TorontoSun - Killzone: Shadow Fall Review 'beautiful, but stupid at times'

Steve Tilley: For all its many flaws, Killzone: Shadow Fall deserves kudos for being such a spectacular early example of the PlayStation 4’s technical potential, and the game’s stunning visual design goes a long way towards offsetting the generic action, silly plot and rage-worthy bottlenecks. I wouldn’t want to marry it, but I’d definitely love a hot, short-term relationship.

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Irishguy951741d ago

So you're giving it leeway for it's graphics? Ok. If graphics matter that much to you that is fine.

I'd say this game will end up 7.5. Which is very disappointing for a next gen game. Although I hardly expect it'll be one of the lower reviewed games(coughRyse/DeadRisingcoug h)

Neonridr1741d ago

7-8 seems to be a good place for this game..

It's not perfect no, but it's a good start.

BABY-JEDI1740d ago

Pretty much what I was expecting way back when GG started work on this game. KZ is an excellent & under appreciated franchise. But, reviewers will be reviewers. Gamers will game.
Ps 5/10 is just BS Polygon.

schubacca1740d ago

Look, Killzone as a series has been mediocre. I do not say that to gloat or to stoke any flames. 7.5-8 is what I expected.

Kornholic1740d ago

Mediocre, really? For startes, it has a metascore of 91 on Metacritic. That's hardly a mediocre score.

Lboogieskells1740d ago

5 being average and

10 being a master piece

Gigaguy7771740d ago

Cool, I didn't know Metacritic scores were the end-all final and complete judgment of a game. I mean there's no possible way that Metacritic isn't a flawless look at a game no matter what, regardless of the situation.

ritsuka6661740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Yeah, without any doubt. Is that the only reason to be excited about this game? Oh dear, Let’s go back to 2004, the first Killzone game also had pretty graphics, but not saved this franchise.

TekoIie1740d ago


Don't use that logic or you'll have to admit COD is good.

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gillri1740d ago

a bit like my ex-girlfriend then

spektical1740d ago

reading these reviews and i wonder if all games will get the same treatment. really harsh reviews particular the SP, and the MP is just baffling.

Im gonna use shadow fall as a reference for all FPS games. I want to see the atrocious discrepancy between similar games.

schubacca1740d ago

Look at the historical marks for the series and it all begins to make sense. Their is no conspiracy: The series is just not excellent, like Uncharted or Halo.

spektical1740d ago

no, no. the reviews are coming out harsh. I have no problem with that. Criticize the hell out of them, I want consistency. Also none of this, if you have less lives than your opposition you will lose the match, and that makes the MP really hard, and so the MP is really weak. [email protected]?

kneon1740d ago

Well you first have to adjust for reviewer bias. I've often detected a pro-Xbox/anti-Sony bias from Steve Tilley so you can probably add another 1-2 points to his review score.

The Sun also appears to be anti-Sony if you read their gaming related articles.

Joe9131740d ago

There are a lot of reviews on n4g I read a review that gave it a 9/10 so it depends on who write the review. I have always liked the killzone games and love the story even the psp game. I never listen to reviews myself because I have yet to read a review of a game I played and agreed so why go off reviews.

Nicaragua1740d ago

He seems to focus a bit too much on the campaign which is something i couldnt give a toss about.

I want this game for the multiplayer.

spektical1740d ago

same boat, but have you read the complaints on the MP? They are just too funny.

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