Kojima promises a shocking PS4 related announcement that will blow your mind

Hideo Kojima will be making a 'shocking PlayStation 4 related announcement that will blow your mind' at tomorrow's Spike TV.

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Xsilver1379d ago

O.O tomorrow it goes down

PixlSheX1379d ago

I wonder what could it be. It's most likely exclusive content.

ThunderSpark1379d ago

Tomorrow at midnight, my life changes.

hesido1379d ago

No Vita, it says PS4 related. Unless remote played.

GrizzliS19871379d ago

ladies and gentlemen, i give you...Zone of The Enders

JoySticksFTW1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Policenauts or Snatcher ps4 remake!

Believe :)

Lannister1379d ago

I don't know, it takes a lot to blow my mind. I mean exclusive MGSV content won't get the job done to be honest.

cpayne931379d ago

@Heavy he said ps4 related...

I_am_Batman1379d ago

Kojima is an AI tech demo created by the PS4 and sent back in time by the PS5 to create games.

abzdine1379d ago

MGO 2 PS4 exclusive F2P..


Anarki1379d ago

Please, god, if there is such a thing let it be ZoE3....PLEASE

JimmyLmao1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

im calling it now..

some kind of metal gear game with PS4 VR headset support

remember this?

"Thursday, meet the minds behind PlayStation's top-secret new R&D lab. See where they are taking PS4 next. "

zebramocha1379d ago

I know what it is,kojima is part of the la-le-lu-la-lo and he has a shagohad to destroy Sony hq but kaz as snake won't let him do it because kaz is being assisted by shu raiden in his cyborg ninja suite take him down.

Mike134nl1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

maybe exclusive MGS multi player

I_am_Batman1379d ago

@JimmyLmao: "MGS VR Missions for real"

MestreRothN4G1379d ago

@ JimmyLmao

+ bubble for connecting the dots.

mafiahajeri1379d ago

Not neccessarily MGS related, actually doubt it because exclusive content has already been announced. Also Kojima doesn't seem like the guy that would blow his own horn that way.

infamous-butcher1379d ago

@ abzdine
MGO 3 actually.
mgo was a ps2 game with mgs3 subsistance
mgo 2 was a ps3 game with mgs4

bleedsoe9mm1379d ago

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes free on ps+

kreate1379d ago

Is this the game that Geoff keighley was talking about?


I can help you: It is a game, mostly exclusive to PS4:

TheGreatAndPowerful1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Amazing time to be a PS user! :D

pyramidshead1379d ago

intriguing indeed! Not hyping it though.

boneso821379d ago

Anyone know if you can get spike tv in the UK? Or an Internet stream? I hate missing out on shit...

Muffins12231379d ago

metal gear solid on vita would be crazy,would definitely save it from failure.

PickAShoe1379d ago

Joe from Last of Us is Snake!!!!!!!!! /headexplode

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callahan091379d ago

Oh boy, this could be interesting.

kwiksilver991379d ago

raiden .exclusive to ps4 with even more naked gameplay in 1080p:)

jonboi241379d ago

Has he officially announced what his project Ogre was?

Stsonic1379d ago

My best guess is a Snake suit for the up and coming little big planet game.

Plasticgearsolid1379d ago

@kwiksilver99 dont get my hopes up bro