10,000 Stores Worldwide Opening for Xbox One Launch

Gameranx: "Big parties planned in cities across the globe to make the console's release."

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n4rc1681d ago

One of the few benefits to working an afternoon shift... I'll be off work at midnight and futureshop is right down the road..

Almost wish I was getting a ps4 so I'd only have another day to wait.. Almost ;)

Lol.. Had about a dozen consoles in my life and never had o e day one.. Had my preorder since June.. This wait is new for me, and its killing me hahaha

pheature1681d ago Show
foxsilver0071681d ago

dont know why they are going to bother trying to launch on 22nd when reports say there is a massive shortage of xbox one they said unless you preordered like 2 years ago you likely wont see the console till jan or feb.

Stuart811680d ago

Begone back under your bridge troll, there's no billy goats for you here

n4rc1680d ago

Lol.. What!?

There are no credible reports stating any such thing... Reports are actually saying stores will have stock for walk ins on both platforms

Stuart811680d ago

There wont be a repeat of the 360 release back in '05 where lots of people who preordered in time for release day had to wait for phase 2 stock to arrive, because stores took more preorders than they had stock allocated.