The Longest, Hardest Falls in Gaming

If you've ever stood on top of something tall, you've thought about jumping off it. Luckily, games let people live their fantasies and do the impossible, without suffering any messy consequences. Games Radar hope you'll enjoy their montage of precipitous plunges and terrifying tumbles from throughout gaming history. It's as close as you can get to skydiving or base jumping without risking life and limb.

If you suffer from vertigo, acrophobia, fear of flying, hives, pox or an overly anxious disposition, Games Radar suggest you avoid this video entirely, and instead take a glass of warm milk to calm your nerves. Still here? Then jump right in and enjoy the virtual freefall!

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InYourMom3885d ago

Loved that! And they included every long, hard fall I could think of.

truncheon3885d ago

like skydiving, but safer.