New Warframe Screens Prove F2P Games Look Great on the PS4

Warframe is a free-to-play digital game that will be available as a day 1 launch title for the PS4. This third person co-op game can be played with up to three of your friends, and features boss battles and raids to embark on to secure more artifacts for your warframe, which is a super-powered exo-skeletal suit. These suits augment the wearer’s powers making them ninjas to be feared by all.

For a full list of Warframe gameplay features head on down past the break. While you’re down there you can check out a batch of new screens of the game running on the PS4 too.

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user7402931898d ago

the trailer got me anticipated. does this have a story?

SpinalRemains138898d ago

Yeah. You're a super cool space ninja with a kickass suit and you must go around and whoop on everything that moves because you can.


Utalkin2me898d ago

Well the map design reminds me of a quake sort of, which is a good thing. And the combat seems somewhat fast paced. As long as the mechanics are solid then it should be a good F2P game.

ThanatosDMC898d ago

Yup, pretty much. The game is pretty linear. From the starting point to the place where you "kite-fly" away in space, you just kill everything that moves and loot lockers.

They need to add more power variety. Some powers need a buff too because of their uselessness.

MidnytRain898d ago

Are you paying for the game?

fenome897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

No, it's free, you don't even need PS+

Oh, thought this was an actual question then I realized you were just criticizing his question..
Carry on then

MidnytRain897d ago


Rhetorical question.

fenome897d ago

Yeah, 'caught that after the fact, already hit the button.

Irishguy95898d ago

It doesn't have a story no, just a backstory. The one SpinalRemains said.

Very cool game though

webeblazing898d ago

How do they prove anything when the game has been out for the longest

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA898d ago

Sorta. Here's the official write up - "A third-person, co-op focused action game at its core, Warframe® challenges players to release their inner ninja situating them as Tenno warriors, who have discovered an ancient exo-skeletal technology only they can operate. These Warframes bring unimaginable power and skill to the Tenno and provide players with unique offensive and defensive powers to explore and master. Players go solo or band together in squads of 4 to complete co-op based raids to locate ancient artifacts that will help customize and upgrade their Warframe and weapons."

MidnytRain898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

That's background info is to fill a quota. It involves the gameplay in no way whatsoever.

Garethvk898d ago

This and Blacklight are two must have for PS 4 gamers. Two good games right off the bat and you cannot beat the price.

Fireseed898d ago

It's funny to think that this game was the first revealed for the 7th generation console, and now it's finally making it's debut on the 8th :)

T2897d ago

I always get this confused with warthunder ... More hyped for that one tbh