Killzone Shadow Fall review: Is Guerrilla Games’ sci-fi shooter PS4’s killer app?(Financial Post)

If you want to discover some of the neat things your PlayStation 4 can do (and you’re old enough to stomach a little of the old ultraviolence), Guerrilla Games’ sci-fi first-person shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall may be worth dropping into your cart when you go shopping for Sony’s new hardware this Friday.

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mdluffy1740d ago

So it didn't pay off to have much bigger maps, crysis 1 style.
Killzone 2 was very linear and closed off, but still got 9,1 on metacritic.
killzone:sf is now sitting at 7,3, that's almost as low as killzone 1 :(
I hope it can go up too 8.0 but am skeptical of that happening.

ritsuka6661740d ago

Killzone franchise was a big disappointment for me after the stellar Killzone 2.

mikeslemonade1740d ago

Hey it's gonna still sell well. It's 2nd place compared to all X1 games and 4th place in PS4 games. It means more games to come.

Which should piss off the zealots because even though we get mediocre games they still sell will and thus we get more games. HAHA I we get the last laugh.

Ju1740d ago

BS. I think they all were great games. The press has an issue with rating it since KZ2 showed the fake trailer and for some reason no matter what Guerilla does, reviewers change the base line with each new game. Even if the next blows the previous one away.

Gaming1011740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

The review is filled with nitpicks and nonsense that the average gamer would never, ever complain about. This is what you get when you read retarded articles from the Financial Post.

The reviewer complains about the dumbest shit. Don't bother reading it, the guy writing it is a bitter, hating loser who feels there should have been more verticality to the levels, doesn't like it that a pointer isn't on screen at ALL times showing him where to go and how far away, holding his hand like a little baby, and doesn't like it that he has to select new grenade types. I'd go on but you get the point, he's a nitpicking, bitter, trolling internet blogger who probably only likes indie games.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1740d ago

Killzone averaging a 73 on metactitic and Knack averaging a horrid 59! What happen boys?

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA! I thought the PS4 was the greatest thing ever... now let's wait till next week and get those not resolutions to play... get those games to play baby! Bring on the 22nd!

MrDead1740d ago

Big Trouble in Little China scores 7.2 out of 10 and that’s the greatest movie ever made. As you only play the scores you'll never know true greatness.

Bring on the Helghast!!

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1740d ago

Lopan wouldn't like you comparing him to the Killzone.

Get the girl with the green eyes.

I_am_Batman1740d ago

Calm down those are launch titles. They are mainly for early adopters. System sellers will come down the road. You seem to care a lot about meta scores. I hope your world won't fall apart when you'll find out that Dead Rising 3 and Ryse meta scores won't be much higher.

@MrDead: Nice example. BTiLC is a really great movie.

XboxFun1740d ago

This is what happens when you only hype resolutions. Everyone should have been asking what do these games do that is different from what we have played before.

Anyways, I agree with both Midnight and MrDead, Big Trouble is a damn good movie!

Also, as I have said before in the past about this site. Any website that gives a sony exclusive a bad score is automatically branded a MS paid for site. You guys are truly creatures of habit.

I_am_Batman1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

@XboxFun: I agree that a new console generation has to offer more than just shinier graphics. But history shows that the best games seldom come with the launch of a console. This doesn't mean that launch games are bad but people need to set their expectations right.

Launch games have to be finished and ready for the console launch. The devs have to learn to work with the new consoles and they have to show off what the console is capable of. They have to cut a lot of ideas due to the strict time management.

When those games release people expect a step up from last gens late games (which tend to be the best) in all aspects and therefore get disappointed.

I've been around for a lot of generations to see it happen every time (only exception could be the jump from 2D to 3D).

Here is a list of launch games for the past generations to support my point:

OMNlPOTENT1740d ago

"a game is only good because other people tell me it's good."
that must be how you work if you base your entire opinion on metacritic lol

Spinal1740d ago

@mrDead, big trouble in little china was the greatest movie ever made. I thought I was the only one who thought that.

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MajorAly1740d ago

PlayStation Vita is the killer app.

And no matter what the reviewers say, Killzone is damn impressive and worthy enough to pick up on launch play the hell out of that MP.

sAVAge_bEaST1740d ago

Yea, I came for graphics, and stayed for the multi-player..

Polygon gave this game a 5 out of 10.. the lowest score out of any review, by an average of 2...

Polygon is a M$ mouth piece, .. and gave TLoU. a 7.5

SlapHappyJesus1740d ago

I was saying this game looked pretty average since they started showing gameplay of it and everyone just disagreed me into oblivion . . .

bomboclaat_gamer1740d ago

fanboys are blind and they are always in denial

this game is just a generic shooter with pretty graphics

how dare people compare this crap with battlefield.

(note) this is an attack on Killzone and not Sony nor the PS 4 .

MrDead1740d ago

And fanboys are also blind to the high scores this game is getting, looks like the door swings both ways.

Salooh1740d ago

Graphics looks stunning . We all felt it's gonna have the same gameplay feeling with extra features . I would agree with you if they applied that logic to call of duty and other games that had the same gameplay but reviews scores are not trusted. They are 100% opinion and judging from the videos it worth at least 8/10 for me.

I'm buying Killzone and battlefield . So good luck playing one game :P ..

Irishguy951740d ago

Yeah same. Fanboys are just blind. Titanfall is were the Multiplayer FPS will head next.

ritsuka6661740d ago

To me KZ didn't look like it was doing anything that wasn't done before. So the score kind of reflects that.

I_am_Batman1740d ago

People are expecting every game to be inovative. When an inovative game comes out nobody buys it.

What do you expect them to do with the FPS genre? And to be fair tell me some first person shooters that did something groundbreaking in the past couple of years.

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