The Vita Cast Episode 4: Brian Rubs His Vita

PlayStation 4 is just a few days away, but that isn't going to stop the crew from talking about their favorite handheld. The TVL Staff talk about the usual news, what they've been playing and some quick reviews. Jon was absent due to illness, but hopefully he becomes healthy for the next episode! GET WELL SOON JON!

Anywho, enjoy another action packed episode with a special guest; Tom Jones, the Art Director from Guerrilla Games Cambridge. He talks with The Vita Lounge about Killzone Mercenary and what it was like making the studio’s first Vita game.

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Arctual1678d ago

Wow, the art director from Killzone? Nice.

ruefrak1678d ago

This is a really good podcast. If you love the Vita, check out the past episodes. Last week they had a rep from Zen Studios talking about CastleStorm.
I've really been enjoying listening to these guys.

BrianSharon1678d ago

Glad that you enjoyed it! We're trying our hardest to deliver the best possible content that we can. If you want to be a part of the show e-mail a comment/question to - [email protected]

ruefrak1678d ago

I already have Brian. Thanks for having such a good conversation from my question.
As a Vita owner from day one, I have so many opinions on the platform, and such a love for this little machine. I can only wait until the VitaTV makes it's way State's side and I can have some Vita action on the big screen.