COD: Ghosts’ PS4 Version Has Been Running at 720p, Comparisons Everywhere Rendered Invalid

"Activision has confirmed with Eurogamer that the PS4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts will be receiving a day one patch that brings its single-player mode resolution to 1080p. It turns out that it's been running at 720p all along, completely invalidating comparisons against the Xbox One. Several outlets, including IGN and Eurogamer, have been running analysis that compares the Xbox One's 720p output to what was presumed to be PS4's version running exclusively at 1080p. They were never notified of the issue leading to false conclusions."

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rajman1471d ago

"Comparisons Everywhere Rendered Invalid" not true, apparently PS4 review copies were 1080p...and that the patch is for the retail copies

xPhearR3dx1471d ago

Review copies are the same as retail copies. They don't print special discs for journalist.

KUV19771471d ago

If you watch the IGN-comparison you will see that even in their compressed video the X-Box showed some jaggies that were not there in the PS4-version. Also I don't belive that everyone just imagined more clarity.

Bathyj1471d ago

KUV1977, so maybe its more clear, even at 720p. Its not impossible.

Anyway, Im sick of this. Ive never heard so much heated debate over a game no on likes.

mikeslemonade1471d ago

Well "clarity" doesn't just come from the resolution. The PS4 could just be more stronger and efficient in other system and hardware processes.

Eonjay1471d ago

Lets hope that the review copies were 1080P... otherwise, thats horrible news for Xbox. And its not very likely.

Blackdeath_6631471d ago

jaggies are to do with AA not resolution. the XBone has been struggling with aliasing even in BF4

slimeybrainboy1471d ago

My opinion still remains true. I watched the comparison video and said they both look bad because COD is so last gen, lazy effort.

Did anyone else notice that the XB1 had a very strong green tint in the comparison and the PS4 had a blue tint?

isa_scout1471d ago

Yes there is a difference between retail and review copies. Go to IGN and their article update will even tell you that the review they posted(and the video comparison from the review copies) were indeed rendered in native 1080p on the PS4. This ONLY affects retail discs.

rajman1471d ago

@ xPhearR3dx
I said that because someone who has the review copy said so. NO review copies are not always the same as retail copies....I know this because I had an Assassins Creed 4 debug copy and it included the day 1 patch that was not on retail copies.

MrSwankSinatra1471d ago

Did it ever occur that the patch was already live when reviewers got their copy.

malokevi1471d ago

Lol @ every single one of you. yummy yummy crow! Resolution, the most important and differentiating aspect of gaming to everyone anywhere!

This just proves that high res =\= good graphics, and that you all suffer from serious confirmation bias.

That is all.

MysticStrummer1471d ago

@malokevi - No crow eating required.

IGN's comparison video shows a clear difference. XB fans should hope that actually was PS4's 1080p version, because if the difference gets even more apparent… wow.

MRMagoo1231471d ago


All this means is the ps4 version looked better than the xbone version while still at 720p lol It also means once the game has its patch the ps4 version will increase the graphics gap on the xbone version.

Palaven1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

@MysticStrummer & MRMagoo123

IGN confirmed that Ghosts was in 1080p on PS4 for the review and comparison video.

KUV19771471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Of course the PS4 version can just have run in 720p with much higher AntiAliasing which would be fine with me, but I am guessing that the higher resolution made jaggies at the same level of AA less visible. With full HD versus 720p the Aliasing is already much smaller, as there edges are obviously made from much more pixels that are spread over the same screen space.

Also here is an official quote from IGN:
"Activision has confirmed that the version of Call of Duty: Ghosts made available to IGN for review (and displayed in the video embedded below) was presented at native 1080p. The issue described below and the corresponding day-one patch only affect retail copies of the game."

boneso821471d ago

Lol @ bathyj

A game no one likes? I'm not a fan of COD either (since BLOPS) but it sells over 25million copies every year for the last 5 years, that's 25 million people who obviously like it. It is the single biggest selling video game franchise of this generation. Your statement seems a bit silly now doesn't it?

mmj1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Review copies will likely include custom code to identify and source of leaks, I doubt they would send out standard retails copies to reviewers weeks ahead of release.

GarrusVakarian1471d ago

What about this?

