Here's How Ads Appear On PlayStation 4's Activity Feed

Finally the embargo has been lifted from the PlayStation 4 hardware, its UI and the games. We have seen a lot of UI videos and walkthroughs of the UI along with a lot of pictures. It appears PlayStation 4 will integrate ads into the activity feed of the user. Jeff Gertsmann, co-founder of Giant Bomb, shows us an off-screen image of the activity feed showing an ad.

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Sleepless1557d ago

How is that not distracting?? It gets the biggest chunk of the screen

PlayStation_41557d ago

only one ad at one time though, plus you need to go into the "What's new" section"

darthv721557d ago

Many dont really know the difference between the two user interfaces. They look at the xbox dash and see ads but in reality what they are seeing is the culmination of not only the gamers user interface but the incorporation of the live marketplace all in one.

The difference on the PS3 (and probably PS4) is the separation of the two. the Ps store is separate from the XMB so that is why many complain about the ads on the live dash.

If sony incorporated the store throughout the xmb it would essentially be like the dash of the xbox. So YES you would see ads for content available in parts of the store.

To some extent we already have the direct links to the different sections of the store from the XMB. If you are on the games section, go up to the PS store icon and it takes you to the games section of the store. complete with ads for game related content.

Go to the movies/video section of the xmb and go up to the PS store icon and it takes you to the movies/video section of the store. complete with ads. What Ms did was build the entire marketplace INTO the dash instead of making it a separate entity.

so while the complaints of ads on the dash seem legit, they are for content that is available within the live marketplace. So clicking on the movie trailer from the games section takes you to the marketplace for movies. clicking on a jack links ad from the main dash screen takes you to the jack links promo page for free themes or gamer pics.

At the very least MS has the ad providers give you something for the trouble of clicking on the ad. be it an entry into a contest to win a home theater system or QR codes for free offers from Doritos you get something AND you have to make that effort to click on them to begin with.

Now if this new gen makes it where you are subjected to having to watch an ad before you can download a game demo or even play the damn game....then we got problems.

As it is, both platforms are wanting to make $$$ off not only the consumer but ad revenue as well. do your part and support the platform and you never know, you just might get something in return for clicking on those ads.

pivotplease1557d ago

The marketplace is simultaneously integrated and separate though on the dashboard. I was never a fan of how they have a marketplace for every medium. It basically makes the dashboard out to be 80% ads and marketplace. You do have some good points though darth. Sony has slowly been finding cohesive ways to throw in ads (e.g. what's new). However, I find this useful because almost half of what is shown is a free game or sale pertaining to plus.

GTgamer1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )
This is the PS3's whats new Section a thing you have to enter just like on the PS4 its not all over the UI. By reading the comments im guessing half of you never owned a PS3 or just xbox fans sounding rediculousy desperate its sadddd TBh :/

FamilyGuy1557d ago

No ads that don't relate to the PS system or gaming itself show up on the UI, you'll never see something like a Pringles ad unless there's some "Win free games" promotion going on with it. In the actual store you might find an ad though, as I recently noticed in the Free-2-Play section where they've got car ad commercials for Corolla running.

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culpepper5161557d ago

it's a playstation store ad.....which actually makes sense. If PSN has a new deal, one that benefits the consumers, it makes sense that it's shown in the "What's New" section

combatcash1557d ago

I wonder if it's going to only be Sony ads, or if it will go the xbox route as well.

Only time will tell but why pass up on the opportunity to cash in on some ad space.

AngelicIceDiamond1557d ago

Didn't know PS4 would have ads. Its no big deal considering I play games and not ads.

FamilyGuy1557d ago

That "Ad" is directly related to the PS Store itself.
It's a promotion showing that spending money on the PS Store digital movie content will gain you a return in PS Store credits. Not like it's a commercial and these type of promotional billboards are already present on the PS3. This is nothing new and no where near a kin to seeing something like the StateFarm Insurance ad posted on the X1 dashboard.

People really need to learn the difference between relevant content and ads posted for nothing more than commercial profit.

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Septic1557d ago

People made a big deal about a tiny little square on the Xbox 360 UI, lets see them apply the same standards here.

pacostacos1557d ago

you know it wont happen the double standards are strong around here... if sony does it all of a sudden its okay

combatcash1557d ago


Very true "sony will never charge to play online" and now it's ok because "well they offer more for your subscription" Ads were regarded as evil on xbox 360 by ps3 only owners but I'm sure now it will be acceptable.

