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TSA - "In the past I’ve never seen shambling zombies as a real threat. It just seems like running quickly or picking a relatively secure location would sidestep any danger this slower breed of zombie posed. Within a few minutes of sitting down with Dead Rising 3, though, my opinions were pretty much completely turned on their head."

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pheature1586d ago

this is the only game i wish was on ps4 from the x1 line up
it really does look awesome

malokevi1586d ago

If there was one game that I could fornicate over and over, this would have to be it.

deadfrag1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I really dont know how can people buy Dead rising 3 knowing that the game its not even running lock 30fps,its not the problem of the resolution but playing that game with framerates that dip to 16fps on new hardware,buying a technical mess of a game like Dead Rising 3 is just telling Capcom and the development teams that they can get away releasing technical crap games and they will still sell!People should talk more with the wallet,and dont support crap broken games;we are in a new generation it should not be allow to release games that cant handle a steady rock solid 30fps experience minimum, this not talking about resolution because for me obvious a resolution of 1080p in a gaME is better than having the same game at 720p ,but if i have to chose between resolution and solid framerate and better effects i will chose the solid framerate of 30fps and better effects over the resolution exemple is what Crytek done with Ryse an optimal trade off well done.But not achieving 30fps solid in a 720p game on new hardware is just lame and no one should support that!

Legacy2121586d ago

I played it and it is awesome. You play games not specs

deadfrag1586d ago

Son first learn that framerate is not specs go do some research you obvious dont have a clue what is playing with a solid framerate VS a crappy one!

ufo8mycat1586d ago

That crap framerate may not have bothered Legacy

Everyone has different sensitivity levels when it comes to framerate, graphics or whatever

Hufandpuf1586d ago

During my hands on with the game i did not experience framrate drops at all. Everything was smooth.