6 Reasons Why Kids Should Play GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is nearly upon us, and the only group anticipating the release of GTA IV more than gamers are lazy-ass journalists readying their speculative segments and editorials. Crouched at the April 29th starting line and foaming at the bit for that coveted variable to throw in place of their tired "Grand Theft Auto inspires X to Y" headlines.

Rockstar will be ready to meet their claims with the old "GA is intended for adults... not for children under 17" standby. And that's a perfectly reasonable argument for them to make, if only to stay ahead of the next frivolous and inevitable lawsuit.

However, Games Radar genuinely and wholeheartedly believe that kids of all ages should be able to buy, play and enjoy Grand Theft Auto IV.

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permutated3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Gamesradar should be ashamed of themselves for even putting this article out publicly. Yes, the article has valid points about auto theft and that games should be considered art. But GTA is not art, it's a statement about our current society, and regardless of the fact that it's playable, it's still smut.

Screw this article. Children should not be able to play games where you can kill cops and have sex with hookers.

Anyone who disagrees is obviously under 17 years old, or mentally challenged.

Mr_cheese3881d ago

you shouldnt have reported it though, its a new post and everybody has an opinion. Dont look down on them unless they really are stating something terrible such as killing someone

permutated3881d ago

Lol, did I hurt your feelings?

It's a stupid article, written by people who probably don't have children, but have no problem telling everyone how to raise theirs.

Jinxstar3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

I have said it before and i will say it again. Have you read Grand theft childhood? It's an amazing read and honestly you should educate yourself more before jumping to conclusions... I think with proper supervision anyone can play it so long as they themselves don't have some kind of instability. They can see it in movies and read it in books. Whats wrong with a gaming medium? I am not under 17 and I have read up on the subject and you need to as well.

thisguywithhair3881d ago

Sounds to me like you yourself don't have kids. Trust me, when you do you will see things in a different light. Every child reacts differently to everything around them. My nephew is terrified by frogs and sometimes has nightmares about them. Where-as my daughter laughs in the face of barking dogs (shes almost 7 months old).

Once you actually know how a child will react to a given situation then you can tell them what they can and can't do. The way you talk you sound like the type of person who says that when they have kids they will never let them watch too much TV (I bet you have no idea how much too much is either).

Not the Face3881d ago

quit pretending like you care so much and think about the article real hard, or ask your mommy to read it to you at bedtime instead of 'bert and ernie comes out of the closet' for the 306th time.
if a kid is too young to play a game like this than they wont even understand whats going on.

Delive3881d ago

is why it's such a big issue with why kids "Should" be able to play this game. There are plenty of other games, great games at that, that are more appropriate for kids to play. Making a big debate why kids should be able to play this is unnecessary. If someone want's their kids to smoke weed, guess what? They will do it. If they want them to play this, guess what? They will. I have 10 and 12 year old boys who both love games. I will play this and though I would love to share the experience of this great game with them, there are some aspects of this game I would not expose them to. The same as in TV and Movie. The critics are going to continue to target this franchise more than others because it sells more and can reach more children. That's not going to change. If you are a responsible parent with kids you have playing this game, that is your decision and if handled responsibly, that's your family and that's fine. Same way with Mario Party where you can "Steal" someone's start. As long as your kids don't go stealing out of the game, it's fine.

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Yi-Long3881d ago

... and be dragged to churches and mosques etc, just to be brainwashed that they are 'the chosen' people, than those same parents have no right whatsoever to turn around and blame videogames for whatever.

Parents are brainwashing their kids about a fairytale, which over the centuries has been the cause of MILLIONS of deaths and wounded, and hundreds of thousands of suicides etc... yet they somehow get on their high horse when we're talking about a videogame, which as far as I know, is NOT known for changing people's personalities and thoughts on life's issues...

My kids would be allowed to play a game like GTA4, just because I will have raised them with morals, values, respect for others and themselfs, and taught them the difference between right and wrong, fiction and reality, etc.

And if I did notice a change in their behaviour after playing such a game, I would step in, and do my duty as a parent.

Tony240ZT3881d ago

I know you're all up for supporting GTA for the kids, and I agree to a degree that it's up the parents and all, but did you have to go there as far as religion being brain washing. I think the point of most religions is to help create good moral values. Without question following the missions you need to do in GTA will end you up in prison if they are repeated outside of the game.
Mature kids know not to repeat ideas in the game outside of the game, but why make the point about religion?

@permutated having sex with hookers is just a side thing to do, not required in the games. People try to make a big point out of it, but all that happens is a car making squeaky noises and your health going up. Lot less going on there than most spanish soap opera show.

Goddamn this site is getting spammed with GTA4 "news", it's making me really wish it'd just be out already so that we can see some better new articles on other games without the flood of this stuff.

