PS4 All Access: Exclusive New Look at Destiny and a Special Announcement by Bungie Incoming

Host Geoff Keighley just announced on Twitter that during the PS4 all access broadcast we'll see new and exclusive footage of Bungie's Destiny, and that the developer will make a special announcement.

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xHeavYx1741d ago

A new special announcement? Can't wait to know what it is

Abriael1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I sure hope that all the teases Keighley is dropping aren't just overhype lol.

"An exclusive skin on PlayStation consoles! yay!"

I doubt it's like that, but it'd be kind of hilarious.

KwietStorm1741d ago

Knowing Keighley, it's just as realistic as it is hilarious.

1741d ago
OlgerO1741d ago

Im so hyped for the all access event, dont dissapoint me please !!

PR_FROM_OHIO1741d ago

Beta is exclusive to PS is my guess!

DonkeyWalrus1741d ago

Already confirmed the beta will be for all platforms... Anyone who preorders gets a beta code for Bungie's website. You choose a platform at some point in the future and then receive an actual download code for whatever you picked. Betas are meant to test the game and make sure it works before release, so it wouldn't make sense to make it exclusive anyway.

lpgs50001741d ago

For the love of God please have local co-op.

fenome1740d ago

Me and my girl were all about borderlands, this looks so much better on so many levels! I want local so bad with this!!

Toman851741d ago

Timed DLC, PS4 destiny themed console, one exclusive mode, supports offline splitscreen coop, bahhh too much I want :P

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