Does PlayStation 4 Live Up to Its Hype? USgamer's In-Depth Hardware Review

USG:After seven long years, a new generation of game consoles is finally upon us. (No, let's not split hairs about Wii U.) Sony's PlayStation 4 leads the assault, edging ahead of Microsoft's Xbox One by a mere week. Mike Williams and Jeremy Parish have spent the week getting their mitts all over a final retail unit and several games, smudging its glossy black surfaces with their vile human fingerprints.

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ThunderSpark1711d ago

We won't have an idea until 1 to 2 years down the line. But when I get this bad boy tomorrow, it will live up to my hype. Play the console, not the hype lol.

ThePope1711d ago

Truer words have never been said!

Edward751711d ago

Hmm... Live up to your hype? No matter what console you prefer and are "hyped" about both could disappoint. Or both could surpass expectations. I agree with your first sentence completely. About two years down the line we will know more about the PS4 and if it did live up to the hype!

rela82me1710d ago

Why should you have to wait a year or two to get enjoyment out of your console. It sucks that you have to wait for some other exclusive but at least you got the indies to keep your appetite at bay. PS4 the year of the indies.

Edward751710d ago

Not wait a year or two to get enjoyment...just to see if the "hype" is all what it seems. That's it. I'll enjoy my system, but as the question states.... Does it live up to the hype?

Deividas1711d ago

Hell yea! No Review in the world can stop me from enjoying this bad boy on friday!!

IanVanCheese1711d ago

*Play the games, not the console :p

ThunderSpark1710d ago

Can't play games without the console. Play both, not the hype :)

himdeel1710d ago

My hardware review since the Sega Genesis:

1. Plug in console
2. Put in game.
3. Game plays

Score A+

Review over.

T21710d ago

Lol! ... And what if game no plays ?

himdeel1710d ago

I = Incomplete

Take yo ass back to the store receipt in hand. Get new console repeat steps 1 to 3.

My first two Dreamcast failed on me out the box but the third was solid.

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avengers19781711d ago

I know I will enjoy mine for the next 7-10 years.

jeffgoldwin1711d ago

10 years, you have low standards. Someone has to date the fat chicks I guess.

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Loki861711d ago

"Right from the beginning, you can see how the growing horizontal list of games you've played could become unmanageable. If you rent a game, you're stuck with that game's icon on your PlayStation 4 home screen forever. Hopefully, they'll add the ability to remove old tiles or at least let you create a curated start screen. Right now, some of the design choices in the new UI are great, but this puts it below the XMB."

Wait you can't remove tiles after you add a game? That is absolutely ridiculous.

Deividas1711d ago

Yea thats a little bad but this is a new UI guys, there will be tons of bugs and little things like that and its a good thing that they are all just updates away! Sony will figure all this stuff out in the coming months i bet. You have to expect things like this at the start

AlexanderNevermind1711d ago

I'm sure that's something that will be patched out in the future.

XxGOWxX1710d ago

Get real. Sony have really dropped the ball with this GUI. the look and features are very lacking for a "next gen" console. Some very common sense things have been overlooked here.

SpinalRemains1381710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

If you delete the install data, the tile most likely disappears.

The tile is probably in the install. :)

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Mogwai1711d ago

about the glossy part of the ps4 getting smudges comes off very easily so i can see people customizing there consoles with all manner of colours and textures or even companies selling coloured covers to replace it.

Whitey2k1711d ago

I agree with this site and review I mean the launch games aint all that but it truly looks next gen with no hipcups according to this small sleek and have power under its hood

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