PS4 VS. XBOX One: Console Experience

From social connectivity to entertainment apps, next-gen goes way beyond games. Which console is best for you?

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rela82me1623d ago

I wish I liked the PS4 UI better... I just don't...

JoGam1623d ago

Dude relax. No one is dying because of it.

GameNameFame1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

social features.

Not to mention best first party studio as shown in PS3 exclusive games.

Also, digital game download as you play and etc are on PS4 as well.. Sony started doing this on PS3 actually.

As IGN mentions, it seems like Kinect voice function is still not working since Kinect 1.

Loki861623d ago

Everyone has reported the Kinect success rate of around 88%. IGN was using an older build, when the newer build has been used it has been flawless from the preview videos I watched. Try harder.

Riderz13371623d ago

@Loki where the hell did you find this number from lmfao.

Guys this just in, the Kinect works 60% of the time, every time.


GameNameFame1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Try Harder?

"IGN is using older build..." thats not why it does not work?

Your statement is the definition of Try Harder.

Voice Recog tech not been working properly since Kinect 1. There has been no major break through since.

Either way, it is something Sony is patching in more and more. It really isn't what separate X1 over PS4.

but as you said, you need to try harder.

Loki861623d ago

Trying to downplay how well the voice recognition on the X1 is, isn't going to make the PS4 camera any better.

jgrigs091623d ago

actually GameNameFame it does work. So you're getting your sources from just IGN. While other sites, linked via N4G has said it work perfectly fine, they said at one point they did have to say the same thing 4 times, but other then that. It was rocking. It's better than the Kinect 1. Stop trolling buddy

Jaqen_Hghar1623d ago

speak for yourself. A man is putting his name down.

eatmoremango1623d ago

Just wait. After the PS4 is released UI related deaths will be commonplace.

UltimateMaster1623d ago

You've butthurt fanboys stating facts that the PS4 has 1080p games, has social media and stuff like that.

Prime1571623d ago

People, voice technology is a slow curve, but we all want it. Siri and Google mess up a lot, but apparently you think the Mic 6 or more feet away from you will do better than your phone at ideal distance of ~6 inches?

I haven't given up on the Kinect's ability, but I'm still very skeptical.

mikeslemonade1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

SMH at the zealots trying to justify the Kinect because they were forced to buy it. Don't have to take your anger on us who didn't buy a camera.

Yea I admit the UI is a bit flashier and smoother on the X1 but that's just semantics. That's almost like saying the PS4 is a sleeker looking console. And just like the PS3, the PS4 UI will get better through updates all on a $10 cheaper yearly subscription while PS+ has a better library of free to play games.

It's a fair trade off and either side can make a good argument. It's a stalemate no matter how you try to spin it; one side can always counter.

Gekko361623d ago

@GameNameFame OK, I've just seen the video for both Xbox and PS4 UI

First thoughts are I could see new features without having to look around on X1, the UI is instictive.

PS4 it isn't that intuitive across the board like X1, the features are there but there is no uniformity and for UI design you need uniformity.

X1's UI looks like a signular UI where as PS4 looks like 2 or possible 3 UI's connected together. It's the cluinky moves from section to section that suck.

Both systems are great:

Base specs goes to: PS4
Media vote goes to: PS4
Performance is a Tie
New features go to : X1
UI design goes to: X1

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Muerte24941623d ago

They kinda downplay the significance of the paywall or lack thereof

malokevi1623d ago

Probably because the only people who care about it have no intention of actually buying the console.

Hicken1623d ago

Or maybe people have no intention of buying the console because they care about it?

It's funny how the MS fanboys always dismiss any criticisms as "You weren't getting one, anyway."

Well, no, not after all the crap they pulled, tried to pull, and continue to pull. But there was a time when I was interested in the XB1. Unfortunately, that time ended pretty much right at the reveal.

malokevi1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Exactly. So to expect a respected gaming news site like IGN to bring up something to complain about because you "care" doesn't make much sense. They aren't there to provoke needless controversy or feed the trolls. It's not like the topic is censored... they bring it up all the time. It's just not worth dwelling on, because it's not a big deal and it isn't their job to drone on about something so trivial.

I happily pay for LIVE, and so do millions of other people! There are always alternatives for anybody who happens to not like it... But it seems to me like the number of people on this page who won't be paying for either PSN or XBL in the coming generation is close to, if not equal to, the number that is officially and hereby to be known as zero. That being the case, it's best to choose a service by merit or matter of preference.

free games, or teh cludz.... hmmmmmmmmmmm!

