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Submitted by SpaceSquirrel 818d ago | news

Bungie comments on ‘Destiny’ PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One potential disparities

Bungie's David Dague and Eric Osborne have further commented on the potential disparity between the current-generation versions of “Destiny” when compared to the next-generation iterations. (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

rela82me  +   818d ago
As long as the next-gen versions have parity thats all I care about.
Enemy  +   818d ago | Well said
Better if they focus on the more powerful hardware and have their vision come true instead of going for parity. If weaker consoles can't handle it, then gimp those versions as there is obviously no other option.

If you're doing as much as you can for each console, then there will be nothing to explain, except "we did what we could for each platform." If they really did their job, it will always show. There is absolutely no reason for sacrificing quality. If another camp ends up butthurt, blame the hardware you chose.
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nukeitall  +   818d ago
Then Bungie should have designed Destiny for PC not for the paltry and inferior next generation console of PS4 and Xbox One!
thehitman  +   818d ago | Well said
Designing a mmo type fps for PC would be a disaster having all these horrible PCs in the mix lagging up the game and the multiplayer.
XboxFun  +   818d ago
And what would the more powerful console be able to do that the other one couldn't?

Because so far we have seen nothing in each gen that separated the consoles besides a minor graphical difference. We haven't seen a new unique exclusive design, a better AI or anything. Both controllers have the exact same amount of buttons so what possibly could the more powerful system do.

Some folks keeps screaming, take advantage of the full power of the console. But what exactly does that entail? It seems all people mean by that is a graphic bump.
aiBreeze  +   818d ago
Agreed.. parity should take a back seat next to developers fully realizing their vision. If one of the consoles suffers from that, well then that's their problem for the hardware. However having said this, With Destiny being online orientated or online only (not 100% sure) it could very well prove interesting to see if the "power of the cloud" really does make a difference.
thereapersson  +   818d ago
This "everyone is equal" mentality that people have these days is a plague on progress. Face it, one console is stronger than the other. It didn't stop the XBOX or GameCube from having better looking games than the PS2, but the games library was larger and developer support was so much greater on PS2 in the end. Graphical disparity didn't matter. Now that the PS4 is the easier to develop for console, Sony will have the developer support of their first / second party, AND the superior versions of third party games. That is not fanboy drivel, that is a fact.
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Enemy  +   818d ago
@ XboxFun: Well, we can't see what the other could do better if they're going for parity. That's the point.
GiggMan  +   818d ago
So @ Xboxfun... You are all for parity also then I presume?

What if there was some cool ground breaking feature using Kinect that Bungie left out for "parity"? How would that make you feel?

You'd probably feel the same as PS4 players if Bungie chose to go with parity instead of taking advantage of PS4 hardware (ex. resolution & graphical bump)
mattdillahunty  +   818d ago
i'm sorry, but this "have their vision come true" crap is nonsense. are the PS4 and XB1 different in power? sure. are they vastly different enough to where one console can help a developer reach their vision and the other one can't?

what, is the developer's vision to have slightly better shadows in one version? or slightly better better AA, or maybe going from 900p to 1080p? ok, we all love a bump up in graphics, but acting like a developer can't achieve their "vision" on one console but they can on the other is just retarded. they're not that different. if developers want to take advantage of the PS4's juice to bump up the graphics a bit, go for it. but it's not changing the game as a whole.

if one console could have an entirely different physics engine that vastly changed the way you played the game, that's a major difference. or maybe one game could have a fully open world and the other had to have it divided into sections that loaded new zones. huge difference. or AI that was 100x more realistic and adaptive than the other version. that would change the experience. but slight graphics changes? please.
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H0RSE  +   818d ago

"Designing a mmo type fps for PC would be a disaster having all these horrible PCs in the mix lagging up the game and the multiplayer. "

- Do you even play PC games?...

What you mention is already being done - Planetside and Firefall are 2 big examples.

As for the discussion on parity, players talk about wanting to utilize the power of each console to the fullest and do without parity, which more often than not, is just an argument for "make my version prettier..."

Neither console on it's own, is more or less powerful to the point where drastic changes are going to happen, like a whole new region to explore on one version vs the other, or more weapons and customization, etc. However, each systems respective cloud technologies could offer tools/features for devs, to achieve more ambitious goals.
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Azzanation  +   818d ago
So they should focus on more powerful Hardware? Your saying they should make this game primary for PC then which will screw PS4 and XB1 over and get an inferior port instead.
Gekko36  +   818d ago
@Enemy Enough with the "Butthurt" gay slurs, if you're looking for a shag, just ask.