"Activision has confirmed that the version of Call of Duty: Ghosts made available to IGN for review (and displayed in the video embedded below) was presented at native 1080p. The issue described below and the corresponding day-one patch only affect retail copies of the game." Straight from IGN.

MorePowerOfGreen1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Is this related to what Adam Sessler was up in arms over? The rumors of Sony controlling who covered PS4 and how? No early testing thus no early consoles for unpaid media(or lied to media)

PS3 can do 4D, 1080p 120fps and more powerful than 10 supercomputers all over again?

IMO the XB1 version looked better.

PS4 http://ghosts-comparison.s3...

XB1 http://ghosts-comparison.s3...

BF4(slid the red bar)

Anybody notice one of the mods is hiding revealing articles about the PS4 that seem negative, in the console section censoring them from the front main page?

Palaven1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )


All the comparisons I have seen the Xbox One versions of BF4 & Ghosts look better than the PS4 versions. I am not bothered about them not being 1080p on the Xbox One, if there was a noticeable difference I would be. Both games on the PS4 seem to have muddy textures (downgrade to hit 1080p?).

There is a lot of censoring on N4G. Negative PS4 articles get rejected for breaking rules even though negative Xbox One articles that get approved are breaking the same rules.

Plus, why should people have to play the PS4 version of Ghosts in 720p if they don't have an internet connection? Doesn't it state 1080p on the case?

Ju1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

You guys are on this like the flys. There is no 720p footage out - simply because no (or almost no) PS4 retail boxes are out to play this game on, just yet. Yes, review copies are no gold disks. They are "pre-production" versions. This only affects final gold mastered retail disks. I don't know. It's ridiculous how you guys are in need to fabricate bad PS4 news. Going the extra mile of simply lying. Get over it. PS4 runs this game [email protected] native.

MysticStrummer1470d ago

"Both games on the PS4 seem to have muddy textures (downgrade to hit 1080p?"

Wishful thinking? The IGN CoD video specifically mentions that XB1 will have the same textures as PS4 despite being a lower resolution. The comparisons I've seen for both games have the same textures. Not sure what you saw.

ShwankyShpanky1470d ago

@MoreDenialAndGreen (with envy)

Super Stardust did 1080p and 120fps... just not at the same time.

hakeem09961470d ago

Bullshit they always looked the same .they just proved that it was always fanboys seeing what they wanted to see . I don't give a damn about these things .it's been proven million times over that the best game of each cycles are never graphics heavy : Minecraft,state of decay,flowers,the walking dead episodes etc

CERN1470d ago

He's wright, Activision has confirmed that the version of Call of Duty: Ghosts made available to IGN for review was presented at native 1080p. The issue described and the corresponding day-one patch only affect retail copies of the game.

CERN1470d ago

He's wright, Activision has confirmed that the version of Call of Duty: Ghosts made available to IGN for review was presented at native 1080p. The issue described and the corresponding day-one patch only affect retail copies of the game.

jimmins1470d ago

Actually, that's exactly what they do. It's called debug code and will only run on devkit units. Reviewing from debug code is standard across the industry.

Gekko361470d ago

@mikeslemonade HAHAHAHA

Yes I'm sure it does it by magic.

G20WLY1470d ago

@Malokevi, we saved you some crow, you're gonna need it!! :P

mcstorm1470d ago

Who one here cares because before COD came out this site was full of we hate COD now its x is better than y come one make your mind up people.

Irishguy951470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Lol @ Blackdeath

You know AA is just a method of getting by lower resolution(Which causes jaggies)

Higher Res and AA get rid of Jaggies. The difference is Higher Res does it better. However both together do it best. AA is a method of attempting to blur out jaggies via extra pixels. Whereas Resolution actually puts more custom pixels there. AA - causes a blur, which looks good anyway. Resolution - Fixes the problem.

First thing you notice on PC game when messing with Resolution ("Oh wow this looks so much sharper, so much detail")

ThanatosDMC1470d ago

Either way there needs to be a texture patch. Those low res textures are horrible especially on PC.

frostypants1470d ago

How could this good for Microsoft? This would mean that the PS4 version looked better than the One version even with both running at 720P...

LordDhampire1470d ago

Yeah @phear, because you would know over activision

RumbleFish1470d ago

CoD 4 was fun! What happened since... I don't care.

alb18991470d ago


LordMaim1470d ago

They don't print discs at all for journalists. Review code is just that, until the game goes gold.

