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Submitted by s8anicslayer 746d ago | review

Knack Review | GamesRadar

Knack - "Throughout this review I have to use "Knack" to describe both the name of the PlayStation 4 launch title and its titular hero." (Knack, PS4) 2.5/5

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GiantEnemyCrab  +   746d ago
Ouch! I had a feeling this game wouldn't score well when I first played it. Fixed camera is fail.
BBBirdistheWord  +   746d ago
dat ps4 physics
GiggMan  +   746d ago
What makes it so bad is that people like you keep on trolling and people are still going to pick it up lol. Haven't you figured out that no matter what little slick comment you post people are still going to pick up this game along with PS4's and whatever else they want.

You can't spoil their joy it's too close to launch. No one is going to switch to the "other" system lol. It's on you guys though if you want to continue to waste time lmao.
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BBBirdistheWord  +   746d ago
dat fanboy mad
GiggMan  +   746d ago
Nope. Not mad. Just a little sad and confused.

Kind of feel sorry you :'-(

Hopefully all of your hard work will convert at least One person to buy a Xbox instead of PlayStation. Keep hope alive.
XB1_PS4  +   746d ago
N4G did a 180 today.. I feel bad for anyone who has alliance to their console.
Studio-YaMi  +   746d ago
Wait wait,weren't you upset about Sony fanboys throwing cheap shots at the XboxOne & it's games?

Now you're doing the same thing? :\
more like "dat logic & hypocry" man.
NateCole  +   746d ago
@giggman. Well it does have higher preoders than titanfall afterall lol!
malokevi  +   746d ago
I went into eb games today to pay off my X1 preorder, and was surprised to see that they had a PS4 demo booth set up. Nobody was playing, so I hopped on it. Knack was the first game I played.

I've got to say, it deserves the review scores it's been getting. It's not exactly my kind of game, but I played it with an open mind, being that my gf is getting a PS4 on friday to give me for xmas.

Very unimpressive. Not only was the gameplay as shallow and uninspired as I had heard (and yes, I immediately went for hard mode, knowing that people say that's where the game really shines)... but even the visuals were extremely lacking. It was literally my first first-hand experience with any next gen game, so I was hoping it would at least be visually impressive... but not even remotely.

The other game was Fifa, which was equally unimpressive. Though, I knew going into it and from watching videos that both these games are lacking anything to make the, seem "next-gen". Unfortunately, they didn't have KZ.

Looking forward to KZ, PS2 and Warthunder to keep me busy until the 2014 lineup appears. And, of course, my xb1.

The store was decked out with next gen. Obviously they're getting it ready. They even had a Titanfall display. Very cool, and very exciting for all of us.
Mainsqueeze  +   746d ago
Haha Giggman feels sorry for people who knew this game was going to suck and weren't blinded by the Sony logo on it. I feel sorry for the people who actually payed money for this and then try to convince themselves they like it so they don't feel like they wasted money.
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BBBirdistheWord  +   746d ago
dat sour grapes
hulk_bash1987  +   746d ago
I played the demo at gamestop just 3 days ago and I loved it.
Mainsqueeze  +   746d ago
What did you love about it?
hulk_bash1987  +   746d ago
I love the feel of the combat and charming look of the game. I personally enjoy and own games like Ratchet an Clank, Sly Cooper, and especially God of War. And Knack felt like a combination of those game elements . So yes I enjoyed playing the game and am looking forward to popping it in my brand new PS4 in 5 more hours. But if you or anyone dont find the game enertaining or interesting then by all means enjoy whatever games you enjoy, just dont question or doubt my anticipation for Knack.
Aceman18  +   746d ago
hmm i wonder if the people hating are actually making comments in the article where it's getting good scores?

i'm looking for to the game, and no negative review or trolling by people who constantly hate is going to sway me from enjoying the game.

i wonder what these people would say when DR3 and Ryse gets low scores also, are they going to say these reviewers are bias against MS?
creatchee  +   746d ago

"i wonder what these people would say when DR3 and Ryse gets low scores also, are they going to say these reviewers are bias against MS?"

Well, to be fair, if Ryse and DR3 get high review scores, there will be no shortage of fanboys crying out against media bias and MS paying off reviewers.
Mainsqueeze  +   746d ago
Idk very many people that think Ryse will get a good review score lol still doesn't take away from Knack being an awful game and fanboys trying to convince themselves otherwise.
Ashby_JC  +   746d ago
what will happen when some reviews are low for ryse, Dr3 or forza5 ....nothing.

because I hate to say it. xbox games and gamers don't put there games on a pedestal as much as some...I say some not all....Sony loyalist.

