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Microsoft Working on AAA Free to Play Game Based on Established and Successful IP

Microsoft Game Studios recently posted a career opportunity ad that sheds some light on a project that definitely sounds interesting, describing an AAA Free to Play Game Based on an Established and Successful IP. (Xbox One)

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Kingthrash360  +   499d ago
awwww man like they did ki?
i mean ki is awsome but imo would be better as a full priced game...with f2p most games will be jago vs. jago.
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Abriael  +   499d ago
It seems pretty much like that, yes.
ShinMaster  +   499d ago
"Based on Established and Successful IP"

They only have 1.
Halo F2P game confirmed.
JoGam  +   499d ago
Free to play Halo.
MidnytRain  +   499d ago
And they said they were bringing more "exclusives" to PC. Hmm...
Red  +   499d ago
Free to play-lo........no? I'll see myself out.
Fireseed  +   499d ago
And if you want another character just pick one up...
Kingthrash360  +   499d ago
i would but many wont so online will be full of jago's is my point..just wish it was a full priced game it should have been. its a very iconic game.
malokevi  +   499d ago
Who cares? Lol. I'll be spending 20 bucks on day 1, and so will many others.

Can't for the life of me understand why this matters so much to some people.
Fireseed  +   499d ago

So what if others don't? If you buy yourself the characters, you'll have others to choose from. Not like you had any influence over what others played against you before. Besides what's the difference between releasing the 8 done characters now, and waiting until more are done and releasing them then?
Revolt13  +   499d ago
Isn't there only 8 characters anyway? Free to play is fine for me
mydyingparadiselost  +   499d ago
8 characters now, 8 more later.
mhunterjr  +   499d ago
I doubt it. If people like the game, they'll pay the 20 bucks and get the other characters.

OT: the game isn't free to play. There's a demo with just Jago Or you can buy characters. If you choose to buy characters separately, the moment you spend $20, the rest of the cast unlocks.

Also, the demo character changes every few weeks. To start its Jago, but a few weeks later it will be someone else...
ma1asiah  +   499d ago
@ Kingthrash360

I can't speak for anybody else, but I am getting the full package day one, so no I personally will not be rolling with Jargo.....though once Spinal is released well more than likely I'll stick with him majority of the time.

I don't think FTP is a bad thing it just depends on how they roll it out...Look at Project Spark or World of Tanks.
Kingthrash360  +   499d ago
yeah true most would pay the $20 for the game...i wonder tho...if it was 59.99 dollas would there be more characters...i say they should have went all out on ki had a 20 ch roster at launch. it woulda had more hype and excitement that way.
UnHoly_One  +   499d ago
I agree with you. I hate free 2 play.

Look at it this way, though. You'll get really good at fighting against Jago. lol
Mystogan  +   499d ago
KI is not F2P. They said so themselves. Its more like a really awesome demo.
Sarobi  +   499d ago
Crackdown MMO?
nyobzoo  +   499d ago
yea, this was my guess also
darren_poolies  +   499d ago
I would actually buy an Xbox One for that. The original Crackdown was absolutely brilliant.
BlackTar187  +   499d ago
But #2 was one of the worst games made last gen.

I believe it was made by a different studio.
darren_poolies  +   498d ago

Hence why I said the original Crackdown :P
kewlkat007  +   499d ago
Very good guess..
TheHybrid  +   499d ago
JasonKCK  +   499d ago
Crackdown seems likely, hope it comes to PC.
ATiElite  +   499d ago
@ Sarobi

Wow you have the very Best guess!

Too bad Microsoft is NOT as smart as you LOL!
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DCfan  +   499d ago
Would still need to pay for gold to play the game lol
ma1asiah  +   499d ago
That depends Project Spark for one does not require a Gold subscription.

The people behind World of Tanks are also still in discussions with MS in respect of their game not requiring GOLD, I am sure Bethesda with Elders Scrolls Online though not an FTP is also trying to get MS to drop Gold being a requirement as well.

So at this stage it is more or less a wait and see.
SaveFerris  +   499d ago
Banjo Kazooie MMORPG?
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   499d ago
Wow this just means there are going to take a good series and turn it into a Sh*T Pay to Win cash cow...

ripping off gamers as much as possible by paying 3 or 4 times the for items that would be in a base 60 dollar game....

Thanks MS for wrecking another game... Killer instincts was not enough eh
Septic  +   499d ago
Because Killer Instinct was wrecked right? /s
Fireseed  +   499d ago
Guessing you're one of those people who claims KI has been ruined yet hasn't played it yet... Cause no one I know of has put their hands on it has been able to whole heartedly say it's bad.

