You Can Be Playing A New PS4 Game In 45 Seconds Or Less

In total, from turning on the system, it took 14 minutes and 30 seconds to do a system update and install 7 games. Not too shabby.P

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phoenix_dusk1771d ago

Looks mighty fast enough although I probably have no time making my sandwich. :/

Idba1771d ago

Well if you install 7 games youll have atleast 14 min xD

GirlOnFire1771d ago

Let's pull out the bad out of this. I can't go to the bathroom all the way across the house fast enough before the game starts!
Pre Order!! Can....STAY FOREVER! ^~^
I forgive you Sony for being too fast.

ANIALATOR1361771d ago

*makes prism with finger* excellent...

stevej3361771d ago

You Can Be Playing A New PS4 Game In 45 Seconds Or Less After trying knack *

Idba1771d ago

That joke sucked. Please make better jokes in the future

stevej3361771d ago

Its actually a fitting joke, quit being butthurt

xJumpManx1771d ago

That game does not even deserve 45 seconds. The Sony launch titles exclusive wise looked bad to me but I think Sony will be fine with the releases early next year. The exclusives were the reason I was looking more forward to the xbox one at launch they had better exclusives for my taste.

GirlOnFire1771d ago

Worst joke ever...I guess you have little or none of PlayStation memories. I love this type of game. Knack is flipping awesome! ^~^

1771d ago