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PlayStation's Jack Tretton on the PS4 Reviews

The President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America reacts to the first wave of PS4 reviews and talks about what Remote Play means for Vita. (Jack Tretton, PS4)

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-Foxtrot  +   621d ago | Well said
He's so humble and soft spoken

I don't really see him as a suit, it's nice that he's been in this industry for a long time, enough to know what he's talking about and how things work.

I'm not saying he's perfect, he's most likely said the odd thing here and there in the past but I don't think it's been anything which has caused an uproar. Again no one is perfect in this industry
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cleft5  +   621d ago
Indeed, he carries himself very well. A lot of people in general could take a lesson or two from him. I know I try to maintain myself with the same level of class, even on the internet.
johndoe11211  +   621d ago | Well said
There's such a massive difference between the sony and microsoft execs. If the microsoft execs had been as charismatic as the sony execs the xbox one would not have received such world wide hate.

A little humility goes a long way with consumers.
shoddy  +   621d ago
Sony have class
abzdine  +   621d ago
he's a great guy!
PS4 is a best
Gaming101  +   621d ago
Really, if you're basing your console buying decisions based on reviews, you're a schmuck. Especially launch title reviews, then you're a super schmuck.
If you read all the negative reviews, you will never see a bigger group of bitter, hating, trolling, jaded pile of man-children.
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FamilyGuy  +   621d ago
His last comment comparing him and Shu was hilarious.

Shu can say something and people say "Ah, that's cute", I can say something and the stock changes. LOL

Makes more sense why we're seeing Shu so much more than Tretton when you look at it that way.
mikeslemonade  +   621d ago
He's Micheal from GTA5.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   621d ago
Mother F*****g Jack Tretton, is one cool dude.
nosferatuzodd  +   621d ago
Gaming101 said, Really, if you're basing your console buying decisions based on reviews, you're a schmuck. Especially launch title reviews, then you're a super schmuck.
If you read all the negative reviews, you will never see a bigger group of bitter, hating, trolling, jaded pile of man-children.

here a bubble man well fucking said even the xbox game
UncleGermrod  +   621d ago
i see a fat, rich, white dude...thats it
SonyWarrior  +   620d ago
he handled the vita question like a boss
360ICE  +   621d ago
Sony gets the better of all of us these days. Imagine Microsoft making the same excuses about MP3 and reviews. We'd make fun of them! Then again, I'm not saying we wouldn't have reason to.

Anyway, love Jack.
Bathyj  +   621d ago
Sony execs: Genuine, warm, even cuddly in Shu's case.

MS execs: Oily persona's, untrustworthy.

I'm just saying, if Sony gets cut a bit of slack where Microsoft doesnt, theres a reason. Francis has a wife. Clearly personality goes a long way.
360ICE  +   621d ago

Phil Harrison is great though. We should see more of him and less of Major Nelson.
ThanatosDMC  +   621d ago
^Agent Phil
Bathyj  +   621d ago
Yes,I still like Phil. (Harrison, not Spencer). I was sad he left Sony. I don't get why he would leave them for Atari and then for MS.aMS would definitely do well to use him more. Shut that dam Albert up. That guy needs a zip on his mouth.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   621d ago
I know what you mean....he wears a suit....but i just don't see him as a sly, cold, greedy, transparent suit like i do with alot of others. Good guy Jack.

"By gamers, for gamers, for the development community". That's what i want to hear when talking about a games console. I predict many great exclusives over the upcoming years if PS3 is anything to go by.
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stevehyphen  +   621d ago
"unfortunately, we are in the business to try and make money"

Another good quote from Jack
KetchupBlood  +   621d ago
try to manage a company that could mean a loss of money... even Microsoft is in it for the money, but don't have the courtesy to say that. at least they are honest with the gamers, and Microsoft need to learn from them.
insomnium2  +   621d ago

Exactly! I just love how straight up honest Sony's execs are. No hiding, no BS. This is the thing we need to accomplish and this is the way we are going about it. I can't find a way to understand if someone says he doesn't like JT or shu. Best suits EVER.

Watch the interview people. It's only 7 minutes long.
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cyclindk  +   621d ago | Funny
You should sooooo ask him out, :)
-Foxtrot  +   621d ago
I already have...he said he would think about it because of his kids it's difficult for him at the minute.
dboyc310  +   621d ago
He is just classy! Very professional. I can just watch him talk without getting annoyed. Good spoke person.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   621d ago
I agree with u that Jack is one of my favorites when it comes to these big wig corporate guys. He is a great presenter for them at E3 as well. Comes off genuine and humble.
MasterChief3624  +   621d ago
He comes off as kind, but those comments he made a while back about Nintendo and handheld systems really rubbed me the wrong way.
Ps4Console  +   621d ago
He's Da Man .
NewAgeisHere  +   621d ago
Well he used to be pretty arrogant himself but he learned a few harsh lessons.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   621d ago
So humble you say. If I can recall he bash the Wii, DS and 360 while Yoshida like competition.
Dead_Cell  +   620d ago
Do you really think he likes competition? He's a businessman, he fucking hates competition.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   620d ago
you must haven't heard that he has two wii u one usa and japanese.

