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Rockstar teases "exciting" Grand Theft Auto V reveal

Rockstar Games has news to share about Grand Theft Auto V's main campaign. The developer said today that it will announce information about "exciting Story Mode updates" very soon, suggesting new content may be coming to the open-world action game. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Rockstar Games, Xbox 360)

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sigfredod  +   504d ago
I will not be suck into the hype
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   504d ago
If its anything story DLC based then you know its going to be gold. R* are awesome when it comes to story DLC (Undead Nightmare,TLAD,TBOGT). The Lost and Damned was better than the main game of GTA4 in my opinion.

Edit: "exciting Story Mode updates". Nice!!
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MajorAly  +   504d ago
"The developer said today that it will announce information about "exciting Story Mode updates" very soon, suggesting new content may be coming to the open-world action game." - From the article
guitarded77  +   504d ago
I'm passing on DLC until they come out with the super ultimate GOTY special edition for the PS4. It's inevitable.
-Foxtrot  +   504d ago

Same here...I need to sell my PS3 to put money towards the PS4.

If I wait they will do a PS4 GOTY edition eventually
deafdani  +   504d ago
Did you play Ballad of Gay Tony? It's even better than Lost and Damned. If not, you should. :)
Lukas_Japonicus  +   504d ago

Yeah, of course i played it. I still prefer TLAD though.
mikeslemonade  +   504d ago
Ballad of Gay Tony was better than the actual game. The Lost and Damned was nothing special.

And GTA5's original story mode is pretty much forgettable. I'm having trouble remembering what the last mission was. All I remember is using a big drill and flying a helo.
SolidStoner  +   504d ago
GTA5 story 9.5/10

GTA online 5/10

simple as that.. and online does not spoil GTA, its an extra to me.. at least for now.. maybe it will work one day, it has huge potential.. bigger than most games, in my opinion!!
Lord_Sloth  +   504d ago
I'd rather have the online heists the game was advertised with 1st...
irepbtown  +   503d ago
Hopefully next step for Rockstar; announce Next-gen GTA V and for PC.

That way I can play Watchdogs and GTA V on the PS4.
Kidmyst  +   503d ago
As I played through Single Player I thought, how cool would a slow spreading Zombie infection be in this game. Not quite like Red Dead did, but more radio reports, TV reports, hospitals that you can walk in and see sick patienets and people getting attacked you can try and stop the spreading. Try and bring survivors out to the Desert where a safe zone has been created and fly chopper runs getting supplies and people.
andrewsqual  +   504d ago
I wasn't either. Didn't bother with GTA V. Just announce Bully 2 already and PLEASE just move on from GTA V. Don't waste 2 years of dev time on DLC for a game I'm not getting please.
deafdani  +   504d ago
Your loss. GTAV is absolutely fantastic, and easily has the best story of all GTA games so far (and I usually consider the story in GTA games to be mediocre to passable at best).
zero_gamer  +   504d ago
Please make me some GTA V DLC. I and millions of other gamers love this game.
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dollison27  +   503d ago
So...because you have no interest in the game they shouldn't invest time and effort to make DLC for the game?...You must really think you are special, you aren't. They sold millions and millions of copies of GTA V without you so trust me they aren't worrying about you.
dollison27  +   503d ago
And to hell with Bully 2, I am not buying it so they shouldn't waste development time on it...do you realize how stupid you sound?
Audiggity  +   500d ago
Rockstar actually just changed everything for you andrewsqual... good job buddy!

From the R* news wire:

"Due to one of our greatest fans, andrewsqual, and his recent post on N4G.com - it has convinced us to completely halt all development on GTAV. Although our shareholders may not be happy with this decision based on GTAV breaking every sales record in the industry, teeming with online activity, and millions of fans anxiously awaiting new DLC and online activities - our entire organization is now working exclusively on Bully 2. We hope this appeases you Andrew!"

