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Playstation 4 - Installing a new SSD

"Peter has replaced the original HDD Sony hard drive with a Samsung SSD. The video shows this trick step-by-step." (PS4)

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9argav2  +   690d ago
nailed it
AlexanderNevermind  +   690d ago
Although I won't be purchasing a SSD (I have the Seagate Hybrid), This video is good for those who want to replace it. Very Helpful
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XB1_PS4  +   690d ago
Looks easy, and quick. Awesome.

Why was the playstation wobbling though?
Grown Folks Talk  +   690d ago
It's built that way. The CM guy who got his early talked about it. There's some sort of lip on the edge that makes it slightly uneven.
Anarki  +   690d ago
I've been looking for information on this. I want to know what the max size is for the PS4, as I'm planning on getting the max size possible.
0ut1awed  +   690d ago
@ Anarki

Well considering the only limitation is the hard drive itself...

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Grown Folks Talk  +   690d ago
From their FAQ
"What type of hard drive does PS4 use?
PS4 is equipped with a 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive. Users can choose to install a new hard drive so long as it complies with these standards, is no thicker than 9.5mm, and is larger than 160GB."
GusHasGas  +   690d ago
Does anyone know how big (in terms of megabytes) the flash drive has to be?

Please help/respond - I have little experience with swapping hard drives.
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AlexanderNevermind  +   690d ago

Flash Drive should be no less than 1gb I presume. I doubt you could find a flash drive smaller.

The Recovery file is 850-900mb.
GusHasGas  +   690d ago

Thank you very much!!
pheature  +   689d ago
i agree i like the video i will eventually upgrade it at some point but not instantly.
decrypt  +   690d ago
Pointless having a SSD on console. Reason being consoles cant store multiple HDs, niether can the console Trim.

With PC a user may use a cheap small SSD for the OS. Then get a huge HD for games.

With console you would need a super large SSD, which will cost a lot and with the size of next gen games the SSD would end up getting used very quickly. Just better to have a large HD for those 25gb+ installs.
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XxGOWxX  +   690d ago
Yeh it seems pretty pointless until the consoles can manage them properly and SSD's are cheaper.

Nice to see for intrigues sake
0ut1awed  +   690d ago
You make a good point but really the only issue is the price to performance cost on SSDs still. They are coming down quick though.

I plan on putting a 1TB SSD in my PS4 probably within the next 6 months. The performance gains are defiantly still there even without trim enabled.

Also while I do have multiple drives in my PC, I still stick most of my frequently played games on my SSD not my HDD. That would seem like a major waste of a investment to only use it so your OS boots up a little quicker (in a gaming PC at least)
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LiQuiZoN  +   690d ago
I also want to point out that the PS4 has SATAII and not SATAIII, which means the newer SSD's would be wasted since the maximum throughput is only 300Gb/s, as opposed to SATAIII which is 600Gb/s.

Those new samsungs doing 540ish read, 520ish write. So the extra speed would be lost. Better to put an older SSD into the PS4 and the newer ones into a PC which has SATAIII.
GameSpawn  +   689d ago

For what it is worth though, SATAIII SSDs have also been designed better to have longer lifespans via writes and rewrites. The older SATAII SSDs while cheaper per GB just aren't anywhere near as robust as SATAIII drives made within the last year.

Still though, unless you really want the performance gains over the capacity, conventional(up to 2TB in 2.5") or hybrid drives (up to 1TB+8GB in 2.5") are a far more enticing option for the PS4 than pure SSDs.

I'd love Crucial's 960GB SSD for my PS4, but it is just a little too pricy at around $0.60/GB. Seagate's 1TB+8GB Hybrid drive though is more interesting at $0.12/GB (calculated off the 1TB only & not +8GB as it is used as an SSD cache).
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Omeganex9999  +   689d ago
If in 3 or 4 years they get cheaper, I'm definitely gonna go for an SSD too. Right now I have one for the OS in my laptop and I really can't think of going back, it's really stepping into the future.

