What's the hardest puzzle in any game ever?

You deserve a PhD if you've solved all of these legendary levels without any help.

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Snookies121805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

The Wild Arms 3 ones with moving the blocks were hard as hell...

ATiElite1804d ago

I don't know about Puzzle but that DARN Bi-plane mission in San Andreas was the toughest mission I EVER had to do.

I almost quit playing San Andreas because of that!

thereapersson1803d ago

Are you talking about the RC Plane mission?

gillri1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I remember a couple of Call of Cthulu on PC and Xbox 360 had me completely stumped, having to look online for the answer (which I rarely do)and I knew I could have been there for days without working it out

Outside of that Braid's made me feel like a genius once I worked them out

Neonridr1805d ago

Castlevania 2. How did anyone ever know that they had to kneel down (by holding down for like 5 seconds) in front of a cliff wall with a certain item (a red crystal) equipped so that a tornado would show up and carry you away to where you were supposed to go.

A puzzle so hard that I would imagine they had to just release the answer via Nintendo Power or whatever just so people would know what to do next.

oof461803d ago

Lucky for me, I read that issue of Nintendo Power before I played Castlevania 2. Otherwise, I would have thrown my controller at the wall.

SolidGear31803d ago

The original Castlevania trilogy and Nintendo Power. Those are some good childhood memories ^_^

_QQ_1805d ago

A tough opponent in a game of Chess or Starcraft.

nope1111803d ago

Silent Hill 1's piano puzzle had me scratching my head. Took me a week to solve.

shuuwai1803d ago

I've remember that one. 2 my friends and I got, after 2hrs, 3head thats' total 6hrs haha. His parents yelled at us for skipping dinner for a video game. We use up all our warns too, So, we started having dinner at my house. hehe. -_-;;

The hardest puzzle, I say any jpn RPG, NPC don't say anything, and they need this item. And 70% of the time, you didn't pick it up from point A, now you're at point N, and can't return to point A at all. 30% of the time is that you sold the item for gill, coin, gold. It's usually poor game programming, the game can't move forward. -_-;; Games now wont let sell quest item, >.< Lastly its not even a puzzle. -_-;;

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The story is too old to be commented.