Killzone Shadow Fall: The Kotaku Review

"One thought ran through my head while playing Killzone Shadow Fall: How beautiful can a cliché look?"

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GarrusVakarian1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

"Should you play this game?NO"

Why the hell would i, or anyone else listen to you? Every single game from now until i stop playing videogames i will buy/skip purely based on my own judgement. I really hate commenting on review scores but that statement ^^^ really ****** me off.

Loving the stealth disagrees N4G, keep me comin'.

sigfredod1741d ago

You are right, what a joke of review to post an image like that, no hit from me to that site

GarrusVakarian1741d ago

The thing is.....i would say the exact same thing if it was a 10/10.....its pure opinion. Individual perceptions and experiences. I knew i was going to buy this from the moment they showed footage at E3. No review score could persuade me to do otherwise.

Irishguy951741d ago

Hahaha, yes. All the poor - average reviews are click baiting. Only the high scores can be trusted. Keep that shield up and don't listen!

abzdine1741d ago

don't care, i'm buying it and i'm gonna enjoy it very much.
i am loving Killzone: Mercenary, Shadow Fall will be no difference.
I am not expecting to be hooked by the SP because KZ2 and KZ3 were disappointing, but the multiplayer will be what it's all about!!!!
bring it on!

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CGI-Quality1741d ago

Shhh, you'll be called biased if you don't share their opinion.

"WILL I play this game? YEP"

Godhimself_In_3d1741d ago

I laugh when i hear cliche about killzone because these same sites love cod and battlefield and there the best in the industry at being cliche. Smh

ebreda1741d ago

I suspect you post the exactly same thing on every Kotaku review? Cause that's their review system.

It's an opinion, and if you fail to realize that, well, joke's on you.

ZBlacktt1741d ago

These are the mad journalist who were not invited to the NY PS4 preview. They mad because they didn't get a free PS4 with games.

schubacca1741d ago

Dark times are coming, then the Naughty Dog shall shine their light on us.

Until then:

I love GDDR5

Remember the Power of Cerny



--Onilink--1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

You do realize that is(and had been for a while) the review system for Kotaku...

Its not like it says "I forbid you to buy this game"

Its a simple opinion of the person who reviewed. They dont like assigning scores, simple as that. Many people (myself included) dont like the black/white approach, but really its not that different from the score based reviews many other sites use, considering many people these days dont purchase anything below an 8, and forget that, once again.. Its just an opinion.

I usually do read Kotaku reviews, among several other sites, but I never pay that much attention to the actual scores

HammerKong1741d ago

i buied it and recieved my ps4 early ,my first game on my ps4 was kzsf and i was disapointed ,its my own opinion you may have yours ,for now i'am playing 3rd party games and may will get my xb1 by 22nd(pre-ordered)and will be playing ryse,dr3,forza and killer instinkt,i hope that exclusives to be great and i'am olso bringing fighter within some more kinect exclusives .

BullyMangler1741d ago

maybe this game brings nothing CREATEive or INVENTIVE .. we are in the year 2014 . soo good looking generics wont take us far, at least not veteran gamers.

Donnywholovedbowling1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I think I hear a baby crying....oh wait, that's you...

Didn't get your nap, did you?

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Stick891741d ago

Basically the game is given a "no" for the same exact reasons other (COD, BF) are given "yes". Click bait, move on.

Rickgrimes951741d ago

I could care less about review scores I adored kz 2 an 3 I'll be playing the game in less then 40 hours

JackVagina1741d ago

it took him 12-14 hours to complete the game

he only played the MP for 3 hours at an event

COD and bf4 have 4-5 hour single player, why the hell do they get a free pass?

Salooh1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

The game is too good for these kind of people. We shouldn't care about reviews any more . They are not honest from the start of this generation , i'm not trusting them any more.

No foundation for reviews = not fair for all the games..

unjust751741d ago

Should I listen to a reviewer who is spoiled with free tote bags full of games and praises Nintendo first party titles even though there more of the same s__t year after year. NO! It amazes me that some sites are giving this game high marks yet others are not. It makes me truly questioned their credentials. I've been playing games since Atari days and I can tell you most games I've played from then till now I would never just not recommend. There are games that suck, but none I would tell no one to buy. Unless of course it's E.T.

justSumDood1741d ago

ive also been playing games from before atari and i can honestly say, in all these long years there have been very few games i have not enjoyed and truly disliked.

maybe im simply a glass is half full kinda guy, but most games have something to love about them.

btw, i really didnt mind ET as much as the critics, but god did i curse EVERY TIME i fell down that damn hole!

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