I'm not sure what games I'm getting. my mindset on reviews's one person's opinion.

there have been games that have gotten 9s and 10s that I played and hated. then there are games that get 6-7 scores that I love.

look at knack...all the site's that give it good scores. the comment section is barren. give it a low score. everyone is out defending or attacking. yes some come in to laugh about it. but others come here this site must be bias...or I'll wait for x site to review it.

take a look at kill zone reviews...any one giving that game a low the comments blasting the article, author and website. it's quite comical and sad.
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Aceman18  +   746d ago

it is quite sad how some people take join in the fact that some sites dont like a particular game.


can you please explain to me how an awful game gets good to decent scores then an awful game as you say shouldnt even get one good score period.


you are right there are more games this gen that averaged in the 7s that i enjoyed more than most that averaged in the 8-10s. it is sad these same people don't have the stones to comment in the good score articles.
Mainsqueeze  +   746d ago
A 59 metacritic is not a good score...nuff said.
colonel179  +   746d ago
I don't like the character. The design is weird and doesn't seem likable to me, and the voice doesn't help at all. I mean, I knew I wanted to try Ratchet and Clank because the design of the characters were fun, and their personalities matched. The same with Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Dexter, etc.

Knack seems always mad when he is evolved. When he is small you would expect a higher voice, like a kid or something. It's weird. I just don't find it likable or relatable.

I can't talk about the design of the game obviously because I haven't played it, but it seems by the trailers, that they could have done much more. It might still be fun, though
Anon1974  +   746d ago
Huh. Another review that fails to get that this game is meant for children.

"Cerny says he created Knack to be a family-friendly game and even an entry-level experience for new, young PS4 gamers."

Also, not even a mention of the co-op or the fact that online play helps unlock a more varied move set for the character. I guess there's no place in the world anymore for an old school, Crash Bandicoot type game for some reviewers. At least there's some reviewers out there that still get it.
lifeisgamesok  +   746d ago
Shotgun blast
Studio-YaMi  +   746d ago
The bitterness is strong with you,you can have your laughs .. for now at least.
lifeisgamesok  +   746d ago
Don't get mad at me lol I'm just glad the ignorance and arrogance of Sony has been brought down some notches. You fanboys were going crazy with your Gddr5, Greatness awaits, resolutions

Those won't help bad games
remanutd55  +   746d ago
2 More days!!! i have my Knack copy already im just waiting for my ps4 to arrive, cant wait to boot up knack and start the adventure.
GirlOnFire  +   746d ago
ME TOO!!! Greatness awaits!!! I need to sleep now.. -_-
Darkfire369  +   746d ago
Despite some (or most) review scores, I found a few that encouraged me to pick this game up. I especially like how it's more of a game that brings nostalgia more than anything.
thebudgetgamer  +   746d ago
Eh, I'm sure kiddies will enjoy it.
rdgneoz3  +   746d ago
It's pretty much what it was described before as being. Something for new gamers / little kids to play, but on harder difficulties something for the older kids to play around with.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   746d ago
this old fart seems to be loving his copy of Knack so I think I'll hold off until I get a chance to play it myself.
bigbearsack  +   746d ago
When I first seen some vids on this game I knew I wasn't going to be that interested. This will appeal to a younger audience with parents.
showtimefolks  +   746d ago
its pretty sad to be honest how both knack and killzone:shadowfall are getting okay reviews at best. I don't expect any better from MS either i believe Dead rising 3 will be a mid 7 at best and Ryse will be low 6

and its nothing new just some launch games that many people expected to be great. next gen starts next year games wise with infamous 2nd son in February and than for rest of the year bunch of huge 3rd party and exclusive games from both sony and ms
Hufandpuf  +   746d ago
My hands on with the Dead Rising and Ryse were pretty good. I doubt DR3 will get. Mixed reviews because everyone that played it at the event i went to said they loved it.
showtimefolks  +   745d ago
i hope it turns out okay, but the point i was trying to make was, lets not judge these systems based of the launch titles
Bruce_Wayne  +   746d ago
Killzone is not getting bad reviews in my opinion. A 5/10? Okay, that's coming from the website that gave TLoU a 7.5/10. The majority are 8's and a few 7's.
piffyd  +   746d ago
launch games are always bunk, killzone shadowfall is getting 7's

I learned my lesson last gen

not buying launch hardware, its always buggy and the games are crap

everything good is multiplat and on pc with better graphics

will grab a ps4 in late 2014, xbox1.....when halo 5 is out, or never
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xDHAV0K24x  +   746d ago
GirlOnFire  +   746d ago
Call me a kiddie or whatever im going to enjoy this game with my brother and friend! Can't wait 2 more days!
bangoskank  +   746d ago
This game looked like shit from the very beginning. It amazes me how so many kids are brainwashed into thinking that Knack is the next generation. It looks two generations old with a coat of gloss slapped on it. I'm not buying either of these systems until The Order 1886 and Titanfall are available.
Bruce_Wayne  +   746d ago
Hypocrite much? What's so "next-gen" to you about Titanfall?