Plays it with his daughter.
badkolo  +   621d ago
i like jack so ill leave this one alone , 360ice i agree but jack is cool and no reason to poor more salt on the wound
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   621d ago
"i like jack so ill leave this one alone"

So that basically means you were GOING to troll but decided not to? Nice /s.

I see no wounds btw.......Most powerful machine, cheaper, best devs in the business, best attitude in the business, best relationship with gamers in the business, highest pre orders.....are those wounds?
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nypifisel  +   621d ago
One can wonder huh
walkincarpet  +   621d ago
As far as I can tell the Sony execs have taken unprofessional shots at MS while the MS execs have been gracious in their comments toward Sony so I'm not sure why Sony fan boys dislike the MS execs so much.

As far as the two systems go it looks like nothing is changing next Gen - PS4 will have better graphical capability and X1 will have better everything else.

As far as exclusives go it looks like we have to wait a year before system sellers arrive - 1884 and deep down. Funny thing is most Sony fan boys have been heralding KZSF as something special when the first three were average on the PS3. I wonder if the reviews that are starting to pour in will be enough to wake them up.

For X1 we get immediate access to Ryse, DR3, Forza 5. I'm not terribly excited about these games - more excited about them than KZSF and Infamous. But, for me next gen starts when Titanfall releases on X1 and 1884 releases on PS4.

Keep it real...
badkolo  +   621d ago
no i was going to say what else is he suppose to say, he doesnt need to address the high or low scores since its mixed and the console is getting good reviews. lucas you can belive the hype, thats your choice, nothing as of yet is screaming 50 % more powerful, everything else is a waiting game. launch games are lackluster but ill enjoy killzone. not many features and i dont like ui personaly. so you see it one way and i see it another
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Dee_91  +   621d ago
awww look at that
jack making trolls second guess their purpose.
starchild  +   620d ago

Much of that is simply your opinion and perspective. But I love how you present it as if all of those things are facts.


That's how it goes. It's an interesting look into the psychology of fanboys. Basically people start to identify themselves with the product that they are fanatical about. Therefor things that are associated with that product are also, in a sense, extensions of themselves.

Normal behavior among people associated with the "enemy" product is seen in a very negative light, whereas that very same behavior among those associated with the object of their obsession is seen very positively. It's entirely colored by their perception of which "team" they belong to and has very little to do with objective reality.
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syne49  +   621d ago
I dunno maybe I am crazy but I feel just a few days isn't enough to review hardware. The system should be put through its paces thoroughly. I don't feel that can be done to the best extent over just 2-3 days.
MasterChief3624  +   621d ago
I think a lot of reviewers got the units a while ago... couple weeks ago, at least. There was an embargo on reviews of all PS4-exclusive titles and PS4 hardware until this morning, I believe.
frostypants  +   621d ago
The hardware reviews I've read have said it's awesome. A couple of launch titles are getting meh reviews, but they're just launch titles. People don't buy a new console for the launch titles, they buy it for the potential titles it will have through its life span. We're buying hardware...we know the software support is there.
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Hicken  +   621d ago
Apparently, MS fans do. Nevermind how little is coming down the pipe; they'll spend the whole generation playing the launch games(and with the way the 360 got support, that may not be a stretch).

As for me, there are some games at launch I'd like to play. There's also stuff coming later, like inFamous, and Gran Turismo, and whatever Naughty Dog's working on, and whatever Quantic Dream has in the works, and whatever JPRGS ATLUS brings over and... well, you get the picture.
IanVanCheese  +   621d ago
I love that dude lol
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   621d ago
saw this ign interviewer talk to yoshida yesterday. good guy for sure.
Groo   621d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
rulakir  +   621d ago
Jack you're the man.
Sky Lazarus  +   621d ago
Great to see this launch going well for jack.
izumo_lee  +   621d ago
The difference between the Sony suits & the Microsoft suits are like night & day. Sony's guys seem really down to earth & if you meet them on the street can easily talk to them. With Microsoft they feel intimidating & not easily approachable. The best example of this is Angry Joe's attempt to get answers from Major Nelson at E3.

Anyways 'Uncle' Jack made some great points & even though the fanboys don't want to admit it both Microsoft & Sony (Nintendo as well like Shuhei said) need each other to be successful in this day & age of the game industry.
BootyBandit  +   621d ago
Jack Tretton, "I'm going to just say what I always do ad nausea. It's a marathon and not a sprint."

