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Resogun Review: Major Laser | Polygon

Resogun, the latest colorful shooter from Finnish indie developer Housemarque, is an extravagant, heavily detailed demonstration of the PlayStation 4's graphical horsepower. But look under the hood and you'll find an old shoot-'em-up that isn't shy of aping its inspirations. (PS4, Resogun) 8.5/10

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Nujabes_  +   238d ago
Great score, game looks like a lot of fun. Those particle effects are very impressive!
JW1080  +   238d ago
And it's FREE for plus members!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fireseed  +   238d ago
Not exactly free if your paying for Plus is it?
fenome  +   238d ago
If you're paying for Plus anyways then yeah, these games seem pretty free. That's like saying "Buy one get one free isn't free 'cause you still have to buy one anyways."

It's a lot different than paying to use free apps like Netflix, at least we don't have to to pay a subscription so that we can pay another subscription.

We're paying for Plus, not the particular games that come along with it. I think Plus is a killer service all around between the discounts and everything else. The games are just HUGE perks. It honestly doesn't bother me that you need it to play online either, I never had any intention of letting my subscription run out anyways :)
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Bathyj  +   238d ago
If you already have Plus, then yes, its free.
insomnium2  +   238d ago

QFT. I wonder how many of us were a plus member before it became mandatory for online gaming on PS4. I was. It would be fun to see the x-platform getting an equal opportunity. They have been forcefed subscriptions for a decade. They should recieve a free xbone tbh.


I'm glad I just ignored xboxfun. Never having to read his BS again makes the N4G experience that much better for me.
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XboxFun   238d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
lifeisgamesok  +   238d ago
I thought Polygon was incapable of giving a PS4 game a good score

nosferatuzodd  +   238d ago
if they gave it that then other site or going to give perfect 10
OrangePowerz  +   238d ago
Polygon is incapable of doing consistent reviews by employing some people who shouldn`t make game reviews.

They have plenty of reviews that are far below the average Like Witcher 2 (7), Ni No Kuni (6.5) or TLoU (7.5) while giving games like Dead Space 3 a 9.5. Either way they have people who don`t like games or people that are crap at playing and blame it on the games.

The guy who reviewed Killzone and give the joke of a score also scored a low 7.5 for BF4 and AC4 and that`s the same guy that gave Dead Space 3 a 9.5. Everybody who gives DS3 a score like that shouldn`t review games.

The reviews of the games reviewed by the guy who did the Resogun review seems a lot a more in line with what the average consensus is.
DigitalRaptor  +   238d ago
Tell me about it dude.

Tweet from reviewer Arthur Gies back in Feb: https://twitter.com/aegies/...

He actively dislikes the Killzone series, but choose to review a game he was never going to like, or be able to review clear-headedly and unbiased.
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insomnium2  +   238d ago
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bigbearsack  +   237d ago
I stopped visiting their website once Ni No Kuni got the diss from them. I sat and watched my sister play that game and was quite entertained.
LeCreuset  +   238d ago
It's a way to try to get cred among the gullible. If this game were being put out their as a flagship title, or some sort of AAA exclusive, do you think it would get the same score? I tend to doubt it, as I don't see any way in the world this game is better than TLOU, which according to Polygon it is.
T2  +   238d ago
Its an obvious ploy to appear to have credibility ... They lost it long ago , noone cares now . Skip to comment section, downvote site. Its over .
B-radical  +   238d ago
polygon are so biased to the ps4 its sickening! aha jks
Deividas  +   238d ago
If this was an Xbox One Exclusive it would get an 11 out of 10.
Fireseed  +   238d ago
This game has been my most hotly anticipated game for the PS4, looks great and plays great! :)
cell989   238d ago | Bad language | show
cheameup  +   238d ago
this game looks kind acool and all but is this really the flag ship game for PS4 at launch and next gen gaming ? a flashy defender remake
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OrangePowerz  +   238d ago
Does it have to be a flag ship game? Indie games can be just as good as AAA games.
cheameup  +   238d ago
I just meant its the highest rated so far of the exclusives on launch

I'm not bashing it I just don't think its a stellar launch line up when resogun is the best game

no bias. I'm 95% sure i'm going with PS4 this gen but am on the wait till theres more games boat
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OrangePowerz  +   238d ago
As someone who gets consoles at launch for the last 13 years it`s still a better launch lineup than consoles before and same goes for the Xbone that it has a better launch lineup than consoles that launched in the last 13 years.