Power isn't everything. Take American muscle cars. Very powerful but can't handle for sh!t.

Now take X1 and PS4.

PS4 has an edge with memory and a slightly better GPU. The difference in graphics isn't that much between the two if any at times.

However where MS shines is the potential of kinect (yes I don't care about spy from both MS or sony, I don't care if MS see with with me nob out) The idea of using kinect to judge my boredom or fear etc and have the game respond is just awesome.

Immersion beat knocking one out over graphics for me.

So to answer your comment. There is nothing to Gimp.

Give PS4 & X1 1080p / 60fps but give X1 immersive gameplay with kinect, since it can doo it all.

Then lets see which version is gimped!
Patrick  +   818d ago
@ Gekko36

But as far as we know, theres very little that the kinect can do, that the PS4eye cannot. If your talking voice stuff, PS4 can do it cause its all software. If your talking tracking, PS4 can do it as they can even track your eyes as proven last night. So even though every PS4 wont have a camera, they can still put it in for the PS4 users that do, especially if they are already doing it for kinect. Keep trying.
Loki86  +   818d ago
The two cameras are not at all comparable, one has a dedicated CPU, has four different methods of tracking, performs as an IR blaster, has multi - array microphones. The PS4 camera is programmable through software, the same as Kinect 1.0.
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frostypants  +   818d ago
"And what would the more powerful console be able to do that the other one couldn't?"

You have it backwards. What could the console that costs 25% more do in this game that the cheaper and more powerful console doesn't? The One fanboys keep asking why people choose a PS4 over the One. The real question is why anyone wouldn't.
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Anarki  +   818d ago

A better resolution makes a whole load of difference.
SlapHappyJesus  +   818d ago
Which is why consoles should die, bringing down the cost of PC parts, less hardware releases themselves and really allowing developers to take full use of PC tech and not having to worry about being tied to one specific piece of tech for the better part of a decade, right?

I mean, more powerful hardware.
SilentNegotiator  +   818d ago

You clearly have no idea how much more power a higher resolution takes. Go experiment with the resolution option on a PC game, from 720p to 900p to 1080p to etc for about 5 minutes and you'll see.
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webeblazing  +   817d ago
wait so whats being done one the new consoles that cant be done on older consoles
GiggMan  +   818d ago
Why would you purposely buy a weaker console and then hope for parity throughout the whole next generation? Just buy the more powerful console or be happy with whatever you get.
rela82me  +   818d ago
Because I am buying the console that has the exclusives, and features I like better. Mind you, I am getting both by the time Destiny is out regardless. The reason I want parity is so people like yourself can stop feeling like they are the superior race in gaming. Is it too much to ask that both games be great? Why do people want the Xbox games to be worse than PS4, because you don't plan on owning one?

I am sorry if you feel insecure, private message me and perhaps we can talk about your feelings.
BlackTar187  +   818d ago
rela that is the worst reason i've ever heard.
Enemy  +   818d ago
@ rela82: That's like saying you'd prefer they keep next gen versions from looking too superior to last gen versions just because you're still gaming on last gen hardware. The world's bigger than you, and we moved on to next gen for a reason.

There's always going to be a problem with meeting deadlines as well. None of these developers are nearly big enough to focus on every platform at once. If, for example, consoles were their main focus, then the game will be more optimized for console than for PC, and vice versa. It's that simple.
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GiggMan  +   818d ago
I'm picking up an Xbox One also. I don't care if there is parity or not. Let the more powerful system have more power. Let the Xbox One utilize it's strengths (Kinect or whatever)

Last but not least, don't let anyone else make you feel inferior. If you want X1 enjoy it for what it is...

@Sarcasm, exactly!
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Sarcasm  +   818d ago
^Oh my god they have stooped to a new low.

Nobody's saying for the Xbone version to be crappy, in fact I hope they make it as good as possible. With that said, I hope they make the PS4 version as good as possible. And if they ever make a PC version, I hope they give it everything they got.

