Knack: The Kotaku Review

Next gen visuals. Old-fashioned gameplay. The PlayStation 4 action-adventure Knack looks better than most video games you've played, but there's a good chance you've played a game like Knack before.

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Omar911707d ago

I expected this... My only thing is, They specifically tell you not to play Killzone Shadow fall but they tell you to play Knack? lol Does that make sense to anyone else?

Naga1707d ago

I think it's just that the FPS genre is a little more tired than the Platformer genre. So while Knack may not push many boundaries, it's perhaps more acceptable because it doesn't have as much quality competition. Killzone, on the other hand, is going up against some very stiff competition and thus has to clear a higher bar for acceptance.

That's just my take on the disparity, at least.

Omar911707d ago

makes sense now that you put it that way!

Irishguy951707d ago

I've replayed Jak and Dax recently and Super Mario 64. There's just no way i'd be able to accept knack, take a look at one gameplay video and you can tell it plays poorly for it's genre

unjust751707d ago

No, it's ridiculous I will check out knack, but to say KZ isn't worth playing well maybe I should have their job.

BullyMangler1707d ago

maybe schmack is more inventive than killzone

FANTA11801707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

the game looked like shit before , and end result its a crappy uninspired game ... yawn.

so much for ps4 "launch" exclusives.

ill wait till infamous second son for my ps4 purchase.

dont get me wrong , killzone looks extremely playable but that title doesnt justify a purchase.