Grand Theft Auto 4 set to entertain and inflame

Beatings, carjackings, drive-by shootings, drunk driving and hookers. For video game fans, it can only mean one thing: Grand Theft Auto 4 is here, with all the subtlety of a shotgun blast.

The latest chapter in the wildly popular and controversial criminal action franchise from Take-Two Interactive Software Inc is poised to be the biggest entertainment product of the year, with expected first-week sales of up to $400 million - dwarfing Hollywood's biggest box-office openings.

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chaosatom3333559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

This is one game that deserves to sell lots of copies.

wiizy3559d ago

as a wii owner i could care less about gt4.

FCOLitsjustagame3559d ago

And yet you felt the need to post in a GTA thread.
Odd, I have never felt the need to post in a Wii thread. I guess my disinterest in the wii is greater then your disinterest in GTA. ;-)

AzaziL3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Over 40 separate shootings, a lot of people dead, a massacre in a house, and Daley calling for a citywide emergency gun meeting. Coincidence?

3 more days till doomsday!!!!

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