Damn with the parity crap.
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rela82me  +   818d ago | Well said
Which is what I was saying, I want them both to have parity, meaning that they were able to accomplish everything they wanted with BOTH consoles... I just get disagreed because I didn't want the PS4 to be superior. I want them both to be able to achieve perfection. Just because one thing is more powerful doesn't mean that in the beginning of the generation that we can't have parity. We have a long ways to go before we max both of these bad boys up, there is no reason they shouldn't be able to get parity out of the next gen right now.

Edit: I can tell how many sony fanboys there are by the amount of disagrees. Who in the world would be opposed to two versions being just as successful. The xbox may have struggled in the beginning with a few of the multi-plat titles; however, we all know it was rushed to the market. After a length of time, I imagine that the multiplats will be closer in parity.
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BlackTar187  +   818d ago

Just stop you make zero sense. I mean if you have a valid point in there somewhere maybe its for your eyes only cuz no one understands how you can say both reach perfection to their strengths yet want parity.

i mean you can;t honestly believe anyone understands you do you?

Edit: I can tell how many sony fanboys there are by the amount of disagrees. Who in the world would be opposed to two versions being just as successful. The xbox may have struggled in the beginning with a few of the multi-plat titles; however, we all know it was rushed to the market. After a length of time, I imagine that the multiplats will be closer in parity

Being just as successful and parity are two different things. They can both be successful doesn't mean parity is the only way to reach it. You're asking for one version if possible to not show its strengths so that its a level playing field?

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Utalkin2me  +   818d ago

Don't need parity. Make each one to the best they can with the hardware. That's all is being said,nobody agrees with you trying to make them equal. Has nothing to do with "Sony" fanboys as you say. That just goes to show where your head is at.
Enemy  +   818d ago
How the hell did rela's last comment get a bubble so fast when it still makes no sense? WTF
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mistertwoturbo  +   818d ago
^As consumers we should demand them to make the best out of the hardware. That means there shouldn't be parity.

Parity usually means they lowered the quality to match the lowest denominator, and sorry to put the truth in your face it happens to be the Xbox One in this case.

With that said, "Play the games, not the resolution" which means it doesn't matter if your version isn't going to look as good as the PS4 version, it will still play well and you will enjoy it. Isn't that the argument Xbox Fanboys have been making since the whole Resolutiongate?

Trying to argue for them to bring the PS4 version's quality down to match the Xbox One version is pretty sad.

Last generation they opted for parity because well, both consoles were pretty close. Each had their strengths and weaknesses and at most were 10% give or take to each other. Heck, most of the 360 multiplatform titles were better and had higher resolutions.

This time it's different because the gap on the PS4 and X1 is much more moderate.
rela82me  +   818d ago
Im going to give you the benefit @blacktar. You obviously aren't grasping what I am trying to say. I like to think of myself as somewhat intelligent and I do not believe I am talking in circles here.

"Being just as successful and parity are two different things. They can both be successful doesn't mean parity is the only way to reach it. You're asking for one version if possible to not show its strengths so that its a level playing field? "

The WHOLE point of my comment was that they BOTH can give it all they got and they come out even. Why would I want to have my game say on the Xbox One and know there is a better version out there. I wish that they both are able to get everything they can out of both versions (Talking next-gen only here) and they come out looking the same. This is going to be a great game, one where most of my friends will be on Xbox One so that is the console I will likely purchase Destiny on, and I want them both to be the same. Not that I want the PS4 to have to skimp out because of the Xbox One. This is a cross generation game if anything is going to hold it down its the ps3 and Xbox 360.


I believe everyone is misunderstanding me because they believe I want them to downgrade the PS4 version to meet the Xbox One version. That is NOT the case. There is NO reason why the Xbox One version cannot meet the PS4 version, just because some launch multiplats couldn't achieve parity doesn't mean its a forecast for the entire generation. If it comes down to it though that they cannot meet the parity because of the Xbox One's specs than that is fine, upgrade the ps4 version and make the best game possible.
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Persistantthug  +   818d ago

The reason you got disagreed with is because PS4's GPU is 40% more powerful than the XBOX One.

Parity is the act of making the same.
Almost all AAA budget games should show graphical and/or performance benefits in favor of the PS4.
No one really wants games to be dumbed down.
H0RSE  +   818d ago
The same can be said for people who buy a console vs a PC... if you chose to buy a console, be happy with what you get, even if this means games running at less than 1080p/60fps, or games having less c0ntent or features.
frostypants  +   818d ago
"Why would you purposely buy a weaker *AND MORE EXPENSIVE* console and then hope for parity throughout the whole next generation?"