I`m not sure if Killzone has the average score it deserves.
LeCreuset  +   238d ago

Think for yourself. Highest rated does not equal the best. Step back from looking at review scores for a minute and decide what it is you like, or don't like, about games.

This is why I hate review scores. They teach people to look at the rating without examining the actual content of the review. I watched the video for this, and I could easily imagine them switching one of the oft mentioned positives, it's borrowing from other shoot-em-ups, and turning that into a negative critique of how unoriginal, dull, and uninspired it is. In fact, were this not regarded as a cute little indie title, but a $60 AAA exclusive, I could imagine quite a few of these gaming "journalists," Polygon among them, doing just that.
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Neonridr  +   238d ago
@OrangePowerz - you cannot say that the PS4 has the best launch library of all the consoles that released in the last 13 years. You and I know that's BS.

Even the Wii U had more AAA games available at their launch, even if some were ports from the previous year.

But I am glad that some of these indie games are getting good scores. Even though Contrast is getting a mixed bag, I really want to try that once I get my PS4. I love the idea behind manipulating light to create shadows that act as platforms.
OMNlPOTENT  +   238d ago
I'm really excited for this game despite how simple it looks. I think it'll be one of those addicting games you'll be telling yourself "one more level." :D
Neonridr  +   238d ago
40 levels later and your wife/gf screaming at you to come to bed.. ;)
LeCreuset  +   238d ago
It's a shame Cell989's comment got collapsed for language, because he actually hit the nail on the head with what Polygon is doing here.
Neonridr  +   238d ago
I am going to ask an honest question here. How come when Polygon gave Knack and KZ bad scores all the comments said "It's Polygon, they are full of $hit", "Polygon is so biased, the game deserves higher"

Now we have a game that they gave a great score (and rightfully as it seems to have the highest review scores of any PS4 launch game) and all the comments are "Great review"...

Did I miss something there? Isn't Polygon full of crap and you can't trust their reviews? You can't really have it both ways guys..
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LeCreuset  +   238d ago
Obviously you have missed something, or are just lying, as I know that I have been ripping Polygon in this comment section, and I've seen others do the same. I even gave credit to one post, which was collapsed for bad language, for hitting the nail on the head in its criticism of Polygon. If you're going to come with a tired talking point at least read through the comments first so that it isn't readily apparent which orifice you pulled it out of.
Neonridr  +   237d ago
Sorry, I don't tend to expand all the stupid trolling or Offensive tabs if they end up getting collapsed.

I am merely asking why it's ok to take this review at face value when you guys won't take their other reviews.

I didn't pull anything out of my a$$ it's a simple fact. Go look at the Polygon Knack or KZ articles and check out the comments. You act as if I am making this stuff up.

I am merely pointing out that you can't criticize them for giving one of your games a bad review then agree with them when they give one a great review and not expect someone to question you on that.
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hulk_bash1987  +   238d ago
Different reviewers = Different scores. I don't totally agree that there is any type of conspiracy for the recent PS4 reviews, but why not leave any bias you have out the door when reviewing games like a professional should. If you have a predisposition about the game/franchise going into the review then, that of course will impact the review in question. But then again it's pretty hard to be completely objective so what is the point. I say, if you enjoy the game franchise/genre then don't let any others dissuade you from giving it a try and making up your own mind.
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T2  +   238d ago
Its still a basic equation. Sony first party AAA = low score . Anything else is fair game ... Its pretty obvious guys jeez .
Cryptcuzz  +   238d ago
Can't wait to try this game out myself. Its free for PS+ members so I hope this game does well.

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