Yi-Long3881d ago

... because hardly anyone else dares to. Somehow, that's a no-go area, where-as when you're objective, you see it is often the cause of many problems.

Obviously, religion in itself is not bad, but there are people who take it to far, either for themself, or enforing their beliefs on others. There's no denying that religion is often used for 'good', and I would never want to 'ban' religion or anything, as that's for people to decide for themselfs.... but there's also no denying that in cases it spawns hatred, arrogance, (self)loathing, etc... and throughout the years it has been at least ONE reason for people to hurt, hate, kill others.

Now, like I said, I dont object to religion. Most people handle it perfectly well and are not radical about it. Most people just wanna be good people, and the holy book (whichever book that might be for that person), is there to HELP them and be of comfort.
Some idiots however, take it too serious, and use their 'faith' as an excuse to stop thinking for themselfs.

Now... I hate the hypocrisy.

On the one hand we have videogames and other media, and those are being blamed all the time for violence and killings and parents are upset and outraged and whatever. They're calling for censorship and bans and dont want their kids exposed to any of it.
There's been maybe 10-20 cases in which a movie/game was a direct reason for someone to go out and do harm!? Probably less, although I do know that in japan there's been some copcat-stuff going on because of 'Death Note'. Anyway, it's all extremely exaggerated.

On the other hand there's religion, and although each year many MANY thousands of people die because of religion, either by suicide, or murder, or unjust wars, or whatever...
Yet... no-one is calling for a ban on religion. Or at least censoring it for our kids, or calling to wait for kids to reach the age of 16+ to make up their own minds if they wanna believe in a God or not.

So these folks only see the bad side of movies/games, yet close their eyes for the potential risks of religious beliefs being stuffed into young minds.

I dont like that hypocrisy.

Parents should do the parenting, teach the kids morals and values and respect etc. When the parents do their job, videogames, movies or religion won't suddenly corrupt those young kids' minds!
Yet many are neglicting their job as parents, and are playing the easy blamegame, and being hypocrites at the same time, for not being just as critical when looking at forcing religous beliefs down their kid's throats, basically brainwashing them.

Mr_cheese3881d ago

i agree fully on this topic, religion has and always will be a cause for deaths and violence so why has no body tried to ban this rather than banning movies/ games???
alot of people in the world are religous and this makes it a big thing, no matter what religion it is but there is no denying its outcomes both better and worse. Picking on the little guy because everybody is afraid of trouble with religion..... where did we go wrong

permutated3881d ago

Because he's insecure with himself and his opinions.

People have different views than you man, please be respectful. No one's forcing you to go to believe anything, it's our right and privilege to do as we please.

It doesn't harm you in any way, stop acting like it does.

Tony240ZT3881d ago

Thanks for explaining more, I see your point.

Yi-Long3881d ago

"2.4 - Yi-Long bad mouths religion.
Because he's insecure with himself and his opinions.

People have different views than you man, please be respectful. No one's forcing you to go to believe anything, it's our right and privilege to do as we please.

It doesn't harm you in any way, stop acting like it does"

I'm far from insecure or about my opinions, believe me.
I dont have to 'badmouth religion' just so I can 'feel bettr about myself'.

Also, I never said it isnt your right and privilege to be religious.

I just made a point about the selectiveness and hypocrisy by some people, by always blaming media when stuff goes wrong with kids, yet never questioning 'religion', while that's way more often the cause of people getting into conflict with themself and their surroundings.

thisguywithhair3881d ago

Hey Tony, are you saying that religion is a low blow because you are religious, or because you are ignorant to its short comings. Many people have very stupid things because of religion. Remember that guy who wrote "The Satanic Verses"? Muslims (I don't know which sect) called a fatwa (sp?) on him. They him dead just because of a book.

History has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that religion (or hating a religion) is a bad thing and I can name dozens of reasons off the top of my head just from the past 100 years. And that is pulling from an entire history.

Bazookajoe_833881d ago

A country can not be lead by people who puts religion above politic.

Tony240ZT3880d ago

I'm actually not religious, I do see we've had this never ending war over in the "holy land". Even though it's not my belief I try not to make religious, strong political, or racial statements on any public board. I just hate when we get off topic. It is pretty f'ed up what the media does for our gamers' image though, and I'm sure there are many other things to point fingers at besides the parents.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3881d ago

Parents should never let children play mature rated games, just look how bad some of the kids are on this site. :)

Mr_cheese3881d ago

this post has 2 reports against it both stating that kids shouldnt play gta and one saying lame... its not about if they should or not, its a new post get it right

Mystery_Person3881d ago

This is about kids playing GTA IV. Why the hell are you guys talking about reigion?!

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