PS4 tops Xbox One as most preferred next-gen console, says leading game advertiser

GameZone writes, "A new survey conducted by Intergi Entertainment, the leading online advertising agency ranked by comScore as No. 1 for reaching gaming content, has found the PlayStation 4 to be the most preferred next-gen gaming console among U.S. consumers, topping both the Xbox One and Wii U. This is great news for Sony as the PS4 is set to release in North America this Friday, November 15th."

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xHeavYx1734d ago

No surprise here, can't wait to get my hands on a PS4

DeadRabbits1734d ago

I can't wait for my first sniff of that Black Box!

0ut1awed1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Wow, I'm really glad spell check prevented you from putting a "C" instead of that "B".

C-H-E-F1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Bubble Wrap? Did someone just say they can't wait to unwrap their ps4 and pop the bubble wrap in excitement as the update downloads?? Oh no... hmph :( WELL I'LL BE DA**** I DO I DO...

PR_FROM_OHIO1734d ago

Well duh! everybody i know is getting a PS4 and the funny thing is most of them were XBOX360 owners LOL!!! Its funny to see them run back to SONY HAHA!!!

Excalibur1734d ago

" is getting a PS4 and the funny thing is most of them were XBOX360 owners "

And I'm one of them, got no interest in Microsoft's Next Gen vision.

Ketzicorn1734d ago

Xbox fan since the original and I agree but for me it was MS PR reps and higher ups with the always blame the fan mentality for us not being able to push our vision attitude they have taken so far this gen.

Belking1734d ago

Everybody you Well that just proves it then.

Don't count your chickens just

sAVAge_bEaST1734d ago

"Don't count your chickens just"- ahhh, classic..

My real life friends and family, that are/were 360 owners, are getting Ps4's.. what?

MysticStrummer1734d ago

He's talking about people he knows. Those are his chickens and he has every right to count them. You can't stop him from counting his own damn chickens.

My gaming friends feel the same. None of them wants XB1, though nearly all of them bought 360s first this generation. They switched to PS3 years ago and have no interest in what MS is offering.

TheFallenAngel1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

The main selling point for Xbox 360 was that it was cheaper and this will be the case with the ps4. I've heard countless people (cassuals,parents) said they got the 360 because it was cheap. One bad thing about the popularity of the ps4 will be that kids will flock the psn and with free mics on every ps4, the screams and yells of kids will be annoying.

no, I mean the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is still alive and well. The Wii died years ago. It was fun for like a week and then it just collected dust. my niece sold her Wii and bought a 360 instead. She bought it for kinect but again after a week of kinect, it just collects dust. I'm the one who plays her 360 when she brings it over.

MakiManPR1734d ago

You meant the Wii right?

Excalibur1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


Spot on.
I bought a Wii for my Mother and GF for Christmas years ago (neither of which were/are gamers) because they bought into the hype/gimmick Nintendo was advertising, all they played for 2-3 weeks was the bowling game and by the end of January the thing was already collecting dust, had two aunts that did the very same thing.

Kuddos to Nintendo for marketing the hype with the core machine but no-one can deny the attachment rate was abysmal.

Microsoft wanted to cash in on some of that free hype but just like most everything with Microsoft for the past 5-10 years they are too little to late because the core hype has either died down or the majority has settle on the other brand and Microsoft is left standing there with their you-know-what in their hand.

kingmushroom1734d ago

MS has no vision, specially with kinect.

OutLaw1734d ago

Ps4 Bundles at gamestop online for the 15th. for anybody who still wants one.

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