Improved that for you.
webeblazing  +   817d ago
hes saying parity from what im reading, it sounds like hes saying that he don't want devs to design the game differently around each platforms weaknesses(???) which I don't think has ever happen since mgs with the rumble joke, but it didn't really change the design of the game.
XboxFun  +   817d ago
I love that everyone is just saying the PS4 is more powerful or 40/50% more power. More power to do what?

So far we have only seen a graphical resolution difference and we all know the Xbox One can achieve the same thing because there are already games for it that are also 1080p.

So what type of extra power does everyone want these games to take advantage of?

How can you claim parity when the game's design didn't do anything different from one another to begin with.

Not even the PS3 exclusives did anything different gameplay or design wise (besides great visuals) and those supposedly took full advantage of the ps3. So why are you all expecting or demanding the same with multiplats all of a sudden?

You all keep screaming no parity, no parity. So what exactly should be different in a game you didn't design or have no knowledge of development for? What exactly could be added gameplay and design wise, to a game for PS4 that can't be done on the Xbox One?
duli14  +   818d ago
Its not that I want the xbox version to look like crap, but if Bungie can make destiny run at a higher resolution and better aa on ps4 then why shouldn't they? Its not sony's or our fault that the ps4 is more powerful.
Schizoid  +   818d ago
who in the hell started this parity shit? I bet it was MS huh,


and btw @ Sarcasm..

"^Oh my god they have stooped to a new low.

Nobody's saying for the Xbone version to be crappy, in fact I hope they make it as good as possible. With that said, I hope they make the PS4 version as good as possible. And if they ever make a PC version, I hope they give it everything they got."

Damn with the parity crap.

Freakin epic post! damn i wish i woulda said that bubs
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The_Ozymandias  +   818d ago
So basically what you're saying is, as long as they throttle the PS4 version to that of the XBO, that's all I care about.

Fuck that noise. You made your bed.
Bathyj  +   818d ago
Spoken like the lowest common denominator.
rela82me  +   818d ago
No, I am a person that wants both consoles to succeed and be equal. Sure there is a hardware difference, but where we are at in the console cycle; there should be no reason that both consoles cant produce the same game with the same graphical fidelity.

I understand that there are multiplats right now that do not have parity. What I am getting at is, no one really knows why they aren't the same. They assume its hardware specs, but there are WAY more factors to something like that. Devs will get better with the Xbox One and the PS4, and they are both VERY capable machines. Whoever wouldn't want both of them to be equal is riddled with self doubt.
Bathyj  +   818d ago
You said it yourelf. There is a hardware difference. The difference should be reflected in the final product.

Yes Xbone will get better, but so will PS4. In all likelihood the gap will widen, not shrink, like it did this gen.

And lets be clear about this, I dont want them to make Xbone WORSE, (I dont really care whats happening on Xbone as long as it doesnt negativly effect PS4), I want them to make PS4 BETTER and not be held up.

Saying you want them to be the same is like saying you have two kids in a footrace. Only one has a limp but you want them to come a draw so no ones feeling will be hurt. If the quicker kid slowed down that makes a mockery of the race and is a diservice to those cheering for him. Sorry, but if one of the kids is quicker, he should win the race.
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MRMagoo123  +   818d ago

You seem to be confused tho, they cant make the games equal if they are also making the best they can on each console, the ps4 is just capable of better performing games full stop, if they make them equal they are gimping the ps4 version which sucks for PS4 owners, if they make them the best they can you complain because you want parity lol, if you want the best performing games in the next few years get the ps4 dont ask devs to hold it back for the xbone, thats just selfish.
iPad  +   818d ago
LOL. Your comment actually made me laugh.

Can't believe some people are content with mediocrity.
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BlackTar187  +   818d ago
You just keep contradicting yourself. Calling yourself intellegent and feeling like that isn't the same as being that. That said im not syaing your stupid or anything to that point but you're talkign in circles.

rela82me + 1h ago
As long as the next-gen versions have parity thats all I care about.

then you later write you don't want them to have parity unless of course both systems are equally capable.


lol GG and thanks for the response hope you get all the games you're hoping for this holiday
GraveLord  +   818d ago
You're in for a huge disappointment.
Buy a PS4 if you want the best version of multiplats.
H0RSE  +   817d ago
lol, I like how "the best" version, simply comes down to better visuals, or in the case, "potentially" better....classic.