However, the PS4 is already really fast, I watched some streaming yesterday and it tooks like 30 seconds to install the part of the game you need to start playing. It looks different on the Xbox One, where I think you have to install the whole game before playing. That would definitely improve the Xbox perfomance (too bad you can't switch it).
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   689d ago
Pretty sure he screwed it, no nailing involved.
Idba  +   690d ago
Wish i had enough money to spend on a 1TB SSD
bicfitness  +   690d ago
The 1TB Samsung is available for a massive discount on Amazon atm. But its basically the price of another PS4. Still a great deal for an SSD though. I am hoping they add TRIM support or that the natural garbage collection on the EVO series does a decent job when the system is shut down. I know that Linux based systems don't fragment as much as Windows ones, so there's that too. In another few years the prices won't be so prohibitive.

Honestly, I nabbed a 250 gig SSD years ago (over 2 now) and slapped it in my PS3 and the performance gains were noticeable. It hasn't suffered any visible degradation in performance either and has never been TRIMmed.
Mogwai  +   690d ago
man so do i hey but a hybrid is much cheaper so hopefully sometime soon we'll find out if they are worth buying for ps4, if it cuts load times at a decent enough rate im investing for sure.
1nsomniac  +   690d ago
I would imagine that with the constant cacheing of the PS4 an SSD would cause more negatives than positives.

Not only would I imagine you'll cause a lot of system stalls but also damage your SSD at twice the speed.
TomahawkX  +   690d ago
good point.
famoussasjohn  +   690d ago
I have yet to purchase an SSD, I've heard there are issues if you add data and remove data a lot that it may cause issues because the drive only has a certain amount of writes to the memory before it starts to die down. This wouldn't be very ideal considering data would be written and removed a lot, right?
1nsomniac  +   690d ago
I use a Samsung 256gb SSD as my main OS drive in my PC, so only use it for windows & programs. Then I have 2 separate standard drives for games, music & films etc..

Although I absolutely love it & would never choose to go back to HDD. It is a massive pain at times.

As soon as it goes below 50% free space you start getting lock ups or screen artefacts. Exactly the same if your writing a lot of data to it all at one time.

Only way to fix it is a system restart & move data to another drive. For PC usage though the speed difference far outweighs the negatives just don't think it would work effectively long term in a console though.
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famoussasjohn  +   690d ago
1nsomniac - Yeah that's what I was hearing too, I was looking at the Samsung SSD's just for gaming on PC but didn't want to deal with the possible issues though the speed increase would be welcomed. Thanks for the info though!
Are_The_MaDNess  +   690d ago
i really cant see a pure SSD working long time with a console.
that is if the console is making cache files and such on the drive under gameplay. witch i have heard the PS4 does. meaning it will take up space when you play a game and such. meaning alot more will be written with normal usage.
SSD's have a limit on how much that can be written on it.
if they somehow make an option in the OS to stop that and just use the pure performance of an SSD then it can work. aslong as you dont rewrite your hole drive like 100 times XD.

SSHD's are much better tho.
as a hybrid drive it will use the SSD part for the most used files, for example your most used game or the OS. meaning you will have faster performance with those files.
all the other files will load just as fast as an normal HDD.
+ its ALOT cheaper than a pure SSD aswell :D
Are_The_MaDNess  +   690d ago
also, you wont have diffrence in performance with an SSD if you have 90% free space or 1% free space. there is no difference. there is no movable parts.

your problem might be software/firmware related or a bad chip in the drive.

got two 240GB ssd's set in raid 0 here and i never see any problems when they have gotten full.
esemce  +   690d ago
Modern SSd's have a life span equal to standard hard drives, the early versions did not.
TomahawkX  +   690d ago
Wow a lot easier than I expected. If it improves speeds on disc based games I will promptly upgrade to SSHD.
impet25  +   690d ago
With no trim support putting an ssd is pointless.
Neonridr  +   690d ago
They kind of skipped over the part where they removed the original HD from that smaller housing (after removing it from the system) and put the SSD in its place.
coldfoot  +   690d ago
I'm disappointed, the PS4 seems to be unbalanced. First GiantBomb, second this video. You press down on the shiny side and it wobbles.
Drekken  +   690d ago
This really bothers me especially being that when I play games I am constantly pressing down on the corner of the console to assure sturdiness. Surely this practice may cause problems with this wobbly console.