Zepherite1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

While it may not be the case this time (I don't know for sure), it's reasonably common for the review version to be slightly earlier versions to the retail disc.

It allows the game to get in the hands of reviewers quicker.

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aceitman1471d ago

So does that mean the ps4 looked better than x1 with it being upscalled to 1080p. So now it will show more sharpness

76erz241471d ago

Reviewers said it was at 1080 jeez

Transporter471471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

exactly what I was going to say. If you could tell the difference on this "720p" You will notice even more now.

Also I checked on Eurogamer and it only runs 720p on single player before patch. Multiplayer 1080p no patch needed.

NoLongerHereCBA1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

I really don't get it how people claim they see a difference. The only difference was the colour due to a setting. The rest was the same with the single player footage.

OrangePowerz1471d ago

@76 the PS4 could have been upscalled as well.

T21470d ago

Ya I love the fanboy spin " comparisons rendered useless " ... Uh no you better pray those ign copies were 1080 p cuz if they were both 720 and the difference was that noticeable then xbone is in serious trouble

CERN1470d ago

Ps4 version isn't up scaled its native 1080p. It just needs an update on launch.

jackdaddy1470d ago

Let's be honest, there is very little to do with either console here, it's all about the developers and their lack of ability.

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GribbleGrunger1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Questions need to be asked. Why did they choose to patch this after the reviews and comparison videos were made? Why did it take a Gaffer to expose this? Would they have patched it if it hadn't been exposed? Why didn't ANY review site spot the difference between singleplayer and multiplayer? Is this a little convenient for a certain company? Who stood to gain the most out of this?

sAVAge_bEaST1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

My thoughts exactly.. ,,My- thoughts- exactly-.

OrangePowerz1471d ago

Sure MS wasn't too upset about that with all comparison videos being only for the singleplayer making them look equal.

Anon19741471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Remember back when it came out that Microsoft reserved the right to block your game on the Xbox 360 if the 360 version wasn't on par with versions on other consoles? You have to think that developers always had that in the back of their minds when making multiplatform games. How could they not?

What if that MS still has this policy behind the scenes and devs aren't allowed by Microsoft to take advantage of the strengths of other systems, or else face losing the Xbox One market for their product? The day one patch could be a way around that. "Hey, at launch they were both the same!" ;)

stuna11471d ago

My though is that maybe they didn't want everyone to see just how big a leap over the Xbox1 it really was! Some could already see the difference with the comparisons, imagine how much more of a gap would it have shown at 1080p.

iiwii1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

MS paid them to keep it that way until after reviews were done. You don't have to wonder. Rest assured that this has always been the way MS has done business, and why most people hate them.

@ the disagree

You are probably too young to remember the days when Microsoft strong armed shop owners that if they sold a competitors product next to MS's that they would pull their products from the shop and not allow them to sell. Disagree all you want, but MS has always been a shitty company. And that will never change.

JokesOnYou1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

darkride, stuna, iiwii lmfao the denial is strong in you:

-Yeah just like micro paid sony/Yoshida talk up the 1080p with jokes and a sony exec to confirm COD was already 1080p http://www.playstationlifes...

-Yeah just like micro paid to make sony change their 7.1 of the TOS for future drm restrictions after pretending they never had any drm intentions, don't forget about that patent they have it all make sense that they are just playing the good guy role and keeping quiet while slipping shiii under fanboys nose:

-Yeah just like micro paid sony to say that ps4 will support 3d bluray at launch with the 1.5 update Now we learn it won't:

-Yeah seems micro can even pay sony to lie.

Ju1470d ago

Is anybody here able to read??? I mean, it is obviously only affecting the retail disk, not what we've seen. And people go on and on justifying the 720p...people, it was a mistake which made it onto the retail disk - which basically disabled the 1080p mode. How much clearer can it be?

theoneb1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

@ Jokes hear you are yet again acting informed. This much I know you comment on "negative" PS news true false or just stupid. For all the links you referenced not one changes the fact that COD runs @ 1080p/60 on PS4 and 720 on XB1. Patch or no patch this fact still remains.

That's the real difference between a Xbox fan like you and most PS fans. The argument on the Sony side usually deals in facts while the MS camp treats thier opinions as facts. Thats why you have limitless disagrees on pretty much everything you post. It's not that you like Xbox it's the BS that you try to pass as facts.