So regardless which console you overall like more, or which controller, or which online service, or where your friends are, PS4 has the better graphics capability, so it's the best. period...For people who think this way, I really hope Destiny doesn't come to PC, because then you won't even have that argument to stand on.
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MasterCornholio  +   818d ago
Only fanboys want parity because they gate seeing a competitors console performing better than theirs.

Developers should create games according to the abilities of each console. If one console can play game x at 1080P on high detail then the other console which is weaker should play the game at 720P 30FPS.

Nexus 7 2013
H0RSE  +   817d ago
The parity game has been negatively affecting PC games for years, yet that doesn't affect console players so no one seems to care...

Yes, PC games are capable of high visual settings, but the parity issue comes from things like content or UI's. Like blatant console friendly UI's, kept in place to make the version look the same or content being cut from games, because the console version wouldn't have been able to support it all. Parity has more to do than just just graphics fidelity, and PC has got the s*** end of the stick on several occasions.

That being said, I propose a scenario for you: Let's say for whatever reason, Bungie was able to produce better visuals and/or framerate on the X1 version, or perhaps offered players more content or features via MS's Azure. If Bungie utilized each console to the best of their ability, and simply came out with better results on the X1, would you guys be all for non-parity then?

There's seems to be this one-sided argument where people are against parity because they want the PS4 version to look better, yet no one even entertains the idea that a lack in parity could result in X1 coming out on top. This mindset reeks of insecurity and close-mindedness, among the PS4 camp, and even a hint of self-righteousness, implying that "their" version must be the better version, no questions asked.
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malokevi  +   818d ago
Why do you care about parity?
GodGinrai  +   818d ago
"This "everyone is equal" mentality that people have these days is a plague on progress"

"Better if they focus on the more powerful hardware and have their vision come true instead of going for parity"

"Then Bungie should have designed Destiny for PC"

IF bungie wanted to go the one console route, they would have just stuck with MS instead of going independant.

Bungie WANT as many people to play their game as possible. Deal with it. They do not owe it to any of you to make your prefered version better than any other version they put out. And I am saying that as a real bungie fan that has supported the company since halo first came out. I am still a regular on their forums.

You guys talk about bungies vision..well here is a quote from the article:

"Destiny has been conceived and designed to be cross-platform and interact with different tools, such as Smartphones"

From the outset, parity and the ability to deploy the game across MULTIPLE platforms were key parts of bungies philosphy for this game. YOU guy clearly dont understand what bungie is about, or what they are truly trying to acheive... instead you think they should gimp their vision so you can have the best resolution.
H0RSE  +   817d ago
This entire argument is based around semantics and or interpretation.

When rela82me claimed he wanted "parity" among the game, he wasn't implying that he wants both versions to look the same, even at the cost of "dumbing down" one version to be equal with the other. He was implying that he wanted the best version capable of each system, regardless if the end results weren't equal.

He was using "parity" to describe the efforts of the devs - he wants them to use the same amount of time and dedication on each system, hence "parity."
BlackTar187  +   817d ago

Assuming that people want parity if the x1 is on top is just that assumptions. Take your PC nonsese else where. No one ever says on ps to make the game the same on both. So that whole wasted posted means zero.
BuLLDoG909  +   817d ago
So if you cant have a nicer experience, nobody else cant either ? is that it ?

Its your choice what to buy, and others shouldnt be punished for your decision.
WorldGamer  +   818d ago
This concerns me. I hope they don't sacrifice their vision to fit the limitations of the current consoles. PS3 treated me well, but this game just seems too big for it.

I think of the differences between BF4 on PS3 and PS4. Maybe I'm just overreacting, the premise looks very promising tho.

@ Kevlar

I'm sorry, but WTH are you talking about? I think with a multi-generational game like this, my concerns are more than valid. Funny how you didn't even address my comparison to BF4.

"Unless you're talking about Halo 2 campaign or some other personal issue I don't see any significant damage done by them." So, I don't believe I said ANYTHING disparaging about Bungie, Halo 2 or Activision, so I'm just going chalk up this outburst to some repression or projection on your part.

