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"Even with a couple of stumbles during the campaign, this is a fantastic game, and like I said, I have a hard time believing that this is a launch title. Shadow Fall is the biggest step in evolution that the series has seen, and although a few die-hards may have an issue with the more open nature in sections, I think that many are going to appreciate what’s been accomplished here. The story takes some pretty interesting twists and turns, and the action never gets stale.

Add-in an exceptional multiplayer system, that runs at a silky-smooth 60 frames per second at a native 1080p resolution, with an incredible breadth of options and flexibility, and you’ve got yourself a game that will not only impress on every level, but that will also last you a long time."

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Irishguy951585d ago

Highest score =/= best review

Game-ur1585d ago

Actually a well written and informative review, it not just numbers

Agent20091585d ago

Fanboys will be fanboys. They only accept nine's and ten's. Anything below is reviewer's fault!

GarrusVakarian1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

High review scores = Ignored, hardly any comments.

Bad review scores = HUNDREDS of comments.

Stay classy N4G.

Can't wait to play this game on the 29th, regardless of review scores. No reviews are taking into consideration the multiplayer either, i have a feeling the MP is going to be popular and would bump up the scores of some of these reviews..

Aery1585d ago


I totally agree with you.

Palaven1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

The HUNDREDS of comments on the bad reviews are from Sony fans in damage control overdrive.

The only good reviews are coming from Sony publications and websites.

Game-ur1585d ago

Destructoid 9
Gamesreactor 8
Gamesradar 8

All independent

Joe9131585d ago

@Palaven go back to the article where it got a 7.5 all Xbox fans talking crap.

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StraightPath1585d ago

Playstation site trying to do damage control. Most promising and hyped FPS so far is titan fall!

SniperControl1585d ago

Makes me laugh, Polygon gave this 50/100, just amazing how reviews differ so much.

Pro xbox sites like this and eurogamer are marking this game down out of spite.

I have only seen good previews from neutral sites for this game.

Regardless, this will be the first game i play on the PS4 on the 29th.

Volkama1585d ago

This game bares the heavy burden on being a flagship title. Review scores always are political for such games.

If you're getting a PS4 and you like FPS games then this one is surely worth playing, regardless of the high or low reviews.

C-H-E-F1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I honestly think Polygon, Gamespot, PS3fanboy (joystiq), etc. trolled the heck out of the ps4 1st party exclusive titles. I've seen titles with more listed wrong with it and still achieve an 8.5-9 it's ridiculous Sony should take their ps4's back lOl or Ban them hahaha.

JasonKCK1585d ago

It's really only PS sites giving the game good reviews but that's to be expected. To be fair the same thing will happen with Xbox reviews.

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Mills931585d ago

Averaging around 7/10 but 9.5 from PSNation...

sincitysir11585d ago

Unfortunately I agree. U can't take the word of a company named ps nation with 100% accuracy. I'd say remove 1 pt for loving ps. A little sad about the scores tho!

Lboogieskells1585d ago

Come on man, do you honestly feel they would have bias?

Same could be said about the other reviews....

Play the game for yourself.

Mills931585d ago

Thanks for agreeing, I'm not trying to troll but it's the same if X1 got 10/10 from OXM have to take it for what it is

u got owned1585d ago

meta of 71 as of right now lower than COD, Knack is even lower and now rumors of COD SP running 720p on PS4. What's going on?

I feel like skipping this whole generation :(

Volkama1585d ago

Don't worry! The launch games are not representative of the whole generation and the COD thing was dismissed by Infinity Ward (not that COD single player matters anyway).

Both consoles will have great games. Promise.

ChazzH691585d ago

We always give our honest opinion of a game regardless of its platform, publisher or score elsewhere. We also make a point of trying not to read or see any other reviews to keep our opinions our own.

I hope you and everyone else get to play the game and if you agree or disagree, please pop back to PS Nation and let us know.

faysal1585d ago

nailed it! as a fan of killlzone i cant wait to see where the story unfolds!... love killzone

MrDead1585d ago

I know my first few hours playing this game will just be spent looking over the edge of the landing platform at the start, I might even jump off to get a better look at everything.

9.5/10...... this review won't get any attention on N4G

Irishguy951585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I'd probably do that too(tend to stop and stare for a while at graphics or good art), but how does it play?

Neonridr1585d ago

well in all fairness it did come from a website called PSNation. You have to see the irony in that.

Not saying it doesn't deserve that score, but it is coming from a Playstation website.

Revolver_X_1585d ago

Vs. the lowest score from Polygon, a MS funded website. Its averaging 8's and thats fine.

Corpser1585d ago

^^ it's actually averaging 7's. 73/100 metacritic right now

SoapShoes1585d ago

^ Meta doesn't include all the reviews though so it doesn't paint the whole picture. Lots of low scores for GTA5 yet were excluded from meta

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