Sony has a proven track record of being able to start and finish every race with incredible content throughout every generations life cycle. The PS4 is on track to be the best yet.
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RPG_Lover  +   621d ago
Wii u had better reviewed launch games.......that is bad
Back-to-Back  +   621d ago
Alot of Nintendo reviews rely on nostalgia.
Hicken  +   621d ago
Which, ironically, worked AGAINST Knack.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   621d ago
the was only one that is NSMBU
FunAndGun  +   621d ago
Jack Tretton is a stud!
MELMAN26  +   621d ago
Very good interview
sAVAge_bEaST  +   621d ago
Classy,. What else would we expect, from PlayStation.
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Crossbones  +   621d ago
Reviews don't mean anything
Lboogieskells  +   621d ago
fattyuk  +   621d ago
If I was a women I'd f*** jack tretton.
DRambo  +   621d ago
Don't let your gender hold you back!!!!
TheFallenAngel  +   621d ago
I called my local gamestop to see if they had ps4 available for launch and they said said no. The only way they'll have extra is if people cancelled their preorders but they said no one has cancelled any.

Update. I called two more near by and they said no pre orders cancelled. They said that more and more people are asking for ps4.

No worries on ps4
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devwan  +   621d ago
If you're looking for a walk-in ps4, don't go to the obvious game shops, go to the less fashionable and dingy stores that sell electronics, ones you might not instantly think of for buying games or consoles.
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justSumDood  +   621d ago

staples (although not dingy) is a perfect example.
most people dont think staples when they think consoles.
you'd be sure to find one there on the 15th
DeadMansHand  +   621d ago
Friend, my condolences to you for not having one reserved. I, too, have friends that just waited on preordering and thinking they would sneak in last minute and buy one. The General Store in my town is plum sold out and rumors are that even by Christmas the shelves could be bare.
Bathyj  +   621d ago
Tell em Jack send you.
giggsy13  +   621d ago
Jacky boy is a top man
MadSientist89  +   621d ago
getting good reviews? hmm Knack flopped at 59 and Killzone Shadowfall is what.. 74 on metacritic.. Rosegun seems to be the only good rated first part game.. Flower was on ps3 so nothin really new there..
fattyuk  +   621d ago
On your bike negative nancy.

Jacks talking about the whole picture of the Playstation 4 and it's being well reviewed/talked about

Knack flopped?

Killzone on metacritic?

Sorry I didn't realise these games had been released into the wild across north America and the eu for the Playstation fans to purchase and play and review!
theshredded  +   621d ago
Killzone and especially Knack have atleast 7 more reviews so they could get higher there's jeuxstation,OPM,1up,angry joe(maybe),pslifestyle,psu,gam erevolution andothers left
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MadSientist89  +   621d ago
what the hell are you talking about lulz...
mochachino  +   621d ago
Most MS execs look like they would be complete assholes in real life, like the type of people who act like their better than you.
starchild  +   620d ago
See, I don't get that at all. I'm first and foremost a PC gamer and all the execs from Microsoft or Sony seem pretty the same to me. Trained in business, experience in the industry, attempt to show their products in the most positive light possible...and they seem like they would be decent people outside of their jobs, but of course you really don't know how any of them would be in their day to day lives.
mochachino  +   621d ago
I'm pretty much getting mine for BF4 until better games come out. The launch lineup for both consoles lacks a major exclusive that really appeals to me. I'll be happy with BF4 and ACBF until the next-gen really starts with games like MGS, Infamous SS, Watchdogs, etc.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   621d ago
Thanks Jack Tretton for your hard work on the PlayStation brand. Wish you more good luck in the future.
esemce  +   621d ago
Killzone looks to be decent but I knew Knack would be wack. Probably just Killzone and BF4 for me at launch.
Themba76  +   621d ago
thats what i have right now with ac4
Jaqen_Hghar  +   621d ago
and Resogun!
ZBlacktt  +   621d ago
Console been paid for.... just sitting here waiting. :/
andrewf91  +   621d ago
When is the PSPGo coming back out Greg? lol that last question.
kingduqc  +   621d ago
Got to give him that, he really is a well spoken man. Obviously because it his job but really he talks smooth.
Soc5  +   621d ago
Mikeslemonade- "He's Michael from Gta5"
I thought the exact same thing and then I read your comment lol. Yeah he seems like an Older Michael
Maxor  +   621d ago
Sony should send MS a check because without the Xbox 720 epic failure in regards to messaging and hardware the PS4 wouldn't be a such a clear cut winner.

Should the Xbox One be a true 1080p 60fps machine this launch would've been a lot different.
Belking  +   620d ago
I got a feeling sony will be cutting a lot of checks in the next month or so....lol
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