Before you say "I don't care what people think" if that was truly the case you wouldn't have an N4G account.

Condemnedman1470d ago

OooooO yes its all part of an evil plan!!!!!!

Get a life people

kopusx1470d ago

Its called Mind F***, you see the mind see's what it wants to see. Therefore users that want to see PS4 as looking better than the Xbox will see just that...Me I got both, so I don't care....

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isa_scout1471d ago

It's sad that yo have any disagrees when what you stated is actually a fact.
For everyone disagreeing with rajman, go to IGN and check out the patch update. They clearly state that this only affects the retail copies. Reviews for COD Ghosts were in fact 1080p singleplayer on the PS4. Damn people do some research.

Gster1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Do you realize that a review is done, not for the benefit of the gaming website, but rather for the benefit of the potential consumer. Nobody wants to watch a review unless its going to give them an accurate description and opinion on the product that's being reviewed and what they may eventually end up purchasing, on the strength of such review.

It defeats the whole purpose to do a review on something that the retailer actually isn't going to buy. That's why it is totally ridiculous to say that the review copies are any different from the retail copies.

Otherwise, don't you think that a highly professional, reputable, billion dollar making organization like Acti-Vision would have clearly stated to review sites, (SO AS NOT TO MISLEAD THE PUBLIC), to make us the consumer very much aware that the resolution on the review copies, will be full 1080p, while the resolution on the retail copies will be 720p until it's patched on day one.

So, Let me get this straight, thousands of copies were sent out to the thousands of review sites across the globe wiht full `1080p, yet the other hundreds of thousands were sent out with a different resolution (lol, like that makes sense).

moparful991470d ago

@Gster Ign has confirmed that their review copy of the game was indeed running at 1080p 60fps.

Read the friggin article and it clearly states that there was a mistake that made it onto the retail copy of the game limiting the resolution. It's obvious that the PS4 is more than capable of that resolution benchmark considering most of its launch games have hit that. So its no a system problem its something in the code on the disk..

No big controversy here.. Simple, yet all of those that couldn't get over the fact that the PS4 was stronger graphically are jumping all over this and spinning this issue out of control..

TheXgamerLive1471d ago

That meanz native less 1080p. You cant patch native resolution, only upscale. Native is the base hard development as it goes to gold. Lol

MRMagoo1231471d ago

shame you know nothing at all in general lol, it just means the game is 1080p but they had it downscaled till the patch comes into effect to unlock the ability for the console to run it in 1080p. The IGN people said it was 1080p native on their copy, good luck with future troll attempts i can only hope you become more informed in the future and perhaps look less stupid doing so.

G20WLY1470d ago

Nice comment genius /S

I'll leave this here for you:

come_bom1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Now the sh*t just hit the fan.

So... gaming journalists, Sony and Activision where lying through their teeth, since the PS4 and X1 versions were both running at 720p. Interesting.

snp1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Someone was lying or making an incredible error. The PS4 is already rendering the game internally at 1080p. That's no 'lie'. And folks had already previously seen, played and confirmed that with pre retail build/s.

If anything it's Sony that deserves an explanation from Activision for how this 'glitch' was allowed to get into retail version of the PS4 product. They're the ones who have had a game on their system dudded with reviews limiting it's output to 720p or ~900k, when internally the PS4 itself is pushing 1080p or ~2.1 million pixels (and the performance is of the game running at this res).

Sincere mistake or not, i wouldn't like to be Activision trying to explain to Sony how they 'accidentally' dudded the output settings on the PS4 version of the game by a tune of 1.2 million onscreen pixels in copies out there in the wild being reviewed.

CERN1470d ago

What's wrong with you people. Weren't you reading. The ps4 version is full 1080p, it just needs an update on launch to activate it. IGN have confirmed there review copy was full 1080p it's only the retail copy that needs the update.

G20WLY1470d ago

Oh come on, keep up! The retail disks were printed and the 1080p resolution command wasn't included, because Activision screwed up AGAIN!

It's NATIVE 1080p on PS4, as you can see from this clarification since provided by Activision:

StrangerX1470d ago

Yep! So 720p and chugging along with framerate issues. The powaaa of greatness! :-)