UltimateMaster1623d ago

Since when gaming media informs people?

Muerte24941623d ago


Why would someone buy a system that a $100 with most of their features locked behind a paywall? I mean why even lock streaming behind a paywall? Same can be said for Hulu, Netflix, or anything else for that matter.
I have had both Xbox LIVE and PSN (obviously), and there was never any real benefit to playing games on Xbox LIVE over PSN. Halo 4 was a lagfest and Gears of War 3 (not so much though). I'm tired propaganda being put out there as if Xbox LIVE is better (connection wise) than PSN, when it's not. People just go where their friends are, plain and simple.

H0RSE1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )


"Why would someone buy a system that a $100 with most of their features locked behind a paywall?"

- Because most players, at least in the core audience, are going to have LIVE anyway, so essentially it's a non-issue.

That being said, if you think they downplayed the paywall aspect of XBL, then it would be equally fair to exclaim that they downplayed PS+ by not mentioning that a lot of the free games you have access to, can only be accessed as long as you are a paying member. The free games aspect of PS+, is essentially like having a Gamefly account - one you stop paying, yo stop playing.

"I have had both Xbox LIVE and PSN (obviously), and there was never any real benefit to playing games on Xbox LIVE over PSN....I'm tired propaganda being put out there as if Xbox LIVE is better (connection wise) than PSN, when it's not. People just go where their friends are, plain and simple. "

- Well you are not everybody. Probably one of the most significant aspects that XBL had over PSN, was cross-game chat - they even mention this in the video. I have friends who tried PS3 and found out this feature was absent on PSN, and they haven't went back since. I mean, what good is "going where your friends are," if you can't even talk to them?

VENOMACR12271623d ago

No one buys a $400 or $500 system to watch movies on or access Skype. You buy a $400 or $500 system for video games. All the other stuff is just a bonus. That stuff has always been part of gold. And according to the amount of Live users, it's not a big deal. Sony fans just want anything to grab on to.

Theres 2 way's of looking at: 1. PS+, your paying $50 just to play online. 2. Xbox Live, your paying $50 for online and a bunch of other features. So, which is the better value? $50 for 1 or 2 components, or $50 for a multitude of things? And yes, both online's give you free games.

Now I agree, Netflix, Skype, and other apps should be free, you shouldn't have to buy Live in order to use those features. But I buy Live to play online, not to use apps. So the fact those items are included in Xbox Live Gold is fine by me, because playing online is what matters to me.

malokevi1622d ago

"Why would someone buy a system that a $100 with most of their features locked behind a paywall?"

See, here we go. Rant time. Don't care. As I said, millions of people happily do it. It's not as bad as you make it out to be. An Xbox One is essentially useless without a XBL subscription, without Kinect, without all the things you probably hate anyways, so why bother ranting about it? Nobody is interested in your senseless objection. Are you or are you not paying for one of the two online console gaming services for the duration of this generation?

Or are you here to fight other people's battles? Because I promise you there are people in this world who need your support much more than some gamers who don't own an Xbox and don't like the Xbox Live subscription model. You may want to aim your philanthropic concerns at sub Sahara Africa.

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TheFutureIsBlue1623d ago

The only thing I don't like, at least I think how it works judging by all the ui overviews, is that you have to scroll through ALL your games left to right. Why don't they just have a game dropdown like in ps3? Sorry if I missed something and this isn't correct.

Other than that it looks sleek and sexy as hell! I think it's a good improvements for both consoles and it will get better for both over time.

Xsilver1623d ago

Guys prepare to see allot of changes in the UI in the coming months or years that's a guarantee but for Now i give it to MS when it comes to software they did a stellar job even tho i can't stand windows 8 layout but its still feature packed which is a Plus, But Sony also created a awesome UI this time in their UI its fast as hell Simple and gets to the point and more will be added to both UI's in the future(I'm still waiting for PS4 dynamic themes to comeback)

dale_denton1623d ago

i wished i liked your arm tattoo..... i just... don't....

its_JEFF1623d ago

I'm liking what I'm seeing from the PS4 UI but as a designer I've seen my fair share of UI designs. And I've gotta say, you can really tell that MS is a software company. Sony improved their UI a lot, but right now I think the XBox One UI is simpler/easier to use (I'm not counting Kinect, I don't like it personally)

No, I'm not hating on the PS4. I'm getting a PS4 day one and currently have no plans to pick up a X-1, just making an unbiased observation on UI.

princejb1341623d ago

I guess I'm one of the few people out there that prefers the ps4 ui over the xbone.
I can't stand windows 8 tiles it bothers my eyes

strickers1623d ago

You are not alone. The logical look at the purpose of UI and its usage, not impractical novelty and messy visuals.

