The idea that Nintendo doesn't need to change is utter nonsense

Digitally Downloaded writes: "the reality is that Nintendo is in desperate need of change (if it isn't already too late to do so). While we all want to see the company thrive because, like Disney, our childhoods are wrapped up in growing up with the products Nintendo provided, crossing fingers and praying for the best doesn't save corporations in the really real world."

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zeal0us1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

The whole idea about Nintendo not needing to change is what got them in the predicament they are in now. Poor third party support, abysmal hardware, weak online infrastructure are some of the key things the WiiU suffer from.

Hopefully Nintendo will reach out to more developers next time when they're building their next console. The reason I say that is because this year we had quite a number of developers and companies come out against the WiiU and Nintendo.

Thepcz1590d ago

''Hopefully Nintendo will reach out to more developers next time when they're building their next console. ''

nintendo pitched the wiiu as a console for core gamers. they used its 'high spec' to position the console as hardware made for 'core games'...

none of this has been realised beyond the release titles of batman/assassins creed etc. it looked promising, but that momentum is lost.

the irony was revealed when it came apparent the wiiu was not actually truly next gen spec wise. now the ps4 and x1 are almost here and we know of their technical ability, it makes the wiiu redundant beyond nintendos first party games/niche titles.

BullyMangler1591d ago

The only thing wrong with Nintendo is its supposed child slavery. Other than that im perfectly fine with them keeping things a secret till they feel its time to surprise us.

We should have a life full of creation and productivity no?

MidnytRain1591d ago

They've been shipping garbage to retailers for a half a decade.

The_Villager1590d ago

Garbage? I'm sorry but last time I checked Nintendo's consoles have always had the least amount of hardware failures compared to its competition.

MidnytRain1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


Wonderful. They gave people a perfectly functional console to play the worst games. That's nothing to be proud of.

MattS1591d ago

That has absolutely nothing to do with anything that was written here.

Just thought you might want to know.

Kydawg1591d ago

Nintendo needs a change, like a baby that just ate beans.

blahblah1231591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I think they all need MASSIVE change. Every single one of these consoles and most of the games requires the old "Day One Patch."

Same old crap. Buy a candle and we will send you the wax in six to eight weeks.

Microsoft pretty much denied RROD for years. Sony has never had the best quality track record and Nintendo will sell you yesterday's technology today.

justSumDood1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

total bs

the one and only constant we have in this ever changing industry is hate; hate from the supposed fanbase
sure it changes from one game/franchise to the next, from one developer/publisher to the next, and certainly from one console to another, but its always there rearing its ugly head

last gen it was sony on the firing line, right now its nintendos turn, and even as we speak its shifting to microsoft
and it will change again as sure as the sun will rise

the wiiU did bring about changes:
increased power under the hood,
a social network that rivals anything that has come before on a console,
and they introduced what i consider to be one of the best controllers ive ever used

its sad that people judge without ever having anything to base that judgement on besides fud, conjecture and misconceptions
worse yet, people that have never even spent time with the console will have come to misguided conclusions simply because they cant stand on their own and prefer to jump on the bandwagon. internet bullies all of them

its not nintendo that needs to change, its people's perceptions

MattS1591d ago

How to be sure someone didn't even read the article before throwing a tantrum:

Author write article about Nintendo needing change in its approach to business.

Fanboy writes whiny comment pointing out that Nintendo made some changes in its hardware for the new gen.

Dear fanboy: business change isn't the same thing as releasing a new console. lol. Just lol.

justSumDood1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

i actually did read the piece, or rather i tried to but couldnt bring myself to finish it because:

a. it was poorly written. Much like your comment above which starts out by making wrongful assumptions about me, then quickly degenerates into a personal attack in which you label, judge, ridicule and resort to using derogatory terms and childish name-calling.

b. i was appalled at the audacity of some random person, on some obscure website, to think that he knows how to run and manage a muti-million dollar, multi-national corporation better than the professionals who sit on it's board.

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