God of War III Wishlist: 11 Key Features

GamePro's got God of War on the brain. To celebrate the news that God of War III is "coming soon," they are presenting a list of 12 key features they are dying to see.

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superman3889d ago

As long as i can kick Zeus ass ill be content.

sonarus3888d ago

My wishlist

I want the visuals to stun. I know visuals aren't everything but considering what gow1 did for ps2, i want gow to push the ps3 in similar ways.

I want the longest story ever. GOW may not be known for its story but i absolutely love the narrative and the way everything is presented

More enemies on screen: I want to see like 100 enemies rushing kratos at once and please leave me with some limbs or blood patches even if those bodies have to dissapear.

No load times: Absolutely vital to a good GOW experience. I don't care if its a 30min install just take out load times completely

Multiplayer: I know not many people will be on my side on this one. Some may say MP won't work with GOW, i say sony should find a way to make it work. I want to play GOW as much as i can and Multiplayer can only extend the experience

Bigger bosses badder bosses and over all epic game is an automatic expectation for the next gen successor to the great GOW franchise

koston36473889d ago

when sony announced the ps3 i imagined all the games that would be made possible now and the first game i thought of playing was GOW3
i have very high expectations but im sure Kratos will live up to them

GOW3 = GOTY 2009

Xlll3889d ago

GOW3 will be amazing. I can't wait to see how the boss fights will look. It's gonna make eyes bleed thats for sure.

supahbad3889d ago

NO! man i already did a few blogs on GOW3 too, one was here on N4G. I havent read his yet though

gtgcoolkid3889d ago

I really want GOW3 to push the ps3 to its limits kinda like GOW2 did for PS2. Plus really wrap the whole story.

jkhan3888d ago

NO, i don't want it to be trilogy. I want it to keep on release a story that never ends. I want GOD OF WAR 3, 4, 5, .... 10000. I wan't God of War on PS10 as well:D

Skerj3889d ago

Of all things they left off a deeper combat system. That's the one thing I feel GoW is lacking in, I want some DMC3 depth man. Invincible frames, move cancellations, freeform combos etc.

Lord_Ash3888d ago

Move cancellation is a must, nothing more annoying than when a circle appears on the monster and you kill him by mistake cause the previous move is still in motion.

clevernickname3888d ago

It's part of the challenge of the game. Once you've committed yourself to a move you have to live with the consequences. The combat is perfect and everything you mentioned would just serve to unnecessarily complicate the game and water down the experience to a new level of button mashing.

No thanks.

Skerj3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

It's already a button masher, you can spam the same 3 moves throughout the entire game with little consequence. I like GOW and all but the combat is as shallow as a puddle of piss, it's very much style over substance and I hope that changes.

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The story is too old to be commented.