Filipino Champ talks Capcom Cup

Original Gamer: "The EVO Champ himself, Ryan Ramirez, was in Dallas for Absolute Battle 4 putting the Texas FGC through its paces. In the interview we discuss the upcoming Capcom Cup, the Texas FGC, FGTV and his globetrotting experiences as a sponsored player."

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jhoward5851493d ago

whats !!!no talk of Daigo.

wishingW3L1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Daigo's not going. Why? I have no idea. The rumor is that the $10,000 for first place wasn't enough for him because he's assisting to another one on the same day which is $18,000.

ogmaster1493d ago

Daigo doesn't play UMVC3 which is F Champ's game. Instead, he's focusing on Nemo, the #1 Japanese players in UMVC3.

wishingW3L1493d ago

This guys is the most hated player of the FGC but still, my favorite player of Marvel.


lol isnt this that guy who bashed the MK community and then said "lets play injustice and see whos better."

funny i havent seen him in injustices top 8 video.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1493d ago

Take a shot every time he says "ya know".

Lboogieskells1493d ago

F Champ is pushing that FGC scene.

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