Impressive work Andrew. Your logical statement moved a mountain. It worked!!!
Scrivlar  +   504d ago
Too late Bruh...Too late.
Jaces  +   504d ago
I just want my heists online, where are those? Where are they R*?! WHERE?!!
frostypants  +   504d ago
I want the online portion to be fleshed out. I'm done with single player. It was long enough. HEISTS, DAMMIT. All people do online right now is grief each other and do the "Commute" race. The deathmatch just isn't that fun and nobody seems to do missions anymore.
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3-4-5  +   504d ago
Too Late Rockstar.
Derekvinyard13  +   503d ago
Over 25 million people bought it, I guess no one plays anymore
AceBlazer13  +   504d ago
@mikeslemonade well don't know what the hell your talking about because the final story mission doesn't involve either of those things unless there's some secret ending i missed.
JunioRS101  +   504d ago
While I DO appreciate your enthusiasm and integrity, I, like many others, will submit to their marketing majesty. If you experience fleeting moments of weakness or temptation, remember, you are not alone.
clmstr  +   504d ago | Well said
They'd better tease a damn PC version already...
irepbtown  +   503d ago
I think they may announce PC and Next-gen version at the same time.

Just a guess.
seanpitt23  +   504d ago
I need something new I have got a nice pad a nice car now iam getting bored we need the heist missions.
cactusjack  +   504d ago
*drum roll* a new hand gun. *gasps*
Eldyraen  +   504d ago
We know its coming--huge empty weapon wall in gun shops sort of gave it away. We will likely see new skins too though.

I'm expecting most to come out with new heists, drug deals, etc though be them big or small scale.
T2  +   504d ago
Ice cream truck sales anyone? That would be awesome.
Master-H  +   504d ago
Please be the 357 from Vice City plss.
MegaRay  +   504d ago
I wouldn't surprised if its on disc dlc. Then again we would never know
zyphee  +   504d ago
Sorry R* you took too long already sold my xbox and preorder a ps4
plaZeHD  +   503d ago
Are you stupid? The game just came out two months ago.
warczar  +   503d ago
Yes he is. Guess he just can't wait to be an unpaid beta tester.
dollison27  +   503d ago
You aren't that smart are you?
OhhWerd  +   504d ago
sorry rockstar, you've lost me to bf4 and next gen since the online just blows anymore. Tired of waiting for something, oh and the 500k was a joke for this buggy ass game.
e-p-ayeaH  +   504d ago
ur giving BF4 too much credit
FragMnTagM  +   503d ago
BF4 is great. What may I ask, is wrong with it?
e-p-ayeaH  +   503d ago
the bugs and glithes in BF4 are also aparent.
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OhhWerd  +   503d ago
Yea but at least I'm not losing any levels or anything like in gta. Yea it has some glitches, which will be fixed. But rockstar dropped the ball on this. I'll check back in a few months, hopefully it's got content then.
r3f1cul  +   504d ago
not sure what to think about this honestly... on one hand the story in gta 5 was fantastic... on the other hand... they have failed with everything after the fact of the games release... not sure, not gonna make any judgments until its out but my outlook is a lil meh at this point
TheFallenAngel  +   504d ago
Am I the only one disappointed with this game? It got perfect 10s everywhere praising the story, gameplay but the story was mediocre, they have some really dumb missions like operate a freaking crane! Are you kidding me? The game is not bad but its not the second coming of Jesus either
frostypants  +   504d ago
Yeah, the reviews could have just stated "It's like every GTA since GTA 3" and been done with it. If you liked them, you'll like this. Unfortunately with every game they hype it up like they've vastly improved things...but much like CoD, it's generally the same gameplay with a few improvements. Even the "keep seeing the same cars over and over" issue/glitch from GTA 3 is still a problem today. They're still using a lot of the same code.
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newflesh  +   504d ago
Yeah, operating this damn crane was fackin boring! I mean driving forklifts in Shenmue was superfun compared to it, lol
Soc5  +   504d ago
So funny! I was thinking the same when I was towing cars and operating cranes lol
I'm like, I'm not sure how to feel about this. There definitely were times when I thought
"They couldn't come up with something better?"
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Playstationologist  +   504d ago
At this point I might not even care if it were GTA PS4 version. Maybe. Maybe not.

I'm done with last gen though.
MegaRay  +   504d ago
Hey hey remember the days when PS3 launches and we all jumped for it and sold our ps2? Well you know what we did after that? We sold our ps3s and re bought a ps2. I can get all the hype for next-generation but dumbing your current gen is just... just... dumb.
Bring on kh 2.5 baby.
Playstationologist  +   504d ago
nope, sold all my game systems and bought 360, never looked back. This time the jump to proper resolution is enough to not look back but I also don't replay many games.
Baka-akaB  +   504d ago
"Well you know what we did after that? We sold our ps3s and re bought a ps2."