P.S.: Don't come at me so harsh... I didn't call you an Xbox fanboy (because I doubt you're one).
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bangoskank  +   746d ago
Definitely not a fanboy as I'll most likely be buying both consoles eventually.
Have you seen footage of Titanfall on the xbone? It looks freakin' amazing and loads of fun to play. Of course a true next gen game will blow it away visually but we won't be seeing any of those for a while. Knack is just a pathetic excuse of a launch title. As a fan of video games I feel insulted that this is what Sony throws at gamers to try keeping them sated. It looks horrible, has a fixed camera, and archaic gameplay. Should be a $12 DLC.
Bruce_Wayne  +   746d ago
I'm not saying anything about the gameplay of Titanfall. I'm just asking, how does it look next gen? Gameplay does look fun but nothing screams "next-gen!" in my opinion.
bangoskank  +   746d ago
I suppose that's just a matter of opinion. I believe it looks like an early next gen game, but the amount of action fluidly taking place on screen, and the original game mechanics make this a step ahead of anything I've seen on consoles last gen. You can disagree with me but you really cannot say that Knack looks anywhere near as good as Titanfall in both gameplay and visual departments.
Ashby_JC  +   746d ago
what is next gen is subjective.

for me...I need more then just eye candy. I need a game to do things that weren't possible on current gen.

let's say like...
*battlefield ..64 players versus 24.
*more on screen enemies
*more buildings that can entered..a game like fallout or gta comes to mind
*modes like the play ground online feature in nba2k14
*improved ai

for me and my immediate friends...we know that a bump in visuals will be a given.but we want more then that.

the two games that I put a lot of hours into recently that visually were good not great. xcom enemy unknown and state of decay. I loved both of those.

I would take a slightly upgraded visuals for state of decay....on next gen. but have the open world area so dense with things to find and things to explore and deep customization...

...I'm thinking state of decay meets fallout mixed with skyrim (the vast world and exploring aspect)

we have to evolve past just what games look like. cause I'm really hoping that devs dint just gen just means bump up the gfx/visual/resolutions and that = next gen. in my opinion....I would hate if that's ALL we got for the next 5-8 years.
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Cable2kx  +   746d ago
It's fun game from what I played. I wasn't expecting a high score for this game at all. Its basic platformer that me and my kids will enjoy.
towelie1288  +   746d ago
game looked like shit
i could have told you that

no surprises here.....
scott182  +   746d ago
Maybe I will get it so I can play something with the nephews I guess... Bad review though :/
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4lc4pon3  +   746d ago
i have my ps4 paid off, my cam & 10 games + I get 3 free on PS plus. Yup "Greatness has arrived". Even tho knack is not scoring well I still bought it and will play it.
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Aceman18  +   746d ago
I bought extra DS4, camera and 4 games Knack being one of them. I enjoyed the demo so I know I'll be enjoying the full release along with AC, KZ, and BF4.

Got NFS ordered also, I'll be enjoying all 5 of these games and the haters can long go get stuffed Lol.
R00bot  +   746d ago
I never thought the game looked that bad, but everyone seemed to think it'd be the best thing since sliced cheese. I just didn't agree with that, it looked OK, but not great.
bomboclaat_gamer  +   746d ago
lol knack is wack
kewlkat007  +   746d ago
Based on the reviews it seems like this game does not know what it wants to be..Sony really launched a console under all your nose with 1 quality exclusive game. All the jiibering and jabbering about price, used games and MS made most forget..
#15 (Edited 746d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
drsfinest72  +   746d ago
damn that hurts
ZBlacktt  +   746d ago
You can spot one clueless post after another in here. But then again very well known on here. Zero hands on experience mixed with young adults that might not like it. Yet lack the maturity to state it and be taken seriously.

I very much enjoyed Knack when I had hands on at PAX this summer. It have very clean graphics that give off that real look like in Little Big Planet.

I can assure you this, MS launch week is going to face this same witch hunt. I played everything at PAX and nothing on the X1 looked Next Gen but Fonza 5. The rest where like just a new game. But watch for it, it's going to happen and not just talking about how everything is 720p.
#17 (Edited 746d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
TheFutureIsBlue  +   746d ago
I got this along with AC 4 with that free month of gamefly. I'll see for myself. I wasn't expecting much tbh. Videos of Crash Bandicoot look more enjoyable.
Sketchy_Galore  +   746d ago
This might sound weird, it might even sound like some poor attempt at damage control but I swear on my life the more reviews I've seen of this game the more I kinda want it, even though most of them are quite poor.

I think it's the fact that I've been through thinking Knack sucked and have come out the other side. I remember the first trailer really interested me but then the first actual gameplay really disappointed me, it just looked so dry. Since then I'd learned to accept that Knack sucked so I wasn't too shocked by the reviews. The funny thing is, watching the actual footage shown during some pretty scathing video reviews started me thinking, 'hmmm this doesn't actually look too bad. Not a life changing experience and pretty samey looking but it looks like there's some decent fun to be had with it'. I wasn't gonna pick it up but now I think I might. I'm gonna keep my expectations in check and not put too much pressure on it to be amazing and hopefully have some fun with it.
xDHAV0K24x  +   746d ago
I don't understand that logic. "the first shipment of __ is ALWAYS buggy" what products have given u this issue? Is it a friend of a friend that bought __ ? I got the first shipment of the samsung GS1 and GS3. zero problems. also, the first shipment of the 3rd gen ipod. zero problems. my 360 RROD 3 yrs after getting it and that's with me sharing it with a semi pro halo player during second shipment.

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