Even Shuhei Yoshida Surprised by one of the PS4 All Access Announcements, Teases Keighley

Host Geoff Keighley keeps up the teasing for tomorrow night's PS4 launch event and All Access broadcast to be aired on Spike TV at 11 PM EST, and he just mentioned that even SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida was surprised by one of the announcements incoming.

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Irishguy951378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I'll take Geoffs word for it for once, since Last years Goty awards had good reveals. Normally he overhypes shit to a maximum level but I doubt it this time/

He'll always be a **** though

Blackdeath_6631378d ago

kojima also tweeted about something big i wonder how big a bombshell they will be dropping tomorrow. you are right though geoff will always be a ****

Septic1378d ago

What can it be?? ARGH!

It has to be Shenmue man.

Eonjay1378d ago

Someone make this video a gif

Abriael1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

@Eonjay: bet you someone on NeoGaf already did.

Yoshida > Banderas.

Playstationologist1378d ago

I love Kojima and I support MGS 125% but when it comes to his teases, pretty much always a letdown. And then when something interesting is announced it is out of the blue - like this weeks GZ release date and PS3/PS4 exclusive content - both just stated or leaked with no indication it was coming.

OrangePowerz1378d ago


I think if it would be Shenmue his head would explode. Mine certainly would.

itBourne1378d ago

Yep I am going to say it again, DARK CLOUD 3 = P

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AngelicIceDiamond1378d ago

Lol his reaction.

Man I'm dying to know what the announcement is as well.

DarthBigE1377d ago

mid december I lazy to google it

Obscure_Observer1378d ago


Shenmue 3? O.o

That... this... would...

Man, i got to run! Better check my health with my heart doctor before the announcement.

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Sevir1378d ago

i just tweeted Shu this video and asked him what was gave him that look!

G_Hartley_1378d ago

It was from his interview with IGN the other day

sigfredod1378d ago

The troll master trolled? lol

AD7051378d ago

The world just ended lol

Abriael1378d ago

And it goes full circle.

VaporCell1378d ago

lmao stay classy Shushei.