Nope never actually came across that . And i would , without remorse , call those guys big morons anyway .

To begin with i'd never sell my ps2 because of a just released console , but now that was me , every gen .
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MysticStrummer  +   504d ago
"remember the days when PS3 launches and we all jumped for it and sold our ps2? Well you know what we did after that? We sold our ps3s and re bought a ps2."

lol No.
RedDevils  +   503d ago
@MegaRay the most stupidest thing I've ever heard, why the fuck would you sell your launch Ps3 and buy back a ps2 when you know fully well that the Ps3 launch can play 90% of the ps2 games
MegaRay  +   503d ago
@reddevils my ps3 didnt play my ps2 games for some reason
RE_L_MAYER  +   504d ago
......like I care about single player dlc-ps4 time baby
2v1  +   504d ago
off topic..
im just wondering when is amazon going to start chargin mi debit card for the ps4..
DeadMansHand  +   504d ago
I reckon once the console ships you should see the charge. Don't panic though, your financial institution may take a day or so to show the charge. I would be hitting the refresh button on your inbox, however. You should be getting a tracking email soon.
SpecialK  +   504d ago
Just bring heists to online and bring back online stocks!

Me and my clan mates have all bought apartments ready for heists just finish your online component before you think about bringing in new things to charge us with.

Not saying i wont buy those things, the dlc will be awesome, but id like a finished game first please.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   504d ago
How about teasing us with a next gen and PC release for those playing on that?
KontryBoy706  +   504d ago
It's next gen now. I'll just watch a play through on YouTube
YodaCracker  +   504d ago
I'm more excited about this than the new consoles. That speaks volumes!
undertowjones   504d ago | Immature | show
rigbybot127  +   504d ago
God, I hope it's in similar fashion to TLaD and TBoGT. Those were great expansions to an already great single-player.
JunioRS101  +   504d ago
*cue ironic comment*

[Walks into Rockstar Bank]

*pulls out gun*



*irony submitted for your enjoyment*

... *cue disagrees*
Redempteur  +   503d ago
more single player heist in single player will be awesome.
more properties to buy would be cool too.
rowdyBOY  +   503d ago
gta died with the founder .
its just mini games now .

gta4 and gta5 both boring as paint drying .

crackdown is awesome . (gta developer)
Tiqila  +   503d ago
We sometimes play gta II in local coop, that is still awesome and I think it would be time to remake it in hd or make a all new top down 3d-title. Maybe then I would play the sp again... split screen coop would be awesome as well...
contradictory   503d ago | Bad language | show
Tiqila  +   503d ago
if you play gta-online long enough you'll unlock gta VI which is hidden in the program code.
RedSoakedSponge  +   503d ago
it saddens me that i wont have room for my 360 after my next gen consoles arrive so probably cant play any DLC :(

release it on next gen!
IC3_DEMON  +   503d ago
Still awaiting the PC version
thebudgetgamer  +   503d ago
clouds5  +   503d ago
Yes great attitude...
RVanner_  +   503d ago
Unless it's confirming the PC release date, I couldn't give a monkeys
Psychotica  +   503d ago
Good, it's about time the single player gets some attention.
steve30x  +   503d ago
Brilliant. I was hoping there would be single player DLC. I really hope this is true
memots  +   503d ago
The only thing that would hype me about this game is a PC release.
FunkMacNasty  +   503d ago
I'd love to see them add Las Venturas to the mix and bring us some casino robbing heists!!

GTA IV DLC was WELL worth the $15!!!! For me, both TLaD and TBoGT each took about 15-20 hours to complete--that's more than MOST single player campaigns in games today - seriously that's a ton of money for the content.
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clouds5  +   503d ago
PC version plz. Starting to dislike Rockstar...

GTA IV port was just horrible
No GTA V so far

You are messing up Rockstar!
PurpHerbison  +   503d ago
A little soon considering the game hardly came out. If it isn't PC version... Lol.
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