New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 2.1 Screenshots Feature Good King Moggle Mog and His Bounty

An old friend (actually an old enemy) is going to return to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with patch 2.1 in December: King Moggle Mog XII, together with his warmongering entourage. Today Square Enix released a few screenshots related to the encounter.

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Grave1652d ago

Really looking forward to this and other MMO's on PS4.

pivotplease1652d ago

Yeah, I though 2.0 was supposed to be more optimized, but my mediocre pc can't play it whereas it could play 1.0. Waiting for the ps4 version to experience it properly :O

Abriael1652d ago

The problem may be in your PC, because most people are getting MUCH higher framerates with the new game.

pivotplease1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Yeah, I think it might be how they redistributed the assets across the PC's parts because my GPU is more than adequate, but my CPU is sub-par to say the least. Then again, maybe my pc is just older and more bloated. Could be part of the problem.

Edit: I really wanted to get into the good content later on because the start of the game/tutorials are really dull, and my friend who plays says it gets addictive after the slow start.

Sick disagree. The game literally ran fine on this pc and now I can barely run it (it is literally 0.5 fps on the lowest settings).

Reborn1652d ago

Yeah, apparently you'll fight 8 enemies are once. I dont know what order they spawn in/if from the start. I'd assume each enemy will at least be 1 of each class?

Should be fun.

MonChiChi1652d ago

1.0 was like that, I assume this will be close to being the same fight.

tulholdren1652d ago

Can't wait to play this I want the King's Crown