For the record, I'm really looking forward to playing this game, but I will not let someone like yourself stop me from voicing my opinions just because you happen to be overly sensitive.

Calm down man, it's really not that serious.
#2 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Kevlar009  +   818d ago
When was the last time Bungie failed us? Unless you're talking about Halo 2 campaign or some other personal issue I don't see any significant damage done by them. Also when you consider the game's development history and the effort put into concept and scope I don't see them cutting corners

Unless Activision goes ape**** on the development I have faith
Sarcasm  +   818d ago
I know what you mean, I actually want to see next-gen versions only without them limiting the scope to the last gen hardware. With that said, Bungie knows two things, Gameplay and Network (not so much graphics technology) but that's what matters. I think Destiny's going to be great.
GiggMan  +   818d ago
Can't wait for Destiny, I've been missing some Bungie goodness.
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Asuka  +   818d ago
can't wait to here more about this game tonight
PSNrandom15  +   818d ago
Destiny will be better on PS4 bungie said so themselves.
DoubleM70  +   818d ago
They will show off the best attributes of both consoles.
True_Samurai  +   818d ago
DoubleM70  +   818d ago
Please all the version will be on par. They will get the best out of each hardware like they should. Just don't be mad when the 360 version is most likley going to look better than the PS3 version because of the simple fact they know the hardware better. I expect the X1 and the PS4 looking the same.
Avernus  +   818d ago
lol...wait, you're serious?

I usually don't engage trolls, but man this is too tempting. 360 version will be better, according to you, because the hardware is better, YET the X1 version will look just like the PS4 version?...because the hardware is the same?

wow... what did I just read...
DoubleM70  +   818d ago
Your getting tunnel vision. They know the 360 hardware better than the PS3 because of Halo. It will most likely get ported over to the PS3 from the 360. Go do your research if you think they will let the PS4 outshine the X1 when Microsoft still owns tons of shares in Bungie. Why do you think they were able to go independent from Microsoft. They have been pushing the PS4 version more so because they are trying to distance themselves from Microsoft as and independent. Do your research..... I'm sorry if you think this is trolling, but I get tons of disagree for stating facts.
Sarcasm  +   818d ago
"They will get the best out of each hardware like they should."

"I expect the X1 and the PS4 looking the same."

Wow you have no idea how much those two sentences contradict each other. If they get the best out of each hardware like they should, the Xbone and PS4 will NOT be the same.
DoubleM70  +   818d ago
Yeah I feel you I also think Politics are going to come into play also. Knowing that Micosoft still owns tons of shares in Bungie.
Studio-YaMi  +   818d ago
You're claiming that the 360 version is gonna look better than the PS3 version because "they know the hardware better" yet you expect the XboxOne and PS4 version to look "the same"?

Last time I heard,the PS4 is more powerful than the XboxOne AND is easier to work with than any next gen/last gen console,so how are they going to look "the same"?

Logic,you need it.
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DoubleM70  +   818d ago
No logic you need it. Go do your research on Bungie LLC. Why they were able to become and Independent company.
Studio-YaMi  +   818d ago
"Go do your research if you think they will let the PS4 outshine the X1 when Microsoft still owns tons of shares in Bungie"

Yeah that's why they have exclusive content on the PS4 that may or may not be timed exclusive(meaning it may not come to the XboxOne or 360).

Last time I heard,Microsoft has nothing on Bungie now,the halo franchise is continued by another dev team "343 Industries".

Maybe you should do your research?
ZBlacktt  +   818d ago
So that's why we've seen Bungie using a PS4 all year long to showcase their game. Interesting... oh what's that? Exclusive DLC right off the bat for the PS4? Whoa, somethings going on here.
Studio-YaMi  +   818d ago
"Independent company
On October 1, 2007, Microsoft and Bungie announced that Bungie was splitting off from its parent and becoming a privately held Limited Liability Company named Bungie LLC.

As outlined in a deal between the two, Microsoft would retain a minority stake and continue to partner with Bungie on publishing and marketing both Halo and future projects, with the Halo intellectual property belonging to Microsoft.

While Bungie planned on revealing a new game at E3 2008, Bungie studio head Harold Ryan announced that the unveiling was canceled.

