$425 League of Legends Budget Gaming PC Build Guide

GamersNexus: "This Cheap Bastard's gaming PC build stands at less than $500, making a great DIY gaming computer for League of Legends, Path of Exile, Skyrim, and DOTA 2 players. With the powerful A10 APU and Zalman Z9 case, this PC not only looks ready to go into battle, but ready for you to summon your champion and decimate whomever crosses your lane."

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fluffydelusions1589d ago

You can play LoL on a toaster pretty much.

N4Flamers1589d ago

How is an OS optional? I mean I guess If you have one around or get a free one the price would be, but then you could argue that for any component.

jeffgoldwin1589d ago

It's an option if you already own a copy of a windows disk or if you want to download a free Linux OS instead.

MidnytRain1589d ago

You could get linux only, but then it'd lock you out of a bunch of other games that don't support it. Though, I assume the typical LoL player doesn't play anything else anyway, so...

N4Flamers1588d ago

That's my point. I can argue that about any of the features. An hdd is optional if I have one lying around.

jeffgoldwin1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Ok but your point misses on some people wanting to use the free Linux OS. Steam gaming is heavily pushing this.

N4Flamers1588d ago

How would you get it without a pc that has an os running. Your basically saying my point doesn't stand because your friend gave you an optical drive. Either way an os is not optional. Paying for it might be.

jeffgoldwin1588d ago

You download it to a disk or usb from your current pc or a friends pc. If I really needed to explain this you the basic piece (not to be mean), I think you should stick to console gaming. This is a very, very basic beginner level thing to do here.

N4Flamers1587d ago

I'm sorry but despite your condescending tone you have failed to either read what I wrote or to understand it. You are seriously just proving my point that an os is not optional since you need to go through the trouble of downloading that from someone else's house. Let me know if I should (not to sound like a jerk) post a link to the definition of optional for you.

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hellvaguy1587d ago


I think your probably trolling here. You really cant be this dumb.....

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