16BitKings Xbox One Hands-On: Dead Rising 3

"The most impressive part of the demo, and something that is noticeable straight away, is that the number of zombies on screen is immense."

After getting hands on with Dead Rising 3, 16BitKings explore whether it's a worth picking up the game day one.

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christocolus1861d ago

Yup..its top in his list and its top in mine too..cant wait.but why does nov22 seem so far all of a sudden?

XboxFun1861d ago

Yea, this game is going to be my number one day one pick up.

Jeedai Infidel1861d ago

christocolus, look at it this way, in eight days we'll be counting down the hours til midnight :-)

malokevi1861d ago

Mine too! Torn between this and BF4 as my first game to play... with KI as a close third.


XxGOWxX1861d ago

Ill be getting:
Dead rising 3, for the hack and slash zombie killing fun times and mmy gf loves it.
Ryse, for the brutal combat and story.
Crimson dragon, for the easy gameplay and fun.
And when its released because i think there is a delay, Marvel lego, for the co-op fun gameplay.
Fifa 14, because its free and football.
Killer instinct, so me and my gf can bash each other.

Not a bad line up there with some variety.

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patsrule3161861d ago

My most anticipated launch title for either system.

foxsilver0071861d ago

cant wait for this one looks good.

cyhm31121861d ago ShowReplies(2)
Elit3Nick1861d ago

Oh god here come the fanboys...

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