What are we going to do now that we can't push down on the shiny part without the console wobbling?
Palaven  +   690d ago
When you purchase expensive hardware you expect a certain build quality, the console being unbalanced isn't good enough.

If you bought a new TV or computer you would be fine with it being wobbly?
Drekken  +   690d ago
If it is only wobbly when you push down on a corner, is it really wobbly?
Kennytaur  +   690d ago
It sucks, but just one of those pillows you stick under furniture on it and it'll be fine. I use them under my PS3 to reduce noise from vibrations.

My PS4 will be using the vertical stand for a while first, as I don't have enough room with the PS3 connected. So when I do eventually place it horizontal I'll probably be like "da fuq?".
devwan  +   690d ago
Microsoft have been saying all along that theirs is the balanced console...

esemce  +   690d ago
Yeah it only has rubber feet (rubber strip) at the bottom and middle and not the top edge.
Hicken  +   689d ago
Not this nonsense again.

When are you gonna be pressing down on your console like that?
Lolrus  +   690d ago
Xbones hdd is non removable. How do users expand storage on it?
famoussasjohn  +   690d ago
Microsoft said they plan on releasing an update to use external hard drives for storage.
devwan  +   690d ago
Oh that's a future update? I thought that was day 1... that's not so good, just another feature on the list of things to come "ONE day"...
famoussasjohn  +   690d ago
devwan - while yes it is a downer it won't be there at launch, it will get implemented in there shortly after launch. I don't see myself filling up my 500*GB HDD very quickly anyhow, I'm getting about about 2 games at launch that I know of, maybe a 3rd but haven't decided.
fattyuk  +   690d ago
You jut know that it's going to be a overpriced Microsoft branded extra storage peripheral
famoussasjohn  +   690d ago
Well, they'll probably have their own offering, or you can just use a USB 3.0 external hard drive just like you can use any USB thumb drive currently on the 360.
bluelightspeed  +   690d ago
I'm going to be putting one in.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   690d ago
Can't you get the update from the sony network when you connect the ps4?
bluelightspeed  +   690d ago
Of course you can.
AlexanderNevermind  +   690d ago

I think you need the system recovery update 1st if replacing the hdd. The new hdd won't boot without the OS. Its about 3x the size of the 300mb day one update. Hence the necessity for putting it on a thumb drive.
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Mr Blings  +   690d ago
Do you know where to find the 1.5 system recovery file? Only The 1.5 update file is on the official U.S. Playstation site.

I downloaded the supposed 1.5 update and system recovery a few days ago from another site, but would much rather download the file from Sony's official site.
AlexanderNevermind  +   690d ago
Don't think its out yet. remember its supposed to be out at systems launch. There's no doubt the recovery file will be there as well as there may be some who have OS issues/upgrading their hdd's.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   690d ago
Thanks...not that pc savvy hope I can pull it off.
azshorty2003  +   690d ago
No. Because the Hard Drive you are installing has no OS on it and the system will have nothing to boot into. You need to download and put it on a flash drive.

I just went through this with my PS3 last week.
Grown Folks Talk  +   690d ago
I'm no drive expert, but didn't Sony's PS4 FAQ state you could install larger drives, but at the same rpm & type?
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HeyYouGuyz  +   690d ago
What type of hard drive does PS4 use?
PS4 is equipped with a 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive. Users can choose to install a new hard drive so long as it complies with these standards, is no thicker than 9.5mm, and is larger than 160GB.

