‘Need for Speed Rivals’ Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Footage

EA has released new footage of Need for Speed Rivals running on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Need for Speed Rivals will release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from November 28. Which console version will you be buying?

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josephayal1683d ago

another generic multiplat game

rela82me1683d ago

I wonder if this was a dig at MS, but the youtube video resolution for the Xbox One version is 720P and there isn't a 1080p option... It's been confirmed it runs at 1080p native.

Sarcasm1683d ago

Yeah they are both 1080p native 30fps.

Sad they couldn't get 60fps (on either console) because it would have been close to Burnout Paradise a game that was awesome at 60fps.

cyhm31121683d ago Show
rela82me1683d ago


Even at 720p video compression there wasn't any difference so leave your fanboy bs outside... When did gaming become such a game of my dick is bigger than yours? You bring shame to true gamers. Something like FPS and Resolution wouldn't detract a gamers attention from a good game.

1nsomniac1683d ago

Hold on... Why is there no traffic!???

MadSientist891683d ago

didn't you know EA will release traffic as DLC?

Daves1683d ago

WTF is the 'shockwave deployed'? ...a shockwave, from a car?

Oh dear.

iHEARTboobs1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Yes. There's also cars jumping off of ramps...........because it's a game. :)

jc121683d ago

Looks pretty fun to me. I wouldnt mind renting it.

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