Sony is more like Microsoft than people think, but fanboyism blinds folks.

dcj05241557d ago

I think that's in the "What's New" section. So if you go there you KNOW there will be ads. Just saying.

JimmyLmao1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

the difference being here that you have to go out of your way to see this.. into another section and scroll down.. its not on the main home screen

Naga1557d ago

It's not on the home screen of the Xbox One, either. So how is that a difference?

JimmyLmao1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )


we were talking about 360

Naga1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Ah, gotcha. My mind automatically went to the misguided complaints about the mythical ads that were supposedly on the XB1 home screen. I'm with you now - thanks for the clarification.

Ol_G1557d ago

ads on a console is horrible i paid for the damn device why should i be bothered with this spam

webeblazing1557d ago

I wouldn't mind if mp was free but not if I'm paying. But its deals on stuff in PS store so makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised if other ads start popping up tho they got to make money right.

darthv721557d ago

@septic but people will say its an ad for something that is available from the PS service so its okay.

And yet most of the ads on the dash are related to content available within the live service as well. some obviously not but hell, even the jack links ads would give you gamer pics or themes for your trouble.

go figure

Godmars2901557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Lets see if they stay game/console related.

I mean I've seen furniture ads on Xbox dashboards.

Also not its never registered on the Xbox camp that you pay subscriptions and you get ads. Likely still going to get them if you get PS+, but PS+ is still more of an option than XBL.

Palaven1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Funny, I have only ever seen game or movie related ads on my Xbox dashboard.

svoulis1557d ago

I still don't get it, this is not an ad its a promotion, for PlayStation Store. Not a 3rd party endorsement. If it said FORD FOCUS BLAHBLAHBLAH VROOM and played a video, yes I'd be annoyed

Blackdeath_6631557d ago

its exactly the same as the what's new section in the ps3 nobody said anything about that. all ads were linked to the PSN store or the playstation website.

Brix901557d ago

PS3 has ads too...there on the Whats New sections so nothing new

bromtown1557d ago

I don't have a problem with Ads on the 360 if they're for games I might want, or services available on the system (like Netflix) its when you start getting ads that are completely jarring and obviously only there because money changed hands, which Microsoft do and PS don't. Fast food and soft drinks don't appear on PlayStation, games, services and occasionally other Sony products do - the latter being the closest it gets to an actual advert.

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svoulis1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Erm, Is that an ad for Playstation? Wouldn't it make sense? Just asking.


If I am wrong, please state it? I am asking a question how can you disagree with that.

mushroomwig1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

You're not wrong, not only is it PlayStation related but it's a GOOD deal. People just like to complain for the sake of it.

Blackdeath_6631557d ago

its exactly the same as the what's new section on the ps3 and nobody cried then. all ads linked to a promo on the PSN store or the playstion blog website. not like you are getting any pizza hut ads or anything

bromtown1557d ago

Nobody cried because people on this website either own a PS3 and know ads are not an issue on PS platforms because they're for games, services and Sony products not pizzas, mountain dew and doritos haha..

Either that or they have never even owned a PS3 and just come here to complain about things they have no experience with.

AD7051557d ago

One thing I hated about the 360s dashboard later on was the insane amount of ads that infiltrated the dashboard. I hope the ps4 doesn't do the same but it doesn't look that way.

theWB271557d ago

It seems you're going off the false internet talk. There are only a few tiles that have ads that don't pertain to Xbox Live content. They're usually tucked in the corner and are wholly unobtrusive.

DOMination-1557d ago

In the UK at least there is ONE tile that's an ad, on the home part of the dashboard but the ad doesn't actually run unless you move over and hover across it. Normally they are for LoveFILM but the last six months it's been an ad for XB1. Like I say, this is for UK.. they certainly exist but it's insane how exaggerated the N4G community makes it out to be.

WeAreLegion1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

That's not really an ad...

EDIT: Even on the PS3's store, this is the first thing you see. They want people to know that they can get money back for spending.

Ol_G1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

more like a wallpaper ...

Ol_G1557d ago

yeah to buy stuff that has nothing to do with gaming

Can we install an adblocker on this thing?

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