That would mean as long as it's no larger than 9.5mm and has a capacity larger than 160GB it won't be an issue.

And SATA II of course, which seems dumb when SATA III has been the standard for several years.
"And SATA II of course, which seems dumb when SATA III has been the standard for several years."

I couldn't agree more with you brosephina, a real stupid misstep on Sony's part especially since SATA III has been the standard since early 2009 and is double the data rate of SATA II (3Gbs/sp vs. 6Gbs/ps).

Please tell me again how much of a genius Mark Cerny is :P
cyclindk   690d ago | Off topic | show
azshorty2003  +   690d ago
While I didn't get a SSD, I did manage to somehow land a 1TB 7200 RPM from Newegg a few days ago for $60! Should arrive today. Perfect timing.
BattleTorn  +   690d ago
$60 eh? that's not bad.
Mr_Danski  +   690d ago
This certainly might be worth doing.
BattleTorn  +   690d ago
I'm a noob - what should I buy?
DeadMansHand  +   690d ago
Son, you go buy yourself whatever strikes your fancy. In the end, its all about what you enjoy.
BattleTorn  +   690d ago
I mean, if I am to choose to upgrade my PS4 HHD.

Which should I choose?
qu1ckset  +   690d ago
If we are already using a HDD and have saves on it , can't we just take out the original HDD with are data , hook it up to a PC or Mac clone the information to a bigger drive and put the bigger drive in the PS4 and it should work with no problems ?
Pogue1906  +   690d ago
Wobble baby Wobble baby shake that shake that. someone mess up. i home it don't vibrate its a lot of moving parts in there.
HeyYouGuyz  +   690d ago
Is one really going to notice the difference between an HDD and an SSD in their PS4 like they would a computer?

I have a 512 GB Vertex 4 laying around that I'd use in my PS4, but without TRIM support I don't know how interested I am in doing so.

Also how much time is it going to shave off of different tasks?
zippycup  +   689d ago
yes and no ps3/ps4 use 5400 rpm drives now in the real world even a 5400rpm drive dosent run at full tilt because tech is not perfect neither are drivers

so if the ps3/4 only support lets say 5400rpm 30 meg per second read and 30 megs per second wright

and you put in a 7500 rpm 60 megs per second read/wright drive if the ps3/4 dosent support it it will limit to what it can use

but since ssd drives are made for more raw speed a hd might only run at 90% but if the ssd runs at 100% then yes it will be faster but will still be at what the ps3/4 can support

so i believe price/size ratio its better to get a 2tera drive than an ssd someone had posted that newegg had a 2t dive that was the perfect size for ps3/4

sorry i didn't go into better details im in hell(work)
mochachino  +   690d ago
Load time was twice as fast, that's promising.
Really no point at all since your hard drive data rates are capped at 3Gbts/s because the PS4 is only using SATA II Standard. Should've just saved some money and received essentially the same speeds with a Seagate Momentus XT 750GB or higher, although even that thing is capped with it being SATA III 6Gbts/s.
kingPoS  +   689d ago
What's with people saying there's no point.

It's like saying what's the point of driving fast cars. Soooo, the PS4 has a rev limiter; It can still go 'VRooooom'

What the point of progress if no one's progressing.

Gateway MT6706 2008
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HappyWithOneBubble  +   690d ago
Great helpful vid.
Guwapo77  +   689d ago
I see a lot of complaints about the size of SSDs. It seems like those that choose to buy Playstation Plus can store up to 3gigs on the "cloud" with the PS4. 500gigs to 2TB HDD/SSDs will be more than enough for storage.

worldwidegaming  +   689d ago
I should not need to upgrade anything. I sure hope years down the line all I would need is an External HDD...
Azzanation  +   689d ago
That's a joke, how many casuals are going to be able to work on there system like this? Its simple for some but your mum or dad or 12 year old most likely cant do this. Why not have a simple deice similar to 360? The way it looks, might aswell build a PC.
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