The Globe & Mail - Killzone: Shadow Fall Review 'more fun to look at than to play '

Killzone: Shadowfall is ultimately a frustrating experience, which is too bad because it’s the only real offering for core shooter-loving gamers with the PS4’s initial launch. It’s still worth a look to see the new console’s graphical horsepower at work – just be aware that at some point, you’ll get angry enough that you might wish you could physically fight the game.

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Blastoise1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Damn. Was hoping this game would get better scores. Was really quite excited for this game

Still reckon I'll pick it up at some point

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GarrusVakarian1589d ago

Destructoid 9
Gamesreactor 8
Gamesradar 8

All independent reviewers.

TwistingWords1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

The same Gamesradar owned by Future Plc?

HammerKong1589d ago

hey buddy ,i've been reading your comments for months ,i thought before that you were a non fanboy and a boy who belives in what he see's and there were many people like you turning into fanboys.i dont know at what bases you look at games but your this coomment was the most annoying comment i've ever from you,it's good that you are having a console of your choise,but when truth comes why dont you accept them ,yeah kz is having amazing graphics but at last what matters is gaming experience and games,its faliur does not means that sony exclusives are bad but not all of them graet and same is here ,we dont know what console will be better,it can be that xb1 turns to be grat and i can be that xb1 flops and ps4 wins ,anything can happen ,both are strong and can perform relatively exellent,but i think now at launch these comparisons and debates must be stopped and now we must play games and experience amazing games.
i recieved ps4 early and played kzsf i was dissapointed but now i'am looking forward to ps4 other games and xb1 and its games ,we know this time both will have amazing exclusives ,ms will not reapeat its past mistakes and same goes to sony ,they both wants to be at on top they will try hard to being amazing exlusives to their own consoles.we must only play games, not bringing pr to your respective consoles ,we all have our choises you have your ,i have both and will get 2nd soon ,but what is best that i play games,not make one company great.

panbit861589d ago

I'll definitely buy the game and enjoy it but i seriously think games like cod have ruined some people for life...

BABY-JEDI1589d ago

Some people just want their hand held while playing a game. It's sooo sad. I find reviewers are all the more alarmist due to deadlines. Anything too difficult upsets them (& their scoring) LoL

scott1821589d ago

I was really hoping for better from this game.

TomahawkX1589d ago

Luckily there are other options if you're a shooter fan.

Bennibop1589d ago

Globe & Mail who the hell posts these things!

mafiahajeri1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Lool google killzone shadow fall review I reckon and find the bad ones I guess.

Bennibop1589d ago

I am sure if we looked hard enough Town & Country Magazine has a review.

Lovable1589d ago

iHop has one as well...too lazy to post it though

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The story is too old to be commented.