HammerKong1623d ago

no worries it not that bad ,i've got my my ps4 and ui works better than xb360 ui,but xb1 ui with kinect also looks amazing ,i'am also getting xb1.

UltimateMaster1623d ago

Maybe you should buy a Windows 8.

Ps4Console1623d ago

For me it's all about the games .

ovnipc1623d ago

If I can party chat and play great games with great visuals idgaf about the ui I won't spend much time on it I care about games and ps4will deliver great games like tlou 2. My only worry its the issue with the hdmi port having problems I'm getting mine tomorrow hope does not have that problem. And the ui looks way better than the ps3 ui.

mightyhokie1622d ago


72.8% of all statistics are made up 42.93% of the time. Every time. =P

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swishersweets200311623d ago

i don't play UIs.. i play games.

LOGICWINS1623d ago

LOL...then go play games. Why waste your time here? Leave the UI conversation to people who actually care.

Riderz13371623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Can't play games when PS4 isn't out ^^.

Loving the PS4 UI. Simple, fast and easy to use. Pop in and out of the UI from the game in milliseconds. That is what it's about baby.

Edit - Are you actually that dull? Is this not a thread about PS4/Xbox One?

Oh my, Logic doesn't win here I guess.

LOGICWINS1623d ago

"Can't play games when PS4 isn't out"

Playing games requires a PS4? Hmph, I must have imagined playing all those PS3, PS2, Dreamcast, and Xbox games for the past ten years.

malokevi1623d ago

In all likelihood you've imagined your entire life as part of some wacked out simulation being generated in a giant supercomputer by evil robots.

Follow the white rabbit...

LOGICWINS1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

"Are you actually that dull? Is this not a thread about PS4/Xbox One?"

Another person on N4G that lacks basic reading comprehension. Surprise. Surprise.

Where in my comment did I specify "PS4" games? Please tell me, I'll wait.

EDIT: No disrespect to the mods. I'm sure you guys have better things to do on a Wednesday night than regulate the petty conversations that occur on here, but how is swishersweet20031 not bubbled down for trolling?

Dudes ADMITTING that he doesn't care for the topic at hand lol. Thats textbook troll. Read what the description says on the top right of his profile.

XB1_PS41623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

WOOOW, you guys are dense. You are unbelievably stubborn.

Can't play games when PS4 isn't out

Hicken1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Article title: PS4 vs. XB1 console experience

Commenter A: I play games, not UIs.

Commenter B: Then go play games.

Commenter C: How can he play on consoles not released?

COmmenter B: I didn't say PS4 or XB1.

Commenter D: Trololololol.

Commenter E: I missed the point.

Commenter F: Look at these fools.

Edit: By the way, Logic(failing again), the POINT is that this article is about the PS4 and XB1, which Riderz says that swisher can't go play- as you suggested- because those systems haven't been released yet.

It's really not that freakin hard to get.

araman1623d ago

N4G is a gaming site, not a UI design site.

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FullmetalAlchemist1623d ago

PS4 ui or windows 8? ......hmmmm

LordDhampire1623d ago

Exactly, windows 8 might be garbage for normal computers, but I think the tiles are wonderful on a console since its so simplified.

Prime1571623d ago

I'm not so sure that a joystick integration VS a mouse integration are so different in these circumstances.

M-M1623d ago

The PS4's UI looks fine, and it will only get better after launch since the engineering team has a lot more room to work with. The "snappiness" of both system UIs are fine as well, it just comes down to what you want in a system.

Kayant1623d ago

After watching gamespot's live stream I would XB1's UI takes the cake here it's just a much more organised/less cluttered UI surprisingly. Also XB1 wins with the voice commands as they are a lot more streamlined & easier to carry out/use if you like voice controls.

Overall both are great & snappy so you can't go wrong with either system at this point. But IMO XB1 UI > PS4 UI, PS4 games > XB1 games. Online edge to MS because dedicated for all MP games is huge & great.

I probably won't get another MS system after my X360 because of the same BS things MS are still doing that I disapprove of & I have no massive interest so far in XB1 exclusives which will probably stay like that throughout this gen.