IGN: Metal Gear Online Beta Impressions

It's been hampered by pre-order DVDs that were released without key codes as well as codes that were incomplete. It was held back by a registration process that brought Konami's servers to their knees. It was delayed a full five days longer than it was originally scheduled to be released. Yet, with all of the issues that have plagued the Metal Gear Online beta, its surprise rollout earlier this morning finally gave Metal Gear Solid fans a taste of what they can expect when the game is released in June.

IGN enlisted in the beta, jumped online, and blasted their way across the two maps to test the gameplay out.

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Fishy Fingers3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

"couple of things that need to be worked out, such as players taking a full clip of bullets to the body and not dying whereas one head shot will instantly drop them"

Agree with that, but that's why we have beta's.

EZCheez3882d ago

It feels like a clip and a half.

I hope people really aren't trying to use auto-aim in this. That's just asking to die.

hazeblaze3882d ago

Yea, that's the only issue with the game for me... and even then it's freakin fun as hell!!! Headshots fix it fine... with the right gun, bodyshots aren't as big of a problem either. The gameplay is awesome... I love CQC too!

gamesR4fun3882d ago

games way slow dont like it at all so far.

Tarasque3882d ago

Be nice if my game would update so i could play =(.

xionpunk3882d ago

Yea the full clip thing is true. but it makes headshots much more rewarding.

Hatchetforce3882d ago

A full clip is too much but several shots is reasonable. Level III body armor with a plate provides decent protection.

Also, to those without a PS3 all I can say is COD4 who? Most fun I have had online in a very long time.

MikeGdaGod3882d ago

it takes alot of body shots to drop someone. that definately needs to be changed.

but its alot of fun.

RecSpec3882d ago

Although the body shot thing is an issue, that's how MGO has always been. Headshots are everything.

supahbad3882d ago

he's right once you get good at headshots you guys will find out that body shot kills are for noobs. trust me its annoying

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niall773883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

the graphics arent AMAZING but there some nice little things like footprints being left in the mood and the "man cannon"

But im sure we can expect a a little graphics upgrade and better balanceing in the final game

also.. can you roll on you back like in the single player gameplay vids? how do you do it

AlterEgo3883d ago

hold down X to get on the ground in a laying position, then hit TRIANGLE to flip over onto your back

(new feature...hold down TRIANGLE while laying on back OR stomach to play dead)

The Closing3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

I'm a huge mgs fan, but I just had the feeling the short bit I played that mgs is best left a single player game. I obviously know it's not going to go head to head with the major multi player games, and maybe I need to give it a bit more time? I think the main problem is it seemed to be big on cooperative effort, which I think is the best way to play an online game, but the issue was no one on psn likes to really communicate. On the other hand the customization was a huge plus.

If you disagree thats fine, but leave your opinions on why please.

jwatt3882d ago

how the hell do you talk?

Spinner3882d ago

hold select down for 2 secs i think

Greysturm3882d ago

You need a dedicated team/clan or group of people that want to use tactics.

With my friends i find it easier and faster to use the dpad talking options than using our mikes it keeps it short and efective.

hazeblaze3882d ago

Actually, I've found it to be more fun than most other online games this gen. With a little balancing to address the clip to the body issue, this game could be online bliss! The deep customization options and weapon selection (plus, inclusion of Drebin points online) will really make this an addictive experience.

I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow so that I could play all day!

The Closing3882d ago

I'm liking it more, and more as I play.

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TheWickedOne3882d ago

I love rolling around in the barrels and watching your guy throw-up. Which actually stays on the ground for a while. And what is up with the "dirty" magazine decoys. And the capture the flag is a rubber ducky.

For a beta it's pretty good. The graphics are great, just not amazing. It's hard to found out what's going on sometimes. But that's probably due to just having to playing more. I'm not a huge fan of the Bloodbath map, it's a little small. I'm sure thats what they were going for. The other map is awesome though. Fun times.

My favorite mode would probably be Capture. It's early in the beta, but I have a little more fun playing Warhawk's Capture. I know ones more stealth and the others an all out war, but on a fun level IMO Warhawk takes it here.

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