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PS4 vs Xbox One: as the release date nears, we compare Sony and Microsoft's latest

The one on the left is £349, the one on the right is £429 but what are the real differences? (PS4, Xbox One)

pheature  +   156d ago
they are getting compared everyday and nothing changes. spec wise. i dont get the point of this article
kewlkat007  +   156d ago
So true..nothing has changed since the last website comparisons..

" as the release date nears"

Ps4 is out..why this article out today.
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Gekko36  +   156d ago
I think so the author can leave a wet patch in his undies
hankmoody  +   156d ago
What does that even mean? Nasty LOL
Gekko36  +   155d ago
it means waht it says.

The author seem to be hung up on this issue, everyone has moved on.

So he either has some kind of autism.. or his fanboy fixation is more than wishful thiunking and is moreof a sexual fixation... believe me, it happens more than you think.

Plenty of men sexualise objects like cars, computers or even gaming toys like X1 and PS4
feraldrgn  +   156d ago
I wouldn't even consider the Kinect a peripheral camera anymore, it's practically built around it.

Graphical differences haven't been borne out.

["It’s also worth remembering that if you can notice the difference between a 1600x900 and a 1280x720 resolution without blinking then you’re probably sitting too close to the TV."]
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Godmars290  +   156d ago
Are you forgetting that Kniect was required to be connected to the console at one point. The XB1 was built around it.

As for graphical differences, that shouldn't be the focus. There needs to be more diversity, not just redubs of first person and open world sand boxes.
feraldrgn  +   156d ago
Yeah, definitely need some unique changes to genres to keep them fresh & unique,
but the downplaying of resolution after last gen is getting embarrassing at this point.

Fair point about the Kinect.
ABizzel1  +   156d ago
If you want the more powerful, cheaper, and greater value as the years go by get the PS4.

If you want an improvement over the all purpose multimedia device, that does "next-gen gaming" good enough then get the XBO.

If you like one consoles exclusives more than the other, get that console.

Simple as that.
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skydragoonity  +   156d ago
The ps4 is simply the best deal.
Software_Lover  +   156d ago
Not if you want to play Halo, Forza, or Killer Instinct.

But for multiplats, and the exclusives for that platform, then the ps4 is the better deal.
kewlkat007  +   156d ago
1nsomniac  +   156d ago
Its not until I seen that picture that I realised how much both console setups look identical!!

....Nice work The Independent, now can we see them again both to scale this time??
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jjb1981  +   156d ago
I want killer instinct kinect edition so I can do a 30-hit ultra combo in my living room! *fading voice* ULTRA, ultra, ultra. You old schoolers know what I'm talking about.

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