Plus if they follow a similar suit to League of Legends what's to hate?
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   499d ago
When you get only One Character and shave to pay 5 bucks for each other character and for different looks and outfits and different weapons...

YES KI is Broken before it is even released. why because for 60 bucks everyone would have been on an even keel.

Instead o f getting to unlock and work at getting better at the game to gain access to all these unlocks..

the majority of the will be behind a pay wall... that will add up way way way more then 60 bucks....

Only ass hats think this is a good model for what was an excellent game.

Now if Halo goes down this path.. WOW... Well the young kiddies like free to play...

Only reason they are taking an established series to make a game is because most gamers hate F2P or pay to win. And new IP in F2P has very little chance of success sure one or two may be a hit but for the most part f2p games are not worth anything and fail as games...
Fireseed  +   499d ago
Your logic is severely flawed my friend. What significant advantage is gained from waiting till they developed enough characters for a 60$ package as compared to releasing the 8 characters now for 20$? Hint, their is none.

Not only that but this game is most assuredly not "pay to win" If I'm good with Glacius, and I buy Glacius and ONLY Glacius I will still destroy you even if you bought the entire cast. The costume and "weapon" (cosmetic only) unlocks cost in game money that can only be earned by playing the game and winning fights.

Sure over the time the game may in total cost over 60$ but if we keep getting more content for that money, then who could honestly complain? 20$ for 8 characters in S1, 20$ for 8 characters in S2, etc, etc. Sure it'll add up... but I'd rather my money go towards giving me more of something I love than trying to find a new game with that money.
Sephiroushin  +   499d ago
Not that "free to play" if they're behind the pay wall! I don't think Free to play games behind a pay wall will be successful at all but we'll see at least they are trying I guess!
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KrisButtar  +   499d ago
XboxFun  +   499d ago
Hmmmmm, MechWarrior? Does MS still have the rights to that IP?

But yea, I'm thinking Crackdown too. It's an open world game and has all the ingredients of an MMO type of game.

Hope to hear more from this as the X1 launch draws closer.
cell989  +   499d ago
not entirely Free To play, youll need to pay for LIve tho
MidnytRain  +   499d ago
I hate how Sony and MS are making us do that.
Angels3785  +   499d ago
No f2p and online only games you don NOT need a plus account to play
Kaiou  +   499d ago
It's Fable, very easy to predict , there no doubt about it .
Godmars290  +   499d ago
As companion tot he Fable game that's already coming out you mean?

Crackdown sounds like the best bet so far to me. For what's that worth.
christocolus  +   499d ago
They will work with external devs...hmmmm. interesting.. i wonder what this could be? Age of empires, age of mythology, halo, flight simulator, crackdown, pgr, crimson skies, mechassault , fable(i doubt that) or viva pinata?.
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KYU2130  +   499d ago
i smell a Halo FTP or should i say a MS Gold free to play title.
0pie  +   499d ago
lol its halo or fable.
creeping judas  +   499d ago
F2P from Sony = Sony loves gamers, Sony is the best
F2P from Microsoft = Greedy bastards, all in it for the money

bobsmith  +   499d ago
Sony lets games come out like doa5 core fighters xbox doesnt

ridge racer, soul calibur, ace combat all getting free games coming to ps3 this year not xbox because they wont let
christocolus  +   499d ago
Some fan boys allow their deep hatred of certain things and bias cloud their sense of reason..some are just so shallow minded and the worst set of hypocrites youll find...they are worse than zombies...but its not all of the fanboys though, some still reason logically and make reasonable arguments..
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Mikeyy  +   499d ago
Last time I checked you have access to everything planet side 2 has to offer for free.

With KI you get 1 fighter. I mean really? No means to unlock the others for free?
4logpc  +   499d ago
Que the Killer Instinct Haters.
gamertk421  +   499d ago
Definitely Crackdown.
foxsilver007  +   499d ago
I'm leary For Ftp titles as they often cost more then reg games and they can be geared to pay to win if not done properly. They only good thing is you can pay for content that matters most to you is the good thing it all depends on the pricing model used
Arturo84  +   499d ago
a f2p ww2 dice BF game
ATiElite  +   499d ago
F2P Rise of Nations RTS Game!

or Perfect Dark F2P Online FPS!
strigoi814  +   499d ago
as much as i want to believe..its Microsoft we are talking about...nope still in doubt

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