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Eurogamer: Need For Speed Rivals Runs At 1080p On Xbox One And PS4

Need for Speed: Rivals, the debut for recently formed Gothenburg-based studio Ghost, is one of the first cross-platform next-gen games to achieve a native 1080p across both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. (Need For Speed: Rivals, PS4, Xbox One)

MorePowerOfGreen  +   311d ago
Rather have it at 60fps, at least on the XB1 due to its advanced scaler.
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Derekvinyard13  +   310d ago
Rather have a good game
LonChaneyTV  +   309d ago
this game is actually one of the prettiest looking multiplats yet so far. very nice looking landscapes.
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TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   309d ago
upscaling causes more jaggies therefore needs to use more resources to get rid of the aliasing therefore taking a bigger hit on performance so it would still run at 30fps with a overall worse image quality
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donman1  +   309d ago
Will not be impressed will I see a graphically intense game like a shooter/RPGs open world environment (physics and AI) running at 1080p on the XboxOne. Car or sports games doing so with set parameters... Not that impressive to me.
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LonChaneyTV  +   309d ago
All games have parameters, especially for linear shooters like COD and BF. And racing games usually have larger environments for traversing.
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DoesUs  +   309d ago

Words fail me! No, JUST no....
Neonridr  +   311d ago
It will be interesting to see if both games are identical and both run at a capped 30fps.

If so, makes you wonder two things..

1) Did they hold anything back on the PS4
2) Were they able to understand the XB1 architecture better than IW to get parity
Whitey2k  +   309d ago
they must of held back the ps4 didn't these people say that one looks much better then the other? and bragging that ps4 version was at 1080p 60fps but look at it now both identical I guess they have to work on the x1 first then ps4 like they did with ps3 first and 360 second
Computersaysno  +   309d ago
PS4 is faster, if the versions are the same, then Sonys console is not being pushed as hard as it could be.

I don't care what some people might believe, the hard facts are that PS4 is faster, and it should do better than Xbox One pretty much all the time on multis. If it doesn't, then it is directly the fault of the developer
Sarcasm  +   309d ago
They are not identical, however look very close. The PS4 version uses HBAO while the X1 uses SSAO. HBAO is a bit more taxing. The PS4 version also has Depth of Field. Except since there's so much blur in this game, none of that matters and ends up looking identical in motion for the most part.
Convas  +   309d ago
Both have depth of field. PS4 version has Bokeh DOF though.
Loki86  +   309d ago
The PS4 uses no AO at all based on the comparison.
Rask  +   309d ago
720p/60fps would be much better.
someoneagain  +   309d ago
They should let the user decide. I'd prefer to upgrade and not have to compromise.
ambientFLIER  +   309d ago
Why are people forgetting 900P/60FPS as a compromise?
The Meerkat  +   309d ago
30 FPS on any racing / fighting / first person shooter is a deal breaker for me.

The higher the resolution the more you notice how bad 30 FPS is.
720@60 > 1080@30
HardcoreDaBoss  +   309d ago
exactly. I would wan 720p @ 60fps over this garbo. 720p is just a resolution is all it will still look good. If it doest then why does uncharted 3 and the last of us look sooooo great?
Embolado  +   309d ago
You can change resolution settings, just not on a console platform. I understand that you can view these consoles as similar design to current PC model but I do not believe there will ever be an option for this due to the consoles closed design.
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mhunterjr  +   309d ago
The most important thing in a racing game is responsive controls. I'd take 720p/60fps over 1080p/30fps any day of the week. The same goes for fighters and shooters. No doubt, the best option would be to ave the best of both worlds, but if a developer has to compromise, I'd prefer they went for gameplay over resolution.
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someoneagain  +   309d ago
60fps and 1080p are hardly the "best" of both worlds.
mhunterjr  +   309d ago
True, but you start getting into diminutive returns. But for my money, I can think of other fun things that processing power could be used for.
tdogg  +   309d ago
why do people cry so much over the resolution? it's both 1080p and yet they still find something to cry about. take your mom tit out of your mouth and play the game
josephayal  +   309d ago
Nice, Xbox One is capable of 1080p, so dam powerful
ambientFLIER  +   309d ago
Um...where were you When Forza 5 was announced to be native 1080P/60FPS a long time ago?
MYSTERIO360  +   309d ago
Im honestly not surprised seen as though Fifa 14, NBA 2K14 and EA sports UFC are all pushing 1080p on both also.
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n4rc  +   309d ago