Almost three months later, Bungie announced that the new game was a prequel and expansion to Halo 3 titled Halo 3: Recon.

The next month, Bungie changed game's title from Halo 3: Recon to Halo 3: ODST.

At E3 2009, Bungie and Microsoft revealed the company was developing another Halo-related game, Halo: Reach, for release in 2010.

Reach was the last game in the Halo franchise to be developed by Bungie.

Bungie continued expanding, though it did not commit to details about new projects and ship dates.

The company grew from roughly 120 employees in May 2008 to 165 in June 2009, outgrowing the studio Microsoft developed. Ryan helped redesign a former multiplex movie theater in Bellevue into new Bungie offices, with 80,000 square feet (7,400 m2) replacing the 41,000 square feet (3,800 m2) the company occupied previously.

On April 29, 2010, Bungie announced that it was entering into a 10-year publishing agreement with publisher Activision Blizzard.

Under Bungie's agreement with Activision, new intellectual property developed by Bungie will be owned by Bungie, not Activision, in a deal similar to the EA (Electronic Arts) Partners Program."

I really hope you can read. :)
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Persistantthug  +   818d ago

I'm just trying to understand your logic here.

I mean, if the PS4 is 40% more powerful than the XBOX One, and if Bungie is literally on Sony's stage and in Sony's proverbial corner........where or how did you come to your seemingly strange conclusion that the XBOX One and PS4 would be the same in graphical fidelity and or performance?
ZBlacktt  +   818d ago
Well, they have been using and showing off their game all year on the PS4. So looks like it's made for the 1080p system first. Then will be ported down to the 720p systems. Logic only tells you if you stay on soon to be last Gen ( as of tonight ). Then you can't expect the same experience as the Next Gen consoles. Well, because they are way more powerful of course.... Not just in graphics either.
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Tctczach  +   818d ago
Should have been next-gen and pc only.
DanDan7  +   818d ago
F*ck Parity, thats the reason I HATE Micro$oft. They buy off devs forcing them to downgrade games on the superior console so they can then downplay it. Dirtiest most deceitful company ever.
Max-Zorin  +   818d ago
N4G needs parity
JunioRS101  +   818d ago
I know some people will probably disagree with this, but I can't wait for Devs to stop making games for PS360 so that the lowest "bar" can be raised/removed.

We won't see true "next gen" games until they, you know, start focusing ONLY on next gen.

The allotment of resources just doesn't allow for full-fledged next-gen to current-gen ports.

I wanna see games where the PC version looks truly insane, and the PS4/X1 versions look worlds better than PS360 games.

Let the games begin!
DivineHand125  +   818d ago
I Really wish Bungie had made the PC version of the game release the same time as the console versions because I think there is a huge audience on the PC for this type of game since allot of us are used to playing mmorpgs. Bungie even has a fanbase on the PC with Halo Combat Evolved still being played by thousands of people online.
purp13m0nk3y  +   818d ago
PS4 1080p 60fps
Xbox1 720p 60fps

Prediction made.
topparrish   818d ago | Spam
clouds5  +   818d ago
LAWSON72  +   818d ago
You people are funny with this whole parity argument and how some of you actually believe Xbone is going to hold back a next gen experience (which from what I have seen is just higher res and better details anyways). The difference is noticeable between the two gpus but seriously some of you are full of crap. I do agree big devs with these huge games should make next gen platforms their main focus but Destiny has been in development for quite sometime probably mostly on last gen and is already getting fairly close to being finished. I doubt the game really would have much to offer due to this except better performance and higher res textures, kind of like a PC port lol. IMO that is not really a bad thing I am currently playing Batman AA on PC and it looks better than any game on past gen consoles because of these two things. The big improvements of next gen are hopefully better AI and physics, of course IMO. These two things would probably not be held back by either console.
BobBelcher  +   817d ago
Honestly, if we want to talk about the 'full potential' of Destiny, perhaps we should just way until Destiny 2 comes out. Transitional games will always lack their full potential.
linkenski  +   817d ago
I just hate that Destiny is restricted by the fact that its maps are still designed to fit within a space that a 256mb ram machine can handle. PS3 has had so many ram issues with multi-console ports before but know the next gen and pc versions of Destiny has to respect that as well.

I know they lower the graphics, change the draw-distance and whatnot for PS3, but it IS undeniably gonna affect the next gen versions too.

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