Top 5 Reasons to Buy Call of Duty: Ghosts at Launch

"It’s easy to be cynical about any annualized game franchise, but these things don’t happen by accident; you certainly can’t account for taste, but entertainment sales records don’t break themselves. Call of Duty has done it for several years running now, so clearly Activision is on to something.

No one’s going to stop you if you want to be too cool for school, but here are five reasons why you should pick up Call of Duty: Ghosts with your shiny new PlayStation 4." - Joe Garcia

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admiralvic1493d ago

Can it really be "late" when you can't exactly (unless you're one of the few members of the press, won the Taco Bell contest or got really lucky) play the PlayStation 4 version or Xbox One version?

HelpfulGamer1493d ago

Update your PS4 to enjoy 1080p Call Of Duty: Ghosts !

bradfh1493d ago

Sorry but cod sucks save yourself the money and buy Killzone it's more then 10hrs long > then cod 4hrs copy, paste game

guitarded771493d ago

Well, some people like the easy access of CoD, and what it offers. Whether it sucks or not is subjective. Personally, I'm not a CoD fan, but I'm getting it at the PS4 launch along with Killzone and Battlefield (I prefer both to CoD). Just badmouthing CoD is getting old. Yeah... a lot core gamer hate it... we get it. We got it three years ago when the backlash of post Modern Warfare 2 began. The hate is just as played out as CoD. Ironic... no?

Derekvinyard131493d ago

Dude, I've played every single killzone but shadow fall and your going to tell me none of it is the same? # 2 and 3 are almost clones besides the fact that you feel lighter in 3

Zancruz1493d ago

Agreed! That's why I believe no game should have more than two sequels... Not Halo, God of War, Mario NONE! They all become old dated rehash living off of past success.

The ONLY reason I brought Killzone, So I can see some of the true potential of the PS4 because there's no other launch game that will or even can.

grumpc1493d ago


uhh excuse me?
Resi 5
Gran turismo in general
Metal gear solid 4

that's just to name a few.

Starbucks_Fan1493d ago

I will be getting this( along with BF4 and Killzone ) still. I want to at least try it since I enjoyed Black Ops 2. If I don't like it I'll sell it for NFS.

SpitFireAce851493d ago

I bought Killzone,BF4 and Ghosts for $113
from Target buy 2 get one free not bad..Now
all i need is my PS4 less the 24hrs to go.

Starbucks_Fan1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Got them at Target also

Then I got Madden 25, Fifa 14, and Ass Creed.

My parents are going to go crazy when they see my credit card bill :/

xnesbittx1493d ago

I'm getting BF4, Killzone, and Knack at launch, less than 24 hours baby! WOOOT!

Loki861493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Top 5 reasons to buy Ghosts at launch..

You need a new coaster for your bawls energy drink
You like saying dudebro after kill
You enjoy playing the same engine year after year
You hate innovation
You work for IW

Just making a joke for anyone that gets mad about this.

Hicken1493d ago

Dat 1995 engine.

Seriously, though, that IS one of the reasons I stopped buying CoD. As much money as they make... there's no reason for them to be using an engine two generations old.

Hell, there's no reason they're still charging for DLC like they do. They could cut the price in half and still make out like a bandit.

It's just more of that greed I can't stand in the industry.

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