Every dev team is different.. And every game is different

Just because iw did one thing doesn't mean its a hardware issue and all the other teams hitting the mark are ... I dunno.. Magic? Lol

Cross gen and cross platform games are hardly any indication of hardware power.. They are spread way too thin
cyberninja  +   309d ago
So everybody wins? Yay!!!
KingDadXVI  +   309d ago
I just wanted to repost this to the comment that was made that the Xbox One and PS4 have the same scalar technology in it. They do not. Here is my post that got buried because I was replying to a Troll:

No they do not have the same scalar chip at all. The Xbox One has a dedicated scalar chip that not only does the usual scaling that most people are aware of (i.e. upping resolution). It also allows the game developers to optimise code so that if a game is running 1080p at say 60 fps but runs into a really intense rendering scene it can be drop the resolution to say 900p in the outlying portions of the screen that your eyes are not focusing on. So part of the image is rendered at 900p and the rest is 1080p. This way you can keep your 1080p for the area the gamer is focusing on and keep the frame rate at 60 fps while reducing the resolution slightly on the parts of the image that you are not focusing on. (Just to confuse people further the whole image on the screen is 1080p if your TV supports that resolution it is just that the GPU does not have to render the whole image as 1080p only the part you are focusing on).

They are taking advantage of a fact that few people seem to be aware of. The human eye is constructed to have a very small portion of it devoted to high resolution at the center of the retina that is called the fovea. The rest of the retina actual sees in really low resolution but is great for tracking movement. So your retina notices a movement then your head and/or eye moves and focuses the image onto the fovea so you can see the object in detail.

This is what the advanced scalar chip in the Xbox One allows developers to do if they get into a really intense rendering section of the game. They ensure that the high resolution section(s) that you are focusing on stay at the highest resolutions while the areas that you are not focusing on get a lower resolution that you cannot notice anyway as it is not being seen with the Fovea.

This is new tech and I don't think that anyone has actually used it yet. This is one of those things that you will see developers take advantage of on the Xbox One as the learn how to optimize for its architecture.
McErono  +   309d ago
thats total BS my friend. where did you get that?

new tech? even the PS3 was able to use dynamic resolutions in software.

the scalers are the same, the ps4 has a dedicated scaler on board as the xbone.
KingDadXVI  +   309d ago
You are incorrect. The Xbox One scaler is based on the same one as the PS4 as they both come from AMD. The Xbox One was customized by the Xbox One hardware team with AMD. It is far more optimized therefore it is not identical.

I did not mean that the scaler technology was new. I meant that its customization and implementation on the Xbox One was new. The PS4 scaler is not customized in the same way.
Master-H  +   309d ago
Not buying another 30 fps NFS title sorry. The steering in Hot Pursuit (ps3) was painful because of it, i'd rather have it run 900p/720p with 60 fps than 30 fps tbh. Will probably try it it it ever comes out on PS+ a year later or so.
Pogue1906  +   309d ago
If they held anything back on the PS4 it was because they knew if they didn't it would catch on flames, they didn't want to be liable. Are you guys keeping up on current events. The " One is a better version" the guy was talking about was the XB1
AgitatedOcelot  +   309d ago
What's the world coming to when EA is actually putting out one of the better launch games.

I think I just saw Satan run by my window with a winter coat on.
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