Eurogamer: Need For Speed Rivals Runs At 1080p On Xbox One And PS4

Need for Speed: Rivals, the debut for recently formed Gothenburg-based studio Ghost, is one of the first cross-platform next-gen games to achieve a native 1080p across both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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MorePowerOfGreen1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Rather have it at 60fps, at least on the XB1 due to its advanced scaler.

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LonChaneyTV1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

this game is actually one of the prettiest looking multiplats yet so far. very nice looking landscapes.

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx1489d ago

upscaling causes more jaggies therefore needs to use more resources to get rid of the aliasing therefore taking a bigger hit on performance so it would still run at 30fps with a overall worse image quality

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donman11489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Will not be impressed will I see a graphically intense game like a shooter/RPGs open world environment (physics and AI) running at 1080p on the XboxOne. Car or sports games doing so with set parameters... Not that impressive to me.

LonChaneyTV1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

All games have parameters, especially for linear shooters like COD and BF. And racing games usually have larger environments for traversing.

DoesUs1489d ago


Words fail me! No, JUST no....

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Neonridr1491d ago

It will be interesting to see if both games are identical and both run at a capped 30fps.

If so, makes you wonder two things..

1) Did they hold anything back on the PS4
2) Were they able to understand the XB1 architecture better than IW to get parity

Whitey2k1489d ago

they must of held back the ps4 didn't these people say that one looks much better then the other? and bragging that ps4 version was at 1080p 60fps but look at it now both identical I guess they have to work on the x1 first then ps4 like they did with ps3 first and 360 second

Computersaysno1489d ago

PS4 is faster, if the versions are the same, then Sonys console is not being pushed as hard as it could be.

I don't care what some people might believe, the hard facts are that PS4 is faster, and it should do better than Xbox One pretty much all the time on multis. If it doesn't, then it is directly the fault of the developer

Sarcasm1489d ago

They are not identical, however look very close. The PS4 version uses HBAO while the X1 uses SSAO. HBAO is a bit more taxing. The PS4 version also has Depth of Field. Except since there's so much blur in this game, none of that matters and ends up looking identical in motion for the most part.

Convas1489d ago

Both have depth of field. PS4 version has Bokeh DOF though.

Loki861489d ago

The PS4 uses no AO at all based on the comparison.

Rask1489d ago

720p/60fps would be much better.

someoneagain1489d ago

They should let the user decide. I'd prefer to upgrade and not have to compromise.

ambientFLIER1489d ago

Why are people forgetting 900P/60FPS as a compromise?

The Meerkat1489d ago

30 FPS on any racing / fighting / first person shooter is a deal breaker for me.

The higher the resolution the more you notice how bad 30 FPS is.
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HardcoreDaBoss1489d ago

exactly. I would wan 720p @ 60fps over this garbo. 720p is just a resolution is all it will still look good. If it doest then why does uncharted 3 and the last of us look sooooo great?

Embolado1489d ago

You can change resolution settings, just not on a console platform. I understand that you can view these consoles as similar design to current PC model but I do not believe there will ever be an option for this due to the consoles closed design.

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