SOCOM Confrontation Gamplay Vid

Kotaku writes: "With all of the hoopla surrounding Mario Kart Wii hitting this weekend, and Grand Theft Auto IV hitting next week, lets not forget that there are still plenty of things to get excited about later in the year. Like SOCOM Confrontation. Can't. Wait."

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Fishy Fingers3859d ago

I love the old Socom's, but honestly, looks meh...

Isn't there another Socom in works? A real one?

Ghoul3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

meh ?

sorry but the game looks awesome, huge maps fluid movements and firefights, cant wait for that game.

The firefight at 5:00 minutes runtime in the video is incredible
the sound, atmosphere the huge open space they fight between the 2 huge buildings, must have for me day one.

Marceles3859d ago

Slant Six is working on Confrontation (worked on the SOCOMs for PSP) and Zipper Interactive (worked on the console version SOCOMs) is working on SOCOM 4

rucky3859d ago

I think he was talking bout old Socom games which I do agree with since graphically it wasn't really that pretty. But there was something in that game that hooks online players.

Confrontation looks like it plays exactly like Socom and for a game that focuses more on multiplayer gameplay, visually this game could be what Socom fans are dying to get a hold on.

Fishy Fingers3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

WOW there. Don't get me wrong I'll buy it day one as I love the style of gameplay. The meh was directed more at the visuals. Sorry I should have been more clear.

To be fair though, I should hold judgment until I've seen a better quality video.

Just an opinion.

Ghoul3859d ago

@ fishy

i still think it looks great graphicaly and we have to wait where we are when the game hits beta (wich mostly offers the final graphics nearly)

sammy_mantra3859d ago

not just AWESOME

People can you please report FISHYFINGERS

that guy doesnt even own a PS3

Ghoul3859d ago


fishy finger is a well respected discussion partner
please dont try anything stupid

Ghoul3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )


higher res textures some more effects and havoc on the streets below
and im more then pleased with the graphics
(wich is no wishthinking but realistic as this is prealpha)

Marceles3859d ago

And I know the graphics can look better, just look at how Warhawk keeps looking better and better after every patch. They added new lighting and better textures to the game...I'm sure they'll do the same thing with SOCOM

Fishy Fingers3859d ago

Perhaps I'm being a little harsh. The draw distance is huge and there seems to be little lose in quality. To achieve that you need to compromise on othere area's.

And like you said, this is still early days, there is still plenty of time to add a little polish .

Ghoul3859d ago

"add a little polish"

maybe some french or british too

C_SoL3859d ago

it looks meh right now cause those gameplay videos weren't in hd also, the people that were playing weren't using strategy....They were just showing gameplay

PSMonster213859d ago

This game, aside from the graphics (as of now), should be phenomenal. Socom was never really known for its graphics but there is plenty of time to touch up on them.

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eyeDEVOUR3859d ago

in a article/interview that i read yesterday a sony guy or slantsix guy hinted that zipper might be working on a new IP instead of socom 4...

hazardman3859d ago

well i hope that the A.I in the video is on easy difficulty cause the A.I looked very stupid...duuuuuuhh

eyeDEVOUR3859d ago

what AI...its online only........think about it lol

fenderputty3859d ago

that you'll never know what you're going to run into on the NET.

eyeDEVOUR3859d ago

of course some [email protected]*ktards would disagree with

heyheyhey3859d ago

no YOU looked stupid

bow your head in shame

jwatt3859d ago

In all fairness you can play vegas 2 online against the AI in a game type called terrorist hunt.

PSMonster213859d ago

WooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW !!!!!! You are a disgrace.

tweaker3858d ago

Just to rub it in.


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Anything but Cute3859d ago

In my opinon Warhawk was one of the best online experiences this gen, we will also have Metal Gear Online. And then Socom: Confrontation looks great as you just saw.

PS3 has games that specialize in online play only. And they sell them retail with a headset.

Not sure, why some people say PS3 online is crap compared to XBOX live.

HarryEtTubMan3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Also dont forget, Call of Duty 4, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, The Agency, Army of 2, Haze, Metal Gear Online, Socom about 4-5 NCSoft MMO's and there is much more. Almost every PS3 game has online. PS3 is just as much as an online machine as the FLOPbox and soon will have more people online.

I was also listening to the Insomniac podcast from last week.... and they said Sony had HUGEEE things coming to the PSN we haven't even seen and they said Home would be MUCH MUCH bigger than we have seen. They even went on to say PSN was going to be so much better with everything Sony has planned this year... including achievements... that either Sony would begin charging for PSN or Micrsoft would lose people... they also said games like Resistance 2, Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet were going to take things to a whole new level and have all kinds of special thigns through Home. Listen to it. LOTS of things coming to the PS3. ; )

heyheyhey3859d ago

theres also Res 2, The Agency (big one), UT3 getting better mods every day, Haze and countless others

Hatchetforce3859d ago

Goodbye COD4. The king has come to kick you off the throne and take his damn crown back.