan boys haters etc. does nothing for Nintendo- to be blindly loyal to Nintendo/Iwata does not help them as a company- Even if Nintendo does not want to compete w MSFT and Sony- IT